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Sega Teasing Nights Related Game

Sega has posted a Nights into Dreams image on its Facebook page, prompting many to speculate that something Nights related is due to be announced soon. It could either be an HD remake of the original Nights, or it could be a Nights themed track for Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed. Hopefully we should hear something soon.

23 thoughts on “Sega Teasing Nights Related Game”

    1. Segasucksassandalwayshashowsthatfact?

      Too bad the Nights games suck big dick. Lol But what do you expect? Why would I expect more from Sega? Since when have they made a critically acclaimed game in years? Sega I will celebrate the day when you finally fall. And to any angry fanboy. No, Nintendo will not buy that shitty company. If you are too stupid, or have bad memory Nintendo has stated that they don’t want to invest in 3rd party comps. to get exclusive games. So suck on that big hairy fact fuckers. =) Lolol!

  1. I hope it’s a remake, but that’s unlikely.

    And it’s spelled NiGHTS. The “i” is the only thing lower cased.

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  3. Nights was a masterpiece to me, the best soundtrack and graphics ever, I still own the original one and a sega saturn for this game alone, it would be amazing if sega actually came up with a hd version for the ps3. I’d definitely buy it. Sorry for the pun but I’ve been dreaming about it…

  4. If they make a Nights into dreams for current consoles or 3DS I’ll definitely want to get it, as I haven’t played the Saturn original and really wanted to before!

  5. l the last time I played a NiGHTS game(and the only time I ever played one…) Was on the Wii “NiGHTS Journey of Dreams.” I can safely say that it sucked pretty badly. The graphics and character designs plus the story lign were complete grabage. I didnt even finish it because I hated it sooo much. If that is how most NiGHTS games are(with creepy fairy baby things led Nightopians and ugly british children entering dreams) Than I hope thy dont make another one!

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  7. The original Nights into dreams for the saturn is the real thing, the wii version called journey of dreams does not have the feeling and the beauty that I’m talking about. It’s like a true fake if ya know what I mean. Thank G’d I got a saturn and a copy of that masterpiece.

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  9. What’s with the NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams hate? I happened to love the game, despite its graphical flaws. It was pretty fun. I don’t see the problem with it.

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