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Tekken Dev Claims He Said Two Screens For Wii U Can Be “Difficult,” Not ‘Distracting’

It was reported yesterday that Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada said that using two screens for Wii U fighting games can be distracting. Earlier today, Harada claimed that he did not say ‘distracting’ but instead said the word ‘difficult’ when referring to the Wii U GamePad and its connectivity with the TV screen. Below is Harada’s revised quote.

“Looking at the small screen [Wii U GamePad] and the big [TV] screen at the same time is pretty difficult for a fighting game. So we’re thinking of making it useful as a way of having shortcuts.”

“Or, by making progressing through the game more convenient. Or by playing alone on the GamePad screen.”

45 thoughts on “Tekken Dev Claims He Said Two Screens For Wii U Can Be “Difficult,” Not ‘Distracting’”

    1. this is the second time i will say this.

      Could they just try to make Wii U’s gameplay of Tekken like the 3DS Tekken. Is it really that difficult ?

      1. No

        Because games magazines and reviewers would criticise it for “unoriginal controls” or “copied from 3DS”

        Then Namco would get bad press and the shareholders would be pissed …

        Then the shareholders would force the company to make nothing but endless “HELLO FUCKING KITTY” shit for the rest of eternity.

  1. That makes sense.

    Hell most fps gamers can’t focus on their aiming reticle in the center of their tv and the radar in the top right/left corner.

    1. No, thats a bloody stupid idea.

      Hardcore fighting game fans dont want stupid combo buttons for retarded noobs to endlessly spam.

      1. you sound like you have issues. nobody is going to force you to use the shortcuts you pathetic asswipe.

  2. there is no need to let the action happen on both screens at the same time. so his obversation pretty obvious in the case of a game like tekken. but he have to keep in mind that this a interview. i guess you can only say pretty obvious things in interviews…

    1. This doesn’t in any way make the Wii U sound bad. It makes sense, in fighting games taking your eyes off your character can be bad.

  3. I always imagined move sets being displayed on the gamepad, i think thats what its doin in Ninja Gaiden 3

  4. I really don’t see a difference than when I’m playing battlefield 3 and focusing on the minimap instead of the whole screen.

  5. It depends on the game. I haven’t played Tekken, so I don’t know how big the arenas are, but a game like Smash Bros really needs a second screen that focuses solely on the player. Playing Brawl on a 20″ TV is annoying with the constant zooming in and out.

    My advice is if the arena requires zooming in and out, put the player on the second screen and the full map on the TV. If not, use the touch screen for quick combos (like Super Street Fighter 4 on the 3DS).

  6. The first Tekken Tag game on PS2 was a complete load of horse shit to begin with.

    So this thing will be fucking shit however many screens it uses.

  7. Yeah because looking up and down up and down up and down isnt distracting at all. Like iwata said his game console are parasites-kotaku interview

    oh yeeeeeaaahhhhhhhaaaa

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  9. The second screen doesn’t even sound usable at all in a fighting game really. So they just need to worry about one. In other games the second screen would be useful but not here. I dont want tacked on stuff that doesnt make sense.

  10. @tpreston agree its useless. If tekken 3ds is any indication theyll add buttom moves making the game cheap for cheaters and screen mashers. Theyre screens already looking gimmicky. Id rather buy a 3ds if a want a portable experiance…wii u fail imo

  11. @croxsucker hes right but although nobody forces you too the option is still there for scumbags unmoral pricks….like you. 3ds prove how cheap online figting is. Forge this im buying an xbox

  12. @blueflamerbat yep totally agree making the gimmick on the system useless thats why im buy an xbox

  13. Playing on the gamepad alone is a good idea. I really think the people who like fighting will buy a pro contoller for that or simply never look at the second screen during the fight. Use it for the character move list, so a player can lookup their characters combos without the opponent knowing what they have in mind. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. People who like fighting games will buy a PS3 or 360.

      When was the last time you saw Street Fighter or Marvel Vs. Capcom on a Nintendo HOME console?

      1. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is a crossover fighting game on Wii. The groundwork is already there on Wii U for devs to bring this game to the system, they just have to make the effort.

        1. Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom ??

          That was just a pathetic knock-off of Marvel Vs. Capcom for Nintendo, complete with obscure babyish cartoon characters that nobody outside Japan has ever heard of.

          I think it sold 3 copies.

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