Monster Hunter 4 Confirmed For North America?

A NeoGAF user is certain that Monster Hunter for Nintendo 3DS will soon be released in North America. The user, who claims he or she never lies, says that Monster Hunter Tri G may come to North America and a Western release of Monster Hunter 4 is to be expected. Capcom USA promises to share news regarding Monster Hunter very soon, so perhaps we’ll hear an official confirmation then.

68 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Confirmed For North America?”

      1. If you have a PSP/Vita (don’t know if you do or not), you can purchase and download Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I personally think that’s a Monster Hunter to get you in the swing of things and use to the difficulty of the game. I haven’t gotten far into it myself, but I did all the training missions and they teach you everything you need to know.

        1. To be honest, Unite is the best Monster Hunter available. Tri, the newest in the states, is pathetically easy and has next to no content compared to unite.

          Tri has less than 200 weapons and is missing several weapons classes e.g. Hunting Horn, Dual Swords, Bows and Gun Lances. Unite has ALL of the weapon classes (minus switch axes, as they weren’t made yet) and over 1200 weapons.
          Tri only has 18 boss monsters. Unite has 58 boss monsters.
          Tri only has a little over 100 quests. Unite has over 400.
          Tri only goes up to High rank. Unite has ‘G’ Rank, which is pretty much expert mode and makes high rank monsters look like pussies.

          So, if anything, Tri is more of the ‘get you in the swing of things’ than Unite.

          1. ^ thats why I want triG. It has 3-4 times as much content as the basic tri game for wii. I have a feeling if we don’t get triG then we will most likely get screwed over and not get the expansion of MH4 :(

            1. The underwater combat is clunky in Tri. 3G fortunately fixes it. And just because they have a gimmick doesn’t make it NEARLY as good as Unite. And finally, are you aware that the disc for Tri isn’t even half full, right? Capcom was lazy with that game.

          2. The reason that Tri is missing weapons is that they were being reworked for Portable 3rd. All of the missing weapons were retooled and tweaked to be even more effective. You also have to realize that Unite is technically an expansion to Freedom 2 (Portable 2nd) and thus would obviously have more content. Tri is probably the best MH to start on because it is easy. Unite will have new players rage quitting quite early on and scares more new players away from the series than it draws in.

            1. I can see your point, and it is a good one. But is it worth only ever getting the standard bare minimum content edition, just because it is easy?

              I really want 3G because from my experience with tri and portable 3rd, the two combined makes 3G quite possibly the greatest MH game I will get to play before MH4G (Yes I mean 4G not the basic 4 edition) Everyone keeps crying for MH4 like its gonna be fantastic, but I predict its gonna be just as disappointing as tri for the wii, then we all go back to begging capcom for the G edition of 4 just like we was doing for 3G. .

            2. > Being reworked for portable 3rd
              So why couldn’t capcom just wait before releasing their game? The more time it takes the better the game. Not to mention that, like I mentioned, they hardly filled any space on that disc. There’s room for so much more!

              I understand what you’re ultimately going at and I whole heartedly agree that the ‘expansions’ are annoying. I just wish Capcom could make an entire game before releasing it instead of making us buy an entirely new game for the same content with some new stuff. Especially when they’re not even keeping all of the games on the same consoles!

          3. Tri, in my opinion, is better to get started. The number of monsters and weapon classes is low, but the difficult level is easy and the online mode can help you ro learn from other hunters. Also, FU is great, and everyone with PSP or Vita should have it, but in my opinion Tri G is even better. I know, it has 9 monsters less, but the number is still so huge. Also, it has better graphics (the first in the saga with dinamic shadows), better camera control, touch screen features, and underwater contents. Anyway, don’t care very much about the game because MH is always epic. If you just want to try, buy the one that is avaliable for your console/handheld. That’s enough to discover the saga.

          4. I really hope your talking about a Monster Hunter Tri from Wii or something else, cuz Monster Hunter Tri (3G) for PSP had WAY more content then anything from Unite.

      1. And? That doesn’t mean anything. For all we know they could just confirm that we definitely won’t be getting Tri G.

        1. DO you really think they would build up so much suspense to just say no? It would be pointless and bad for business.

          It may not be 3G or 4. But they must have something in the works for the west. I just hope we dont get the shitty end of the deal while japan gets all the best content.

          1. They aren’t hyping it up, they just know that the fans are pissed at them and are reassuring us that we will know soon, whether that’s announcing the game or giving us a firm no so we can forget about it.

    1. If Capcom cares about the west slightly less than they do for Japan, online functionality may be added.

    1. It’s technically a rumor, which Alba should’ve been more clear on rather than saying “Confirmed” in the title.

      “Monster Hunter 4 coming to North America?” would’ve been a better title. When reporting something, you really shouldn’t put “confirmed” and “?” in the same headline as one indicates a confirmation while the other indicates a possible rumor.

      1. Yeah as a Monster Hunter fan. We had this exact same post from another website that said Portable Third was coming out, and that obviously didn’t make it to places besides Japan or South Korea.

    2. ^ It’s a MyNintendoNews / Alba fan!
      Kinda like Joker is a fan of the Batman.

      MyNintendoNews must be doing well to be getting critiqued so hard by it’s competitors/enviors.

  1. Neogaf Users are insiders,Devs etc they do have or get info on products and games that we dont know about i would think that monster hunter will be coming at some point to NoA

  2. I never lie and the Wii U will be priced at $249.99 MSRP and will release with both black and white color variations and Nintendoland will be a pack-in. Post the news, Alba. >_>

      1. Did you happen to notice the same author has written an article stating the 12 reasons why wii u cannot fail. You just linked mr bi polar. Thanks cock breath!!

        1. Those are both terrible articles. In essentially the same point, he says the Wii U will fail because its controller sucks, and that it will succeed because its controller is good. There are a few other contradictions too.

  3. Haa.. Nice about time an yea hopefully some online play mode I hate the system links mode like on the psp sucked

  4. Was excited . Then not becus its a rumour. I know that ur trying to get people excited but ( might, possibly, should, highly) not confirmed

  5. How is this news? This isn’t even a competent rumor. *Anyone* could say this and have a 90%+ probability of being correct. He basically hedged on 3 (as a smart rumor-monger would do) and confirmed 4, but that’s hardly a stretch.

  6. there have been many people saying this before you can’t listen to these type of things unless its official, and its capcom so there not gonna release monster hunter unless there is DLC in it

  7. lol, best “news” I’ve read in a while.
    I got another one for you! And I promise, I never ever lie and am an insider!

    MH4 to be released on 29th of February 2013 worldwide!


  8. capcom you bastards why are you takeing away our servers on mh tri not cool just bought game and your going to take away on 30th leave it alone alot of ppl still play and i will b sure to boycott you guys untill you guys get your heads out your asses alll u care about is how fat your wallet is

  9. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuckkkkkkkkk you nintendoooooooo it will come to vita too hahahaha wee will play it death to nintendo just pokemon haaha we will be will play it on wita it will bee more great

      1. its not coming to vita there are looking at the sales on the monster hunter on 3ds and wiiu and they did good really good on both of the handheld and the console and they work together transfer game saves and the wiiu can run it on 60fps and i think the 3ds can to the ps2 did not do 60fps and the psp did not do 60fps and knowing the vita most of the games dont even run in 60fps so there you go

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