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TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy DLC And Castlevania On Nintendo 3DS eShop

Scare yourself silly as the classic Castlevania The Adventure arrives on Nintendo 3DS in Europe. This retro game – the first in the series to appear on Game Boy – follows Christopher Belmont, an ancestor of the original NES games’ hero Simon, as he battles with the evil Count Dracula who has risen again to threaten the uneasy peace in Transylvania. Guide Christopher through the levels as he wields his mystic whip.

While Christopher whips Dracula into shape, why not use the power of music to overcome your zombie enemy in Zombie Slayer Diox, also out on the Nintendo eShop. As Diox you’ll have to lure the zombies with your rocking rhythm and hypnotic guitar solos and cut them down with your mighty katana as soon as they get close.

The struggle for life continues in Escape the Virus: Swarm Survival, and in the unique dimensionally woven 12-bit action platformer Mutant Mudds, of which a demo is also out on Thursday.

This week also marks a special occasion for Nintendo, as for the first time Add-on Content will be offered for a Nintendo 3DS game when, TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy launches across Europe on July 6th. Complementing the already extensive list of songs shipping with this game, players can choose to add even more fan-favourites from games across the series via download. Starting with eight songs from launch, including Nobuo Uematsu compositions like Cosmo Canyon Final Fantasy VII) and The Final Battle theme of Final Fantasy IV, over 50 playable titles will become available for purchase in-game at only €1 / £0,90 a piece, with new content being released every week.

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