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Here’s The Awesome New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer

Capcom released a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 during the ongoing Capcom Game Jam event this weekend. As we reported yesterday, the game will be coming to Japan in Spring 2013. Lets all hope that Capcom decides to bring this game to the West.

80 thoughts on “Here’s The Awesome New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer”

        1. Why not? Didn’t we get MH1, 2 and 3? Some games we didn’t get, but I’m sure that this one will get localized.(hopefully)

      1. Do remember though that on a tiny screen, they will look a lot better! And this game is a long way from release!

      1. I don’t know if you saw the video in fullscreen, try to watch without full screen and you will have an idea of how it will be on 3DS, in fact, any video on youtube about 3DS shouldn’t be watched in fullScreen. I liked of what I watched, Capcom has to bring it to us.

    1. Watching 240p on a high res screen (ie computer monitor) will always look much more smudgy than watching it on a native 240p screen! I’m just waiting to see it on the 3DS screen before i pass judgement!

  1. As it always is, everyone wants Monster Hunter localized, except for Capcom! Capcom are such trolls…. -_-

    1. Well, unfortunately, there isn’t that large of a Western market for Monster Hunter. It does extremely well in Japan, not as well in the West. Still, it would be nice if they released it here.

      1. MH3 did great in the US, much better than the previous games released here. There is a market for this game, they just need to go bigger.

    1. also
      MashalM • 15 days ago • parent −
      gamer4f45c502aa379: The WiiU has tech-wise the same relation with the current-gen consoles
      as the Wii had with the original Xbox. Wii is just slightly better
      graphics than the best console (from a tech standpoint) of the previous
      generation. The same is with the WiiU. It is more powerful than 360 and
      PS3, but not up to date, not overwhelmingly strong like a next-gen
      console should be. Therefore, it is kind of outdated.

  2. Wow this game looks amazing were starting to see good looking games on the 3ds …the graphics are good but the textures are really off ..hope it gets fixed but its not a very big deal ..

    1. Because the original quote was out of the context and the was written to make it seem that the Wii U will not support UE3 even though there was nothing about it not supporting it. Read the quote not the shitty written and misleading article, fucktard!

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  4. I had a MH game on my PSP and it was the most boring thing i’ve ever seen, I didn’t go far neither, the fucking dinosaurs kill me everytime

    1. Monster Hunter games don’t suck, the person who’s playing it sucks.Cleared all of the G-rank quests in Unite, and I got the fancy White Fatalis armor. That armor is a pain to farm for if you don’t have a bowgun with cluster when he goes into armor, because you’ll waste 5 hours chiseling him to 20% with only 1% of your regular damage.

  5. Woah this game looks great! At first I was wondering what platform the footage was on… I was thinking PS3 maybe, but its 3DS… very good looking indeed. And it’s monster hunter! The gameplay is gonna be sick, this is gonna sell like hotcakes in Japan, hopefully if they release it in the west, it will also sell well here too

  6. I had enough problems with Rathalos on the ground you want me to fight him off walls and shit? Bring it on!

  7. my 1st impressions of this game back when the original trailer was released were alrdy high but now seeing even more new additions to the complexity of this next installment. i have alot of good to say about monster hunter 4 only time will tell if capcom will have mercy an localize it to the western audience. if they don’t no sweat theres always a way to import it from over seas an still enjoy it.

  8. Amazing graphics…I honestly don’t see much diffrence between the Vita and the 3DS at the moment. Compare GA and RE:R and the diff are negligible; the Vita is also not an HD system since the screen doesn’t have HD resolution!!!

  9. I would like to see this game in the west, but not at the expense of missing out on a G edition. I would rather miss out on the 4 if we were guaranteed 4G in the west xD We love u Capcom. Show the west you love us back with MH4 & 4G

    1. I would’ve if I could! :P

      THOUGH I CERTAINLY CAME WHILE WATCHING THIS. :D >_> *Deathglare to Capcom*.. Release this everywhere.. or else.

        1. Looking at how impatient most fans are, we will most likely get 4 and miss out on 4g. tri G is a far larger game compared to tri and I’m guessing the same will go for 4 & 4G. but still people are in the (I want now) mind set then we will miss out on a vastly more improved version.

  10. Trailer looks Cool!
    i bought MH freedom unite for the psp and i don’t get it? i trainde in the school and then went to the old lady and some dragon came and kill me none of my items seems to work on him i’m really confuse.

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