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‘Nintendo Harness Their Hardware Like Nobody Else’

Darksider’s II lead designer Haydn Dalton was asked about whether he thinks the Wii U GamePad is innovative compared to Microsoft’s SmartGlass. Dalton says that although Nintendo’s competition is making the Wii U GamePad seem less innovative, Nintendo are masters at making full use of their hardware. Dalton likes how Nintendo use their technology in ways that force players to physically interact with it in different ways.

Do you think having the screen on the Wii U GamePad really innovates as much as things like the analogue stick did? Now you’ve got Microsoft looking at SmartGlass, and you’ve got the competition competing directly with Nintendo’s innovation.

Haydn Dalton: “It does make it more difficult now, definitely. Because other people are doing more. They’re doing peripherals that can be added to existing or even more advanced technologies, whereas who knows what the Nintendo guys are doing. The thing that Nintendo are absolute masters at is that they harness their hardware like nobody else.”

“If you look at any of their titles where they’re using the touch screens on the NDSs and things like that, they use it in beautiful and creative ways that make you think as a designer and a game player. They’ve given me something that I couldn’t get anywhere else. Just simple things like finding something with dust on it and having to blow onto the screen to reveal what’s written. It’s just really simple things like that but they’ve used their technology in a unique way and forced the player to physically interact with it in a different way. There’s a magic about that. I only get that magic a lot when I’m playing Nintendo games.”

160 thoughts on “‘Nintendo Harness Their Hardware Like Nobody Else’”

  1. Beautiful, well spoken, Nintendo always do things other companies can’t.
    Thats what I like about Nintendo over Microsoft and Sony, and why they’re my fave company. They can create a niche audience and make even the most unrealistic ideas work

      1. Sony is the worst
        PSN Hacked nearly a month and gave 5 free games but 3 to choose from.
        PS+ pay to get free content
        PS3 has a lot of freezes online and lagged
        Download – Install – then after that updating hardrive – install – trophy sync and all that stuff before playing any game.
        PlayStation 2 was the only console they made worth it.

        1. PSN hacked once, and 5 games that some people may have already owned or may mot have wanted (i know i did)
          PSN+, pay for £40 right now and i can get 5 AAA including Infamous 2 and Darksiders for free, and promised free games in the future, as well as discounts.
          Freezing is down to the games servers. COD never froze when i used to play it.
          Aww boohoo, you have to install a game onto a big hardrive so itll play smoother and wait 10 second for trophies to sync.

          Shut up douche

          1. While I agree with you, I’m never going back to Sony after PSNgate. They’re a great company but they reall betrayed my trust. They had my debit card info, the least I could ask is for some basic protection. I don’t even know who has my details now. They’ve dome nothing to regain my trust other than some free games. That’s not regaining trust.

            1. Dd youre money get stolen? No. It sucked but they literally got on their knees and apologised, they knew they fucked up, and they couldnt have enough thanks to anyone that stuck by them, and since then its been fine. Forgive and forget, at least theyre not sellin you a broken console and mantadory online fees

        2. All ps2 had was dvd gimmick and best 3rd party support besides sales it was pretty much a equal gen the n was neglected by 3rd parties but the gcube had the best dual analog imo

      2. Atari? Seriously? Down there? Today, maybe but they have done more for the origins of gaming than the rest. Nintendo evolved more but none of those other companies would be their without Atari.

    1. i say the eshop’s sakura samurai game’s 3d effects was pretty good if not had a little WOW in it too..

    2. I here that including reduced screen glare, and a bigger sweet spot, 3D on the XL really pops out, more so then the original, without any pixelation.

      1. The screen has supposively barely any glare, is 90% larger, is larger so 3D effect is less strain on eyes if it was a problem, downside is the 3DS’s horribly low resolution is shown off even more, and since the pixels are larger and more spread out, the screen appears a little darker. But the battery life and those awesomely large screens make it worth it, and I can’t wait to try colors 3D, resident evil, nd kid icarus on those screens someday.

        1. The 3ds 3d looks better than anything I’ve ever seen ive never seen 3d with glasses but i think glassless has a better future i want everything with glassless 3d now and its graphics isn’t far from the vita considering the price I’d say its like a 20 dollar difference

  2. That’s the truth. Nobody can make the most of their hardware like Nintendo can. Look at Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, Skyward Sword and many others to see Nintendo squeeze every bit of potential out of their hardware. They are the masters. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. Well yeah, but nobody from Nintendo’s main HQ really had anything to do with it. No supervision and very little instruction.

            1. Really? He generally has little involvement with Metroid anyway. Zelda is more his thing and he said recently that to oversee a Retro-developed Zelda game he would have to move to Texas for a few months. He didn’t seem keen on that idea and that was for Zelda, a franchise he is much more heavily involved in. If he had done it before, he wouldn’t be too bothered about it again.

              1. Well he did apparently because it was the first Metroid since Gumpei Yoko (I think that’s his name) Left the company and passed away
                Thats what I heard

              2. in fact Miyamoto went to retro studio and they was working in 3 title and he tell them that its really bad
                and order them to cancel all the project and make Metroid instead . after while he come back and see
                what they did with metroid and he get rage because its wasnt good as he want so he give theme some tips basic to build the game into it
                1- make it fps (at first retro wanted metroid to be 3rd person)
                2- use scanner and make it one of the game feature
                other things i cant remmper it now but you can search in google and read it

                so you can say if wasnt for Miymato Metroid Prime wouldnt be Metroid prime we know

        1. There could have been a way to work around that. Collecting star bits to get extra lives from the lumas and all that jazz may serve a purpose, but aiming and shooting them was pointless imo.

          1. “there couldve been a way to work around that”

            Yeah, but then it would be a different game? Try playing Metroid Prime 1 and 2 AFTER playing the Wii version. You cant go back, analog sticks are just inferior.

            1. That’s all a matter of opinion (obviously). I prefer aiming first person games with an analog stick WAY over pointing with motion controls.

              1. Thats retarded. A mouse and wii remote kick analog sticks into the dust in terms of playing a shooter. Its presice, easy, and more immersive. I can bet youve never actually played a shooter using either one

                1. “Thats retarded”? You’re entitled to your opinion, you ass, but don’t try to make your opinion be someone else’s.

                2. So my opinion is retarded? You just lost all credibility. I NEVER even mentioned using a mouse, but I do agree it’s the best. It may be easy using a Wiimote pointing, but it you can’t actually turn your character as fast. You have to shove the pointer at the corner to turn, and it’s just clunky to me.

                  That last sentence is pointless too. You don’t know me or what I’ve played. I’ve played games using a mouse and Wiimote. Metroid Prime 3, Red Steel 2, The Conduit, I have all of these games, and I’ve played CoD on the Wii.

                  1. Maybe because you haven’t modified the sensitivity of the reticle, which is why it’s ‘clunky’. You won’t have to turn as much if you put the sensitivity on high.

                3. also the touch screen aimer (most specifically in Kid Icarus’ case) works better than analogue sticks. and it angered me when everyone complained that Kid Icarus would have been better with two circle pads, because it really wouldnt have

              2. Most people opinion prefer the pointers than the analog stick. I am a big testament to that. In Jamaica everybody uses the analog but when we experience the pointers it was a whole different ball game.

                Get N or get OUT!!!!


                1. Wow, hard to argue with that, lmfao.

                  Give me the statistics showing most people prefer pointers to analog sticks. Oh wait, you can’t. And I’m fairly certain you don’t know EVERYONE in Jamaica. Please, quit being a fanboy and putting that putrid sentence at the end of each comment. It makes me almost as sick as looking at the guy who uses “U” instead of “you”, and “mii” instead of “me”.

                  1. I don’t NEED to give you statistics.

                    No I don’t know ALL Jamaican’s but i do KNOW ALOT of gamers!!!!!!!!!!! In like 10 parishes. “we have 14 Parishes here if you don’t know”

                    And Most of the games who play COD or golden eye with the pointer prefer it than the analog.

                    Shit i even know about 18 guys who bought the PS move to use with killzone cause they love the wii set up so badly.

                    So please sir “shut the fuck up!!!!” You don’t know shit and you make me sick acting like you know nothing.

                    So please: –

                    GET N OR GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    1. You’re comments are so hilarious. You’re the biggest Nintendo fanboy I have EVER seen on the internet. You DO need to give me statistics. Just because you and your little buddies love aiming with the Wiimote, doesn’t mean the majority of gamers do. And your last sentence still gives me laughs and shows how much of a fanboy you are, and caps rage doesn’t make more of an impact. Sorry, I’m gonna “get out”.

            2. But you’re stuck playing easier games in the end. Metroid Prime 2 was definitely dumbed down in difficulty on the trilogy version, which is stupid. Boost Guardian and Spider Guardian were unequivocal pain in the asses, but that didn’t mean they weren’t beatable.

              1. I say that Wiimote and mouse are best for shooters, I’ve play golden eye for the wii and have read the reviews and they say that the wiimote plays well then the pro and I think it does too..

          1. I see that your pedophilac father of yours forbid you to use sword and shield. Amir, you are a sad, sad little troll… and you have my pity. Good day, sir.

  3. while the rest of us care about the innovative side and unique experience when it comes to nintendo products and games, others only care about graphics and hardware specs.

  4. That’s why Nintendo should, and would, never be a software only company. Their strongest point is making consoles based on the gameplay needs of their games.

      1. Actually from one of the biggest video sharing sites on the Internet. It’s called YouTube. If you possibly try to defend Nintendo’s 2008 E3, then that’s hilarious.

          1. Uhm, my comment was in reply to you, and didn’t even mention said person. Please, get your butthurt out of here.

            1. Still ‘helping’ Aeolus with non-relevant bullshit. Why not just go away, because no-one likes 6 year old trolls.

      2. LOL nintendofag …Seriously ur defending nintendo worst E3 ?? ur a stupid fanboy cunt ..LOL fagg he didnt get the clip from his ass …iits from youtube ..You know , the biggest video sharing site in the world ? Stop being such a fuking fanboy u pathetic piece of shit ..

        1. Yeah youre right. All that real time weapon change and giant enemy crabs, and $599 console, monsters instantiating, the 6-axis demo, gran turismo, THAT RHINO, we all loved that.
          Pull that dick out your arse, Nintendo fans facepalmed HARD at the Nintendo 08 conference, but youre defending Sony’s epic fail. I bet you thought Wonderbokk was “an innovation”

          1. Bro, we all know he worships Sony and treats their creations as a god send and, more or less, despises Nintendo with a burning passion. No need to bother replying to him. Let him die off in peace…

        2. are you serious? stop being a sony dickrider
          nintendos 2008 e3 was terrible, yes, but sonys 2006 was just pure fail

          1. The difference is Nintendo had nothing but garbage to show, and Sony had just about all of the information needed for launch of their system. You Nintendrones are seriously pathetic or on drugs if you think Ninty’s 08 conference was better, I think that’s generally regarded as the worst as well.

            1. So you’re saying that a terrible conference from Sony, who had all the information to make a GOOD conference, is somehow better than a bad conference from Nintendo, who didn’t have anything to work with? Really?

              And there was ONE good thing to come from that conference: Wii Sports Resort.

              Apart from that…yeah, it was bad. But you can’t really judge a company on ONE conference. How about looking at their amazing E3 2006 conference? Or maybe E3 2010?

  5. When Nintendo (and the other companies of the time) debuted their consoles in the late 80s/early 90s, they could have easily walked up to somebody like IBM and asked, “Could we borrow your PC and just turn it into a console?” But they didn’t do that. Why? BECAUSE CONSOLES WEREN’T MEANT TO BE FUCKIN PCS. They were meant to provide its own form of entertainment unique from PCs. So for every douchebag out there who keeps complaining about how consoles use too many damn gimmicks and not being “PC enough,” stop being so fucking stupid and know the damn history of the very thing you claim to love so damn much. Get this straight: Consoles are meant to provide a different form of entertainment. NOT to act as a CRAP VERSION OF A PC.

    That is fucking all.

    1. This. The sole reason I prefer my Wii over my Xbox 360 is simply because it is too unique and it tries to be more different than a PC.

      The only reason I have a Xbox 360 is because I like Halo, and playing some sport games like Fifa on it. But aside all that, Wii all the way, I love creative games, I don’t mind how they look like, as long as I can laugh and have lots of fun with my family or friends I enjoy it (Mario Party 9!). :)

      Now for the rest, I invested a lot of money upgrading my PC, playing FPS-like games with a mouse is infinitely better than with a joystick. So for shooting games PC wins. It also wins in terms of RTS, like SC2 and the likes. It’s also the best way to play “simulator” games. Racing games and sport games usually do well with a joystick, but we can hook up a joystick in our PC as well, so what is left for the consoles? Only the exclusives.

      I think that in the area that consoles do well versus as PC is that a console is readily available in our living room, more accessible to our family to just pick it up and play. It’s usually always in a more open area or where we want to be with people together. But again, if I want to have a console for my family, I think the best option will always be a Wii, simply because the games it has are usually enjoyable to play with the family (NSMB, Mario Kart, Boom Blox and this sort of games).

      The main reason I am getting a Wii-U is because it seems like it will be a fine piece of hardware to share with my family. It looks very unique too, it’s nowhere boring because it innovates the way we play, that’s what makes it stand out as a console compared to other consoles (even the Wii itself which is very innovative) or PCs.

      Let’s hope the Wii U is as pleasing as the Wii is. I wanna feel like I am a kid again! Please do it Nintendo! :)

      1. Nintendo may not have the best graphics but I definitely have the most fun playing its systems. I care about my Nintendo systems unlike my Xbox. It’s a true good people’s company

      2. I just bought Metroid Prime Trilogy and DKCR last week. I wasted money not getting those at launch day, theyre quickly becoming my 2 favorite games ever (Metroid Prime 3 already was, but i never played 1, and only some of 2)

      1. Thing is, though, he didn’t post this on a Sony site. You troll against Nintendo on a Nintendo site. So deal with it.

  6. yeah, sorta true

    i’ll never forget the time i got stuck in one of the DS Zeldas because it didn’t occur to me that closing the DS would be the solution

    1. Thats because you were in that game HURHURHUR, i’ll just go kill myself for that joke.

      My yes, Phantom hourglass blew my mind, havent played a game like it yet, and refreshed the Zelda series. I want another D:

  7. Smart glass has NOTHING over the Wii U. I know what it can do and it doesnt do nearly as much as the tablet controler for the Wii U can do.

    1. That’s because Smart-glass isn’t built around the system itself like the game pad is.
      Smartglass is more like a multimedia device with connectivity to the 360.[Whether or not that connectivity is good or bad has yet to be fully determined, but some say there’s latency issues]

  8. I kinda wish Sony and Microsoft took a more active role in actually developing games instead of mainly publishing, we could get a better comparison. There is no doubt that Nintendo gets the most out of their hardware, hell just look at their wii games and then compare them to the 3rd party games they have. Other companies don’t seem to be aware how to utilise the console to the same extent, for some reason.

    On the otherhand, Sony’s in-house studios only release a few titles every now and then and I don’t even think Microsoft has **developed** any games themselves since the first Xbox. I guess it’s because they’re mega-corporations whereas all Nintendo has is the games industry, but even so I’d like to see them be more active one day.

  9. 1) Nintendo Nes department- Shigeru and company
    2) SNES + Gameboy
    3) Sega
    4) Commodore
    5) Atari
    7) neo geo
    8) Coleco vision
    9) Turbo graphix 16 ( one game BOINK ).
    10) apple Mac and PC

    some where in the 11 to twenty range is Microsoft.

  10. I really don’t get the magic from any of nintendos alternaate ways of controlling games, I get the magic feeling from the games, the motion controlls annoy me except for the one title that seems to use it nicely, which is skyward sword, in my opinion the only real gamechanger is the touch screen and this I can’t wait to use on wii U, but for some reason I don’t care about what people refer to as “gimmics” or “innovations”, all I care about are the games, and their stories.

  11. Bam!! That’s how they hit the spot: MAGIC. Something that Disney had back in the days and Studio Ghibli. You ain’t gotta have the most money, but ya gotta love it by being the best at what you do. Damn that shit sounds cliche! :)

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