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Tekken Producer: ‘Wii U Processing Speed Low Compared To PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360’

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada claimed that Wii U’s processing speed is lower than that of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Harada thinks that the reason Nintendo is keeping Wii U’s power consumption down is so that developers would come up with creative ways to “get around that” aspect of Nintendo’s upcoming console.

“As far as graphical processing and such, it’s not much of an issue. But as far as the CPU goes, the clock is kinda low.

“I guess they’re [Nintendo] trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that and that’s taking a little bit of time.”

“For example on PS3 it was kind of difficult at first, but if you made good use of the different cores, you could split up the processing tasks and you could achieve very good effects. But this is kind of a different issue than that.”

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283 thoughts on “Tekken Producer: ‘Wii U Processing Speed Low Compared To PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360’”

    1. Before anyone delves into the clusterfuck of arguments his actual quote when asked about the processing speed of wii u compared to Ps3 and Xbox 360 was maybe a little bit slower

  1. With all and any technical specifications, there are bound to be those instances where we need to know the specs in order to fully understand. It may be slower compared to the PS3 and 360, but by how much? Or is he meaning that the speed is low, but the cores give them the extra push?

    With the Wii U being a multi-core, his statement is a bit nebulous to even fully understand the entirety of it all.

    1. The 360 is triple core.
      The Wii U is triple core.
      The PS3 is single core, but with 8 SPEs (making it a faster CPU than what’s in the 360).

      1. Plus the Wii U triple cores are faster and with larger memory per core. So I also find his statements confusing. How can something faster with more L2 memory per core be slower???

        1. Because it’s running a whole other display.
          Those who aren’t planning their sick comment, look away now.
          I like the idea of the Gamepad, I just think they need to compensate more on the power side, at least give it a dedicated core.
          There. I said it. Haters, come at me.

      2. It hasn’t been confirmed how many cores are in the Wii U (I could be wrong on that). It’s possible that it’s a quad-core. In fact, it was rumoured a while ago that the Wii U will use a POWER7 CPU, which is capable of being clocked anywhere from 2.4 – 4.25 GHz. If that’s true, then Nintendo could very easily change the clock speedif it becomes a problem for developers.

        1. I’m sorry but there is no way in hell Nintendo will clock that thing higher than 3.2, the design on the Wii U wouldn’t let it do so, or else it would run into the same problems the 360 originally had, overheating and such. The Wii U looks like a power saver system, and for the form and shape it has, my guess is it will have its parts reduce their consumption to 75-80% of their total capacity. Then of course you have the theory that the Tekken devs have an older dev kit, since their game is almost finished it wouldn’t really matter Nintendo trading them an upgrade. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, even if Nintendo upped their clock speeds to max, and somehow made a better cooling system to support it, it’s sad to say it but the PS3s cell processor would still be better. Harder to program for, but still potentially faster and stronger. All in all, the Wii U’s going to be fun, and Nintendo has always figured out how to make its hardware shine better than anyone else, so maybe one day we’ll have a Zelda game that surpasses Uncharted in terms of physics and graphical output.

      3. Yes, but like I said, we don’t know the full specs of the system like we do with the 360 and PS3. I might be wrong on this end, but it wouldn’t be much of a comparison if the Wii U’s processor is from 2010 (I think) and the other two were 2005; that’s like comparing an Intel Core Duo to an Intel iCore 7. Bad comparison, I know, but if you think about it – it has some merit, if somewhat.

        Basically, two processors can’t be compared mainly due to time frame of when they were released. A 3.2 GHz overclocked CPU from 2005 isn’t the same as a 2.9 Ghz CPU from 2007; the entirety is vague from it. There are many factors into it.

        1. The problem is the Wii U’s cpu specs *according to that confirmed document* has very little on paper differences from the 360’s Xenon. It’s clocked the same, it’s on the same 45nm process…I’ll read into it more, but the changes probably aren’t too significant.

          1. IDK what clocks your talking about but the actual leak documents didn’t include clock speed, it was mainly features and had a lot of missing specs.
            It was WiiUDaily who pulled clock speeds out of their asses, stuck it to the leaks specs, and attach Gaf member comments on there.

  2. Awh man. C’mon Nintendo I thought you weren’t gonna mess up and dissapoint with the Wii U. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are like 6 or 7 years old, is it really that hard for you to surpass them in every aspect.

    1. They aren’t trying to beat the other two consoles…merely offer an alternative methodology of playstyles – nintendo and the other manufacturers have always maintained that Nintendo prefer to target markets NOT being catered to over dedicated Hardcore gaming support.

        1. Once other next gen systems arise I fear N won’t get those third parties, like the Wii, unless somehow they manage to get plenty of exclusives. They can’t afford to be really behind this time. Patience in running thin.

              1. Nintendo aren’t aiming to compete with them as a hardcore console. They’re aiming to be a somewhat more family friend, with perhaps a few top titles in the hardcore market to appeal to others who are interested – but this console will not be a powerhouse next to the newer Sony/MS consoles, since that is not nintendo’s priority anymore.

                They simply aren’t interested in doing things that way anymore.

                1. Then they are wrong. While the casual audience is still viable, they need to recapture the hardcore audience whom they have lost, they’ve been making really mixed messages lately. They just need to tell us now, what are the specs like and who is your key demographic?

              2. Exactly! This is what fanboys need to understand. It can’t look only a little better than this gen! It needs to be a plausible jump from 360-PS3. It has to be able to support next gen 3rd party titles, or. Nintwendo will miss out on some truly great games AGAIN. Now I’m not saying it has to be an expensive processing beats. All I need to be is like the comparison between ps2 and original xbox and that is fine. Imagine nintendo games looking not only HD but also full of detail.

      1. WTF is wrong with you. I just said that because Nintendo wants to recapture the hardcore audience I expected them to make the Wii U respectably more better then the competition in as much aspects as possible. Either way I am still going to buy the Wii U on DAY ONE. Then out of nowhere you come up and start talking about slapping and dicks.

  3. “I guess they’re [Nintendo] trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that and that’s taking a little bit of time.”

    That doesn’t really make much sense to me even with that example… Is there perhaps a good way to explain this to me? O.o

    1. what they’re saying is that the processor could be fast than what they’re being allowed to use, but nintendo is trying to keep energy consumption on the low so it doesnt take as much power to run the machine. so the processor will be decent but not overtly power hungry.

      1. If energy consumption is a problem, Nintendo may have lost it. I imagine the issue is lack of resources, what with the Gamepad and Miiverse always on.

    2. This topic seems to be moving along based on a conclusion that isn’t reasonable given the information. Note that the developer said there are also problems with getting games to work with PS3’s CPU. This sounds like it could be design differences. Besides, if the Wii U is using a more modern processor, then it’s doing more per clock. That’s the way processors evolve today.

      1. He said that at the beggining of the PS3’s life, it was hard. They got the hang of it now, Which will most likely be the case for the WiiU.

        I don’t get how Nintendo says that the WiiU will be able to Run True HD 1080p games, but this guy claims the WiiU’s cores are weaker than last gen Consoles. Who (correct me if I’m wrong) Can only upscale to 1080p

  4. Well that sucks. This means longer loading times most of all, right? And considering the 360 has a tough time even playing the disc then the Wii U might be unbearable. I hope it saves itself with other components…

      1. I would rather have to wait a bit longer to play a game than the system to not be able to handle the power. No one really wants another red ring of death

        1. Do you actually know what the red ring of death was? It was overheating issues goddamit. And waiting longer for a game won’t make a difference, it either fits or it doesn’t, even if it has to go on a so called “power diet”

          1. Overheating issues that was caused by the heat CPU/GPU, that was caused by their clock speed and bad dissipation. gamer4ever isn’t wrong.

  5. FAIL. I miss the days of N64, which was more powerful than PS1 and Sega Saturn… C’mon, guys, let’s not distance ourselves from the almighty truth: Wii U will be in a helluva lot of trouble by the time when PS4 and NextBox comes out…

    1. You wish, Sony can’t do a uber powerful console anymore, or they might need to step out of gaming, and MS has a comfy place in which money is rolling in, so expect a console from MS when Sony is ready, and that’s gonna be a long time. And by that time Nintendo should be thinking about the next console.

      1. Sony can very well *and their recent statements will further prove this* and most certainly can do an uber powerful console. Only fanboys say otherwise, because they want to hold onto hope the Wii U won’t be utterly outclassed in the next-gen. Sony has recently stated they wouldn’t release a PS4 unless it could show a SIGNIFICANT leap over the current generation.

        You know what is SIGNIFICANT? Graphics, more immersive gameplay and processing simply impossible to do on a previous generation.

        You know what isn’t SIGNIFICANT? A silly gimmicky controller that will last one generation before it fades in the succeeding generations.

        Sony even fucking confirmed they have a successor that they didn’t feel the need to reveal at E3. Better brace for the curb stomping Nintendo will get in the next gen. They have NOTHING going for them.

        1. So is that why Sonys CEO said, “i dont think we’ll make a console that looks much better than what the ps3 already does. The line that next gen systems will go down wont be the same as we’ve seen. Ps3 is ready for at least the first 2 years of next gen, when the developers are working out the kinks in the system, and once they’re solved, and go onto progress, then Sony will release a PS4. Releasing one now will cost too much money, and Sony will find themselves in the same situation they did last year.

        2. This time I have to agree with Aeolus. I can understand not being as powerful as next PS or MS, but lagging to current system is a shame. I believe they are really trying to appeal more to kids right now because parents do not care about power when it comes to buying games for them. People like me at least want a Camry and not a Corolla.

        3. And graphics arent significant, gameplay is. You go on any inbais gaming site, and gameplay will always be voted above graphics as being important, along with innovation.

          1. Graphics is one thing but power is another. Imagine a good looking game that lags and chops. I think this is what the article is about; power not graphics.

          2. In other words they can’t afford to put out another system because they just started get the result they want form the Ps3. Sony is nervous right now, they put to much many into the Ps3 to go next Gen at the moment, and hasn’t made the money they need to justify the more. Micro and Nintendo are set for the move to Next Gen, Sony just blowing smoke to keep form being left behind, if they try to out do Micro and Nintendo they will be out the game, if they just match Nintendo and/or Micro then there will be no reason to wait for Sony next system. Sony in a lose/lose situation.

          3. more power = more than just better graphics. There are very few people who outright value graphics over gameplay. I only ever hear fanboys say otherwise.

        4. Again you fail…………….. we will see when sony unviels whatever they do it’s not gonna be a leap bound distance.

            1. yes but a good gaming PC costs between 1500.00 and 3000.00, a consoles purpose for being is to avoid those kind of prices.

      2. Sony definitely have the resources to make a super-powered machine. They have masses of resources that they can share from other areas of their business! And Microsoft also have masses of experience and resources! I believe the wii u will have to be a more conservative effort, power wise, than the other 2 because a complete flop could ruin a company that only makes consoles and games!

        1. What? Sony has not made a dime in 6years, Nintendo and Micro r sitting Good right now, Nintendo many tones of money off the Wii and DS, (Billions) and Micro is Micro. Sony is in trouble because the system they built was ahead of it’s time and to expensive for the market. Now they can move for it so easily, cause to do so would cause them to lose more money trying to push another system, plus Vita is losing them money, they Tv r not selling, so what in the world r u talking about? I like Sony and yes I a Nintendo fan first, not big on Micro but truth is truth, Sony is in trouble… Deal with it

          1. Don’t bullshit yourself with what you started this wall of drivel from. Sony has a market cap of over 40 FUCKING BILLION US dollars. Suddenly a 6 bill loss and you shit stupid fanboys think they’re in trouble?

            WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK???

            Right, they’re totally in trouble, especially after buying out certain stakes in Olympus and recently purchasing Gakai for hundreds of millions of dollars. /sarcasm.

            Actually, no. You’re a pathetic fanboy pretending to know business because it sounds like what you “want it” to sound like. This is the stupidest shit I’ve read today. Congratulations.

            1. Sometimes, though, Sony and Microsoft fanboys say the same thing. These numerous articles on sites like IGN saying Nintendo are doomed if they don’t start developing for Sony and Microsoft. They’re just about as stupid as what you just read. They’re all morons.

              1. Sony has been hobbled by a stronger yen that reached a postwar high, waning sales, a Japan earthquake that crippled factories and Thailand flooding that cut production.
                Sony, worth $100 billion in September 2000, is now valued at $18 billion, compared with Cupertino, California-based Apple at $364 billion and Samsung at $137 billion. Last month, Sony predicted 90 billion yen in losses in the year ending in March, reversing an earlier forecast for a profit of 60 billion yen.
                Sony has announced nine acquisitions this year, the same as last year. The spending is more than three times greater than the prior three years combined, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
                The biggest deal is the $4.5 billion purchase of patents owned by Nortel Networks Corp. for access to technologies used in mobile phones and tablets. Sony partnered with Apple, Microsoft, Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM), Ericsson and EMC Corp. in that bid, announced in July.
                Jackson’s estate, billionaire David Geffen, Mubadala Development Co. PJSC and Blackstone Group joined Sony in agreeing to buy EMI Music Publishing from Citigroup Inc. for $2.2 billion.
                Hendrix, Spider-Man
                “Acquisition is the wrong direction for Sony,” said Edwin Merner, president of Atlantis Investment Research Corp. in Tokyo, which manages $3 billion. “Sony must concentrate only on a few electronic products, maybe even get out of the manufacturing business.”

                1. That’s no excuse. Nintendo has been in near enough the exact same position as Sony, and they’re doing well enough.

            2. Talk about a pot calling a kettle black. According to a Bloomberg report, Nintendo’s value is 6.57 trillion yen ($53.2 billion), while Sony has a value of 6.48 trillion yen ($52.5 billion). Also, Sony has posted losses for four consecutive years, and the company has lost its leadership position in just about every market it used to dominate. I admit that buying Gakai and getting certain stakes in Olympus were probably a good move from Sony, but if executed incorrectly; then, that’s another loss for them. Admit it, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      3. You do realise that releasing two consoles in one generation is a… Bad thing… Right? While I do expect the Wii U to have a shorter life span than most consoles, his is rediculous. Microsoft and Sony will fall to their knees after less than a year of Wii U torture and spill the beans on their new consoles. Mark my words.

    2. Do you even know how CPU works? Keep in mind is that the Wii U CPU is based on something new/custom, and just because it’s clocked a little lower than 5-6 year old CPU’s doesn’t mean it’s less efficient. We also know that physics/AI will work really good on the Wii U after seeing the newest Havok engine and effects being adopted for the system. The GPU is said to be a next gen GPU which fixes the problem for the CPU if it is ever a problem. Silly PC illiterate…

      1. >Said to be
        >Posts nothing to prove it.
        >Calling me PC illiterate.

        i’ll call you a jackass and a charlatan of a fanboy to holding on to false hope. There is absolutely, positively, nothing significantly better in the Wii U’s specs. You go to any PC “elitist” forums and try to argue with what is known now, and you’ll be shocked how you get chewed out with posters who actually have the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

        Havok engine is available on virtually every freaking current gen platform. What the hell is the point you’re trying to make here?

        “Custom” isn’t going to automatically make it current generation. Pretty much every gaming console has had customized internals based on existing PC versions.

        1. Aeolus u r an idiot close minded fanboy that obviously don’t no crap about computers.Have u built a gaming pc? I have and I also own every gaming platform out now. Get of off Sony’s jock and shut up u stupid troll. I’ve built three gaming pc’s myself yes it’s good to have fast CPU but its not the end all be all to a good gaming pc ram and the gpu is most important thing in a gaming pc the wii u will be just fine with its more up to date gpu don’t talk about something u know nothing about. Ur biggest close minded Sony troll I’ve ever seen on a forum so just shut up. Ur obviously a child that don’t know jack u show that with ur comments and ur language.

          1. “ur obviously a child that don’t know jack u show that with ur comment and ur language”

            smh oh the irony.

        2. Considering NINTENDO has not released any information to give the ‘exact’ specs of the Wii U this article is beyond laughable and show the lack of professionalism, integrity, and intelligence of the author. Find a new job please.

          It’s funny that whenever any unsubstantiated NEGATIVE news comes out about Nintendo people take it as the inherent gospel-truth. However when traceable and substantiated positive news comes out about Nintendo people refuse to believe it. Even if the Wii U used hardware that was directly on-par with the 360 it still would be more powerful because technology is faster and more efficient than it was 7 years ago when the 360 launched. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand. Based on what we do know for certain, the Wii U has more powerful hardware than both the 360 and PS3. How much powerful? We don’t know. Here’s is idea. Why not just wait until Nintendo tells you instead of constantly speculating on something that doesn’t matter anyway.

          It’s hilarious to listen to how people have convinced themselves that a system needs to be a SKYNET-level powerhouse to be successful when every single console that has won it’s respective war has either been weaker than one or more competitors or the weakest of the lot. For example….

          Atari 2600
          PlayStation 2
          Nintendo Wii

          They all won and they all had more one or more systems more powerful to compete against. In contrast…

          Sega Master System
          Nintendo 64

          Were all the most powerful consoles of their generations and they all LOST. The most powerful console to date is the PS3 and it is DEAD LAST in the current console race. Even the handheld console follow the same pattern.

          Least powerful:
          GameBoy – Winner
          GameBoy Advance – Winner
          Nintendo DS – Winner
          Nintendo 3DS – Winning

          Most powerful:
          Game Gear – Loser
          Sega Nomad – Loser
          PSP – Loser
          PS Vita – Losing

          These are all facts folks. I guess it must bring some type of pleasure or gratification to people to show their stupidity by bashing Nintendo using unsubstantiated information that they don’t even understand anyway. Bashing Nintendo is popular right now because of that horrible conference at E3 they gave. So people who crave attention feel that if they bash Nintendo too it’ll make them sound intelligent and people will listen to them. It’s pretty tragic if you ask me. Especially since the people whining the loudest will be FIRST in line to purchase a Wii U on launch day.

          Get n or get OUT!!!!

          1. It’s not the fact that the weaker system wins, but the fact that they cost less, released earlier, or had more games than their competitors.

      1. What the hell did you just say? Yes, the bloody N64 had limitations BECAUSE IT WAS 15 YEARS AGO! What am I to bet that that was before you were born though.

    3. Thank you. I mean, what would it take for another powerful Nintendo console? I’m sure Wii U will be a a beast but I imagine there to be a gap similar to that between the HD consoles and Wii, except with the same resolution. And before the fanboys go mental, graphics wise it is not that bad. Power is the worry. While I’m sure power wise the consoles may be on par, the immense extra power the Wii U needs could leave it behind, worrying but what the heck, Nintendo always seem to work it out.

  6. I’m not judging anything until the Wii U is unboxed and plugged into my T.V. and I’m playing a fancy new HD Nintendo game.

      1. Haha. I was going to invest in one even if the crappy name applied, but now I’m having second thoughts and might even wait awhile before purchasing.

      2. The name was definitely a piece of shit. Nintendoland hasn’t pleased anyone, nor has New Super Mario Bros U.

        Yet I still want to argue…

    1. The CPU isn’t the end-all be-all of how powerful a machine can be. You have to look at the sum of all its parts. Heck, sometimes even a higher clock speed is even worse than lower clock speed because of consumption and performance.

  7. How is that even possible? Did Nintendo just get a bargain CPU? Am I missing something? Either the Wii U will cost around 200$, or he is straight up lying. First, the Tekken dev claims that the Smash Bros. players probably don’t want Tekken characters in their game, and now he claims the Wii U is inferior, while devs like CryTek, Epic, etc. say it’s not inferior? WTF Harada, did Sony make you sign a contract to say bad things about Nintendo, so that you can get Tekken characters in All-Stars?

    1. A producer in the gaming industry has absolutely no reason to lie about the console. Accept the bitter truth that the Wii U is current gen specs and little else.

      I don’t see why I have to hammer it inside of you fanboys, always talking about 1080p native at 60fps, guess what? Even in next-gen 60fps running NATIVELY at 1080p for high end games isn’t likely to happen, not for years. And Wii U certainly won’t be doing that no matter how much they want to fool you into believing that.

      360 and PS3 are also able do 1080p natively as well (very few games did that), so…really now. You guys got yourself hyped up over nothing.

      Every other developer mentions the console is on par with the unit. The console itself is speculated to cost $300 and Nintendo isn’t interested in taking a profit loss to make up in better hardware.

      Do the damn math, because you will NOT get powerful GPU/CPU in a product that likely doesn’t even exceed $200 in parts ALONE.

        1. I have an active social life that doesn’t involve stroking myself off to every article praising Nintendo. Sorry bro.

      1. Wow, you’re really stupid aren’t you?

        Get this through your thick skull: GHz DON’T MATTER. You think a 2005 CPU that’s 3.2 GHz is better than even a 2008 CPU that’s 2.5 GHz? If you do, you need brain surgery.

        Even most computers these days are still in the 2 GHz category. Sickr really needs to get shit like you off his site.

        1. “DON’T MATTER”

          Until you notice how shitty your game runs on a shitty CPU regardless of what graphics you’re packing. I can tell you’re new to PCs if you honestly believe that drivel you typed.

          Also, I have made next to no mentions of processor in this comment either, so you still look like a deluded twit.

          You’re a Nintendo brand loyalist, want to talk to ME about specs? Let’s go bro, get crushed in any argument you place forth. Been on PCs for years, I want to hear what you’ve done to your rigs, setups, and knowledge of cards. You’re the all knowing genius here and captain obvious lifesaver of this article. So come on.

          1. I KNOW consoles will never compare to PC. But most PC clock speeds vary from 2.5 GHz to 3.2 GHz unless you overclock. And judging by how small Wii U’s case is(smaller than current-gen), if the thing was overclocked it would probably catch on fire.

            And do you even know what a shader is? Flops? The 360 has 40 unified shaders and .25 Teraflops. Wii U’s Power7 has about 400 shaders and a rumored massive 1.5 Teraflops. By the way, those rumored specs you saw, you said you didn’t see a significant difference. It said an r700 series GPU, which is much more powerful than the 360’s feeble x1900. Also 1.5 GB is 6x the PS3 and 3x the 360. The 360 has 10 MB eDRAM. Wii U has 32 MB eDRAM.

            Averaging it all out Wii U is roughly 3x more powerful than the 360. And that document was v1 dev kit. The retail version is v5, and includes drastic differences. You need to learn that one measly clock speed performance doesn’t spell doom for Nintendo.

            And your right. If I want power, I go for PC. You aren’t gonna find a 7970 in a console.

            1. Stop basing off freaking clock speeds, please. There’s a hell of a lot more to CPU performance than just that. He’s citing that this isn’t performing as well in certain areas as perhaps Cell would.

              And I know all of this, Google isn’t going to help you if you’re not even trying to make sense of what this discussion is about.

              You know what’s the keyword here, pal? RUMOR.

     This is the document I’ve based all of my information on. And this has been confirmed from VARIOUS sources. Nothing and I mean next to nothing here is significantly better than existing consoles. The eDRAM means they won’t be TOO limited by bandwidth due to slow memory, and 1.5GB is going to be slow by next-gen standards.

              Also, R700’s low end cards are not remotely “much more powerful”. Better, but you’re overestimating them (I’m looking at you HD4350). And don’t even get me started on the mobile line of them *irrelevant, but things get much worse from there*. From what I’ve seeing, this is not even the more higher end R700 cards either.

              Until you can prove that the retail unit is significantly better than the dev kit, your argument will hold weight. Based on what is reporting lately, that is anything but the case. This console is not going to be a significant leap. Period.

              Lastly, uhm…no shit PCs are better. Why does every idiot feel the need to point this out in a goddamn CONSOLE discussion? Seriously, why? We’re talking about c-o-n-s-o-l-e-s.

              1. You’re forgetting that the Wii U’s CPU is new/custom. Just because it’s clocked a little lower than 5-6 year old CPU’s doesn’t mean it’s less efficient. The physics and AI will work really good on the Wii U after seeing the newest Havok engine and effects being adopted for the system. The GPU is said to be a next gen GPU which fixes the problem for the CPU if it is ever a problem. Like I stated in my other comment, you have to look at the sum of all its parts and CPU isn’t the end-all be-all of how powerful a machine can be.

                1. The CPU is nearly identical to what is powering the Xbox 360, and this guy isn’t the only developer reporting that it isn’t all that great compared to existing consoles.

                  I’ve already replied to the brunt of this not too long ago, so not much else to say here.

              2. Really? a HD4350? that thing needs to be clocked insanely high (even the help of edram&modern arch) just to keep up with ps360. Since power consumption is non-linear, it’ll consume more power than a lower clocked bigger gpu with more shaders.
                Looking at power and perf, they can get more performance while maintaining low power consumption with a big and slow gpu vs small and fast cpu.
                Sure a small gpu would be cheaper to produce, but shades don’t take that much more space and 40-45nm process is already matured and cheap.
                It wouldn’t make since putting something that hot in a small box.

            2. POWER7, .25TFLOPS, 400 shaders, 1.5 TFLOPS??

              Where are you getting those crap from? So far here is the only confirmed leak specs:

              Keep in mind it was a dev who was a bit disappointed with the CPU. He already knows all about clock speeds and different CPU architectures (probably more than any of us here), he knows how to compare CPUs. So, it doesn’t matter if WIiU has an old or new CPU, fact is he said “clock is kinda low”.

              As to how that compares (performance-wise) to x360, we just don’t know yet.

          1. Its not, and i dont expect any next gen to even be close to a big step up. He can put forward a valid point, but then he covers it in fanboy hater shite and insulting pretty much everyone on this site, thats unneccesary.

            1. You don’t expect it, but it will be. Mark my words. You will be proven wrong come next year *or this year if either company reveals anything*.

              1. Microsoft will most likely reveal theirs next e3, but sony wont. They might mention it, but it wont be revealed. If they do, Sony is making a huge mistake. They’re lose alot of money.

                1. Sony is making no mistake. That is fanboy speculation. They were never about being the cheapest, when you purchase Sony consoles *or even any console at launch*. You best be prepared to spend. End of discussion.

          2. Are you stupid? Just because a dev said the CPU is low doesn’t mean the system is not powerful. CPU doesn’t equal power. Insert that fact in your head.

        1. Listen? He doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about; so, why would one listen to a stranger fanboy talking about things he doesn’t know or fully understands?

      2. I still remember Iwata saying the Wii U is not going to be cheap. 200 sounds really cheap. But if it should be 200 then it cant be really good in spects.

        1. He said “priced reasonably”. So basically a good value for what you’re getting, which means i would mostly be £250 or over

      3. Your retarded ..even if the CPU is weaker than the xbox and ps3 will still out preform them because its NEWER TECHNOLOGY ..CPU and GPUs are more efficient then they were 7 yrs ago ..and LOL the ps3 dosnt even do 1080p does 1080i which means they scale it ..its not TRUE 1080p ..You need to get your facts straight coz ur making yourself look like a retard ..7yr hardware will never be better than modern hardware ..seriously stop being such a retarded trolling faggot that dosnt know shit …

    2. You do realise the other devs discuss graphics where he talks about power right? All consoles have good elements and bad elements. Most are each others fault. IE: Tablet controller>Lower power available.

  8. OK, this is fucking it, who the hell am I supposed to believe? Anonymous devs, devs like Epic, CryTek, etc., or devs like Namco? I’m fed up, I’m not looking at any more Wii U news until it comes out, this is just bullshit.

    1. Good riddance, fanboy. You’ll know the the cold truth at launch when it gets torn down and the internals aren’t even remotely next gen.

      1. I like how you called him a fanboy even though we didn’t even say anything remotely close to what a typical fanboy would say. Do you take pleasure in talking down to others, you useless piece of shit?

      2. Why the fuck should I believe you, you hate Nintendo. I’m better off believing neutral people, who aren’t biased. And history has shown that even the worst selling Nintendo console gets a reasonable amount of units off the shelves (GameCube, the Virtual Boy was a handheld.). They sure as fuck won’t sell under 20 mil. units, not in this society in which everything new, good or bad, is bought by everyone, as long as it’s as known as The Avengers, or Star Wars.

        1. Because you’re a fanboy twat who doesn’t like the bitter truth from true core gamers.

          Get a life and stop sucking Nintendo off. They don’t care about you guys anymore. Spend money on real gaming platforms with an established userbase and comfortable atmosphere that you know won’t die 5 years after it launches like the Wii did.

          Everything new good or bad is bought by everyone?


          The Wii U is not “new” to everyone. People still think it’s an add-on and the entire console is not interesting core gamers or casuals.

          Nintendo needs to go third party, their fans shouldn’t be forced to invest on tacky p.o.s gimmicks that won’t serve any longtime purpose in the industry.

          1. There you go, why should I fucking believe, what triggers you to call me a fanboy, and then explaining me something. I’m fucking human, I don’t believe what a person says if the person treats me like a retard. Quit your yapping, because a lot of what you are saying is bullshit. I just threw a look at the rest of your comment, and I have to say, reviews were out for Star wars Kinect, people still bought it. Biased piece of shit troll.

          2. ‘you’re a fanboy twat’
            ‘real gaming platforms’

            Last time I checked, the Wii and Wii U can play games – so they can’t be fake gaming platforms. Classifying a gaming platform as real or fake based on opinions seems to be the fanboy thing. Fanboy twat.

          3. The moment you called yourself a “True core gamer”, you marked yourself as an arrogant, biased elitist with an opinion lower in value than dog shit.
            You can hate on Nintendo all you like, but you can’t redeem yourself after twat comments like that, especially when your commentary directly afterwards is so half assed and nonsensical.

            1. Real gamers play real games. Not Nintendo’s last gen baby games for retarded gamers like you who have no perception in quality and will swallow any latest rehash.

              1. Real gamers play real games. Not Sony’s fail gen ‘adult’ games for retarded insecure morons like you who have no perception in quality and will swallow any latest blood-fest.

              2. I don’t know who’s the retarded one… I mean… You sit here and tell us how much better and more awesome you think that your toy is than ours even though they’re two completly different kind of toys.

                Feels like kindergarden <3

              3. The fact that you just tried to differentiate what a real gamer is by the system they play, marks you further as one of the most pathetic examples of a fake gamer that there is.
                You swallow gray-scale shooter after shooter, every blood&gore game one after the other, as Sony and Microsoft roll in your money, and then accuse people of swallowing rehashes.
                Then you spend time on this site for the sake of trolling anyone and everyone you possibly can because Nintendo’s new system, and all the third parties developing for it that used to stay away from it, intimidates you, as a hater.
                You need to learn when you’re beaten, hypocrite.
                Games are games, and gamers are gamers.
                Only arrogant elitists like your sorry ass try to classify what’s “real” and what is not.
                And that just makes you easier to laugh at, so by all means, keep it up.
                You’re already the worst troll here, so you might as well aim for a new low by continuing to prove why you’re also the biggest joke on the site, as well.:P

          4. Dude how did the wii die the n always drops every 5 years wii u would’ve been out for 11 but 3ds wanted to smash the hd fags when the u drops its a wrap the hexbox and gaystations were overpriced nintendos with third party support without third parties they would lose oh they di lose i dont care if aliens bought it they the wiimote imo is superior to dual analog when fony and microoff copy the gamepad im sure it will considered the best thing ever

            gimmicky favortised pieces os the wiimote imo was more advanced than the hd twins with out thebox

          5. Well well well… Internet troll, we met again. I have a question for you: Why don’t you play PC? Everything your puny PS3 or X-box can do a PC can already do better. The Wii is the only system right now that can actually do things a PC cannot do, and the Wii U will follow in it’s footsteps. You seem like a guy who only care about latest specs, so PC seems like the right thing for you (and everyone else who follows your ignorant footsteps). I can find no reason to buy a PS3 or 360 for specs, because a PC can do EVERYTHING they can do… Better! Nintendo actually does things you can’t already do on a PC and that’s why they will success and that’s why they’ve survived so long in this bussiness.

            I know this sound fanboyish, but I just want to take you down from your high Sony-drone horse and make you understand that specs ain’t everything. The most important thing for consoles is exclusives, and of the current gen they are all different. So there’s no best system, there’s only different tastes in games.

            If you care about Specs and third party; You are probably reading this on the gaming system for you. If you care about First Party games: Get whatever system that seems to have the right games for YOU :) (and don’t bitch about that your favorite game is better than anyone elses)

              1. Okay. I thought you did not mean Aeolus ( I think Aeolus… If not I do not care how you spell it).

    2. I do agree we need some hard facts now instead of all this banter between devs. Nintendo have either lost the plot or are embarrassed by the spec sheet but knowing what I’ve seen, it’s probably the former.

  9. Am I the only one who found this as “kind of good news”?
    He is not saying that wii U is weaker than PS360, only that you have to do it differently.

    … like PS3.

      1. Absolutely agree. To be honest, I’m a little shocked by Nintendo. What were they thinking while designing the internals of their new home console?! 5-6 year old hardawre? Really, Nintendo? This is ridiculous. It’s just odd. But it’s a familiar situation. Think of Dreamcast. By the time when PS2 came out, Dremcast was stomped to death.

        1. The thing is, I wouldn’t even compare this to a Dreamcast. Dreamcast actually had amazing games shown at it’s unveiling, rather than reskinned existing titles for casual gamers.

          The Dreamcast died, but at least it did so with a hell of a bang.

          1. Bias bullshit. Yes, Dreamcast had great games, but im curious whether your saying that because it did or because you hate Nintendo. The only people that hate Nintendo are the stupid narrow minded fanbiys like you, and visaversa with nintendo fanboys. The real gamers, who make games, love Nintendo Sony and MS. The president of xbox, said hes a big nintendo fan, and his favorite franchises are games like Zelda. But hes the “opposition”. So shut up.

            1. If someone dislikes Nintendo, that makes then a fanboy for some other company? Despite Nintendo being a niche within the community and it being reasonable to dislike them? Having opinions = fanboy? Oh, fuck off.

              1. Your definition of “real gamers” is as immature and retarded as you consider Nintendo gamers to be.
                But by all means, Aeolus, keep opening your mouth.
                You’ve already proven how much you love the taste of your own foot, after all.

              2. Real Gamers don’t get caught up in bullshit arguments to prove the size of their Epeen’s either. :3

                Also, I play pretty much anything I can get ahold of to own – and I have no objections to getting anything in the next lineup of consoles…because they all have interesting ideas around them.

                Oh, right…needs an obligitory insult – ” you all smell slightly of mothballs and are all hairy mexicans in reality! ”

                Nope, added nothing to my post at all, how ’bout that!

            2. Did… Did… Did you just say the right thing? Sorry, I must be having a cardiac arrest, please hold.
              No, seriously, thank you. It’s comments like this that make me happy to be a gamer. Or… At least less sad.

  10. Maybe this is mistranslated and he is talking about the clock frequency. There are some Power7 models at 2.4GHz, but with four cores with with threads per core. This way, the power consumption statement and the comparison with the PS3s cell cpu should make more sense.

    1. Thank you, that’s what I was thinking of, but didn’t have the words to type it (English isn’t my 1st language.). There was no way the clock speed is going to be lower than a 6/7 year old CPU.

    1. We already know it’s good. Miiverse probably couldn’t exist if it wasn’t. But for some reason your comment doesn’t fit your gravatar this time, I think you might have broken the curse with using smileys.

  11. Uh. Gotta say, if this proves to be true, I sure as hell won’t be getting one at launch. This is stupid. Nintendo has enough money to keep a constantly failing company alive for another 30 or so years, and they don’t even have the decency to give the devs more freedom to work with? Make it better and sell it at a loss, it will get you more profit in the long run. Greedy fucks.

    1. That’s not the problem. It’s a whole other story, let’s just say it was mistranslated, since they can’t be serious about the clock speed being lower. If they would be that greedy, why the hell should they spend 3 years making a new Smash Bros., just reuse the old engine, upscale graphics, etc.. Why not do DLC like Capcom, they’ll buy it, it’s Nintendo.
      There’s just something wrong about this.

    2. They can last until 2052 without profit.

      They absolutely refuse to do a powerful console…why? They have the freaking funds, they KNOW that’s what core gamers want to ensure it has a lasting future, yet they absolutely refuse to do this.

      Sometimes I think they want to fail at consoles. They’ve done so for three generations now, and no amount of “sales” is going to make the Wii a success in the eyes of actual gamers. The fact is that console had a shit lineup from start to finish and missed all kinds of games, amongst other things.

      1. They aren’t targetting hardcore gamers – they have a much simpler family oriented business strategy, and are following that.

        It isn’t ABOUT those who buy the PS3’s, 360’s and PC’s to them – they prefer to remain a safer alternative for those who may have more casual gaming tastes in comparison.

        Nintendo is a casual gaming company, that’s all there is to it!

      2. BO! What did i tell you about sassin on da interweb ! I owe all of ya’ll an apology. Ya see, my “boy” gits beatin up often fer sassin dim school girls and molestin dawgs and such.To make a long story short, he’s a Tickturd and this is the only way he can vent without gittin his ass whooped. Sorry fer da inconvience. Don’t make me come on here agin, Luthah !

  12. Oh, what was that Aeolus? The WiiU is an overclocked 360? Ermm, im not sure you knew what you were talking about pal.

    This shouldnt be a problem, its incredily earlier stages of the WiiU, developers always have problems when making games for a new console, but they start to get used to it.
    Aint gona worry, still buying it

    1. Yeah, I overestimated it, my bad.

      It’s an UNDERclocked 360. LMAO.

      The clock speed and number of cores is identical to the 360’s CPU on that document, and literally nothing else looks significantly better at all.

      Oh well, Nintendo punked you all yet again. Time to save money for a PS4/720 instead.

      1. Well if the clock speed was wrong in the wiiu spec leak then that whole document is a fake, so you fail, the GPU could be much more powerful than a 360, which is what ACTUAL developers have been saying. The clock speed is only low because a fraction of the CPUs power is being used towards the gamepad.

        We dont know the real spec of the WiiU, and most of us dont actually care. We’re concerned only because we want the 3rd party titles, but most of us will buy another next gen console anyway.

        1. It wasn’t wrong, that was confirmed by several people. I’m literally not seeing any significant changes between that CPU and the 360 Xenon processor. Same amount of cores, same 45nm process, same clock speed…maybe some incremental “upgrades” and that’s it. Hardly next gen.

          And the GPU isn;t “much more powerful” looking either, it looks like a mid-range R700 card, or even worse. Definitely not HD4850/4870. That I can tell you right now.

          Most of you fanboys don’t care because you’ll just buy anything and everything Nintendo.

          1. What do you mean confirmed by several people, this article just proved it wrong! You went around just saying, “its an overclocked 360” over and over, judging over one of the ten rumoured wiiu specs, and now that its been proved wrong you STILL want to believe it? You’re an idiot. Your point of view is invalid from te start, because YOU are a fanboy. Sure, some people on here a nintendo fanboys, because YOU are a Sony fanboy. I like Sony and Nintendo, i can state an unbais opinion because im actually open minded unlike a narrow minded prick like you who denies everything that could shame sony, and focus only on megative rumours for nintendo.

            You’re a moron, and nobody gives a shit what you think.

            1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

              Yup, that’s me, Aeolus. You are right, and I am not sarcastic, I can assure you that.

            2. Well, at least I do give a shit about Aelous’ opinion, because he’s telling the truth (apart from insulting other users). And trust me, I’m no fanboy, I really like all 3 companies.

              1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

                Well, thank you, but sometimes I really do spit shit out, like when I said that it’s not possible to make a affordable console that is better than the 360 and PS3. The 360 and PS3 are of course good consoles, but I sometimes exaggarate the PS3.

          2. “Most of you fanboys don’t care because you’ll just buy anything and everything Nintendo.”

            Then why bother arguing with them!
            You, sir, have just made yourself redundant!

            1. Ikr, saying that is just stupd. Well yeah, of course we will, and theres a very good reason we do as well.

              1. Tbh, i want to get the wii u … some of the rumours are a little bit of a concern, BUT so long as it gets good games and can at least do nice 720p graphics, I’m happy … power =/= everything when it comes to games! Some of the best games ive ever played had like 18fps or less!

          3. I don’t just buy Nintendo products, I also get Microsoft and Sony products. I barely play my 360 for obvious reasons, though I love my PS3, Wii, and 3DS.

  13. This was to be expected. There’s no way the graphics were going to be weaker than current consoles, and as Harada said, graphics aren’t an issue. The CPU had me worried a lot more than the graphics, and it looks like my fears are true. This doesn’t really mean the Wii U will be underpowered, mainly that it’ll be a bit on the slow side, which makes sense since the console is trying to power two screens at the same time. You guys can’t expect Nintendo, or anyone for that matter, to get an awesome CPU right now. Next gen consoles are all likely to use older CPUs to keep costs down. Don’t go thinking next gen consoles will have Intel i5 2500K CPU’s with 3.4 GHZ. A console with that kind of CPU will easily cost more than $500.

    1. Until you can explain why it would cost that much, your argument is null and void.

      My guess is you won’t be able to explain how either. Especially when the 3 companies never use those kinds of processors to begin with. :rolleyes:

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

        Oh, sorry, I quickly changed my username and profile pic. I take the comment I’m replying to back, I am actually a complete dumbass, and I read my facts off of Google, instead of having basic knowledge of technology.

    2. Exactly my point. Im going to guess its clock speed is reduced simple because of the gamepad, its one of their priorities to have that working perfectly, and enhamcing the game experience, which is far more important to me than what it could be used for.
      However, Crytek already stated if they didnt have the gamepad used in the game at all, the clock speed goes up alot, saying they can get Cry Engine 3 to 1080p 60fps.
      Its up to the developer on how they used the console, and what experience they’re looking to create

  14. Why doesn’t Nintendo just tell everyone the specs? Are they still going to make changes? Do they want to keep it secret from competing companies for as long as possible? Otherwise, why don’t they just let us know, and all the stupid speculation can stop :(

    1. Nintendo never shows the specs early. Just look at the Wii, DS, and 3DS, they didn’t say anything about the specs up to the last minute. All we know is that it’s a POWER based CPU (From 1-, I’m not sure if 8 is ready, or it might even be a modified 7.), and a HD AMD Radeon GPU (Even more possibilities.). Everything else is utter shit, pay no attention to ”it has this much cores”, or ”it has this much GHz”, or ”it’s from this series of GPU’s”, it’s all bullshit until we hear it from Nintendo, no matter how trustable the source is.

  15. Let me give everybody an idea on how much time aeolus has on his hands. He doesnt like the wii u so he turned on his computer and went to the website “mynintendonews” keep in mind he actually had to think about going on to a nintendo related website because he woke up this morning and was like “hey how about i troll people to kill some time”, clicked on a wii u related article and negatively replied to nearly every comment. This actually took some effort because nobody would casually go to a website in which they wouldnt be interested in. Does any body see a problem in that?

    1. We do not go to Sony sites be cause we can spend our time better (Like on video games such as Mario Pokemon Zelda…).
      But he is a Sony fan boy and has no really good games to play (since he only plays Sony) so he comes and trolls be cause it is more fun than Uncharted and Little Big Planet.
      Does it make sence?.

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

        Yup, that’s pretty much me. I changed my profile picture and username, so that it fits my personality better. I am really excited for LittleBigPlanet Karting, because it’s the best Karting game ever, and it is entirely unique. I just love Sony, they are making so many innovative things, like the Playstation Move. Did you hear that they patented commercial breaks in games? That is going to be awesome, I am just going to play the next Sony FPS, and boom, sony gives me a break, because they care about me so much, and they do not just make games for money, they really care about their franchises, that’s why they don’t kill of their best franchises, I can assure you that a new Crash Bandicoot game is in works, it’s not like Sony thinks it won’t sell well, so they don’t make it.

        1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

          It’s alright, there aren’t many grammar nazi’s here. Maybe I am secretly a grammar nazi, but who knows, maybe I’ll express it in future, with my old username and profile pic.

  16. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

    How about this username, you piece of shit. I’m usually not the fanboy type gamer, but I’m going to deny every single shit you post, no matter if you have a valid point (You never do, LOL.), you just pissed me off a bit too much.

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

        It isn’t, but I’ve tried the mature one. All that’s left is fire against fire. Just like the troll he is, I’ll be trolling him.

          1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

            Do you really want Aeolus to spam this site every day with his biased bullshit? I’ve trolled trolls out of trolling a couple of times, they stop it after a couple of days. Just leave it to me, I’ll get him out of here, I’m used to trolls, I know how they behave.

              1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks

                A ”a sequel is coming” marathon? I’m in, right after I’m finished replying to every of Aeolus comments. You really have to try trolling trolls some day, it’s really satisfying pissing off somebody who pissed you off.

    1. If someone you don’t know is pissing you off over the internet, that’s a good sign to develop a social life and seek help.

      Because I can guarantee you’re probably on it 24/7.

      1. Lol ur one to talk I’ve been watching these forums for a while all u do is troll this Nintendo forum I hardly comment but u my friend are a backwards hippocret fanboy. Just shut up and get of this forum for good. Again I own every gaming platform out I’m a real gamer ur obviously not. Idiot troll fanboy.

  17. :( I’ve haven’t lost hope, though I will admit that this shook me up. I was hoping that speed was an advantage that it was going to have. Does this mean increased loading time for every game?

  18. I will start out by saying I love Nintendo. I have been a fan for years (since I played my moms NES as a 4 year old. I have didn’t care for Wii, because it featured way too much focus on the casual gamer (not at first, but in the long term). Also, the system ran out of gas. The problem with not being up to par with 360 and PS3 was Wii simply bogged down; without the support of major 3rd party games, it simply quit selling good while 360 and PS3 continued. Wii U is in the same path; their E3 SUCKED because most of the conference was on Nintendo Land (no one gives two shakes about), and the games shown were no surprise (everyone knew Pikmin 3 was in the works, and NSMBU was the predictable game we all played a million times before. Also, now reports are being said the Wii U is as powerful or slightly more/less powerful than 360/PS3. That’s awesome now, but when PS3 and 720 come put, you honestly think MW4, AC4, MGS5, and all the other possible next GEN games will be on Wii U? No, because the system simply lacks the power to run them, the same problem Wii faced. Nintendo fails to understand this aspect. And for everyone saying “OH POWER DOESNT MATTER”, think again. I agree that gameplay is most important, but major developers are gonna be more conscerned about what’s the more powerful system. If Wii U can’t run next Gen engines such as Squares new enging and Unreal 4, then Wii U faces major problems. MAJOR problems.

  19. Little nervous about that. If it’s absolutely true. The only thing I can think is that developers aren’t bound to have the same dev kits, but I’m facing the fact the WiiU ain’t going to be very powerful at all.

  20. copy paste – So Aeolus can kindly stop making rash assumptions about the system

    “Yes and I’m going to downclock my Core i7 to 2ghz while my Core 2 Duo is at 3ghz and say that the Core 2 Duo is faster, right?”

    “Clock speed doesn’t mean much with different architecture. If he made games for pc he wouldn’t make such a noob comment.
    I have seen Intel cpu’s out perform amd cpu’s at low speeds. Devs now of days..”

    Exactly. Clock Speed is not the only thing for a processor. WiiU will have a Power7 (confirmed already) and even if it has a lower clock speed it is capable of delivering much more potential than current hardware, but devs needs to understand how the CPU works first, just like the PS3 situation back in the days. Nothing to worry yet.

    Sometimes a higher clock speed is even worse than lower clock speed because of consumption and performance.

  21. I think the one thing to keep in mind is that the Wii U CPU is based on something new/custom and just because it’s clocked a little lower than 5-6 year old CPU’s doesn’t mean it’s less efficient.

  22. here is how i look at this, we have numerous developers that have said that they believe this console is powerful and what not, now we have 1 just 1 developer saying other wise and somehow he overpowers what everyone else says? I’m just gonna wait until someone unboxes the damn thing and tells me whats in it

  23. And the first neative thing about Wii U that I actually believe. It actually has a name on it, and one that has been working with the system. I truly hope there’s a solution.

    1. it’s propably called “early dev. kits”. All games made for release use them, that’s why they don’t seem all to great.

      1. It’s a little late for devs to still be using early dev kits, surely? If that’s true then there is a different problem here altogether…

  24. im sure game developers are gana be kinda annoyed with these games nintendo is playing with there system nintendo needs to let developers do what they want and how they want thats why the wii 3ds are suffering from that rite now

  25. Guys, look at what you’re doing. Why? Why are you replying to Aeolus? If he hates Nintendo, if he wants to burn every Nintendo product, if he wants to burn Miyamoto, etc. then let him do so and stop replying to him. Eventually he’ll get bored and stop coming here. It’s as simply as that. He feeds off of the reactions of angered Nintendrones, Nintendo fans, and open-minded gamers who are ok with Nintendo. Just let him die off.


    powerpc 476fp is the highest spec powerpc 32 bit ibm make its clearly the exact same family as broadway clocks are 1.6gpu to 2.0ghz

    its clear nintendo has a broadway version of this cpu AKA A BROADWAY TRI CORE AT 45NM

    the bus speed to the powerpc 476fp is 800mhz and 128bit vs broadways 64bit and 243mhz

    3mb of catch is 12 x broadway in wii theres also a dedicated dsp and likely a ARM cpu

  27. Pingback: Wii U Discussion/Speculation Thread - Page 210 - Nintendo 3DS Forums

  28. i hate to burst your illusions guys but a tri core next gen broadway with 3MB catch using ibm edram or combo of edram and sram custom designed for nintendo IS NOT A POWER 7

    its a powerpc 32 bit 45NM tri core deal system on chip or system on package with 3mb catch its likey running a AMD E class gpu a embedded gpu with gddr5 ram edram and 3 broadway 2 cores maybe a second pool of gddr3 or slower dram

    memory could be 1gig gddr5 and 512mb gddr3 or ddr2 the gpu getting 32mb edram the cpu getting 3mb of ether sram or edram then a second pool of memory like wii and gamecube had


    ad a dedicated sound processor and a ARM co cpu theres yo wii U guys

  29. Ha Ha Ha ! 29 replies.So much for that so-called “life” of yours ,huh “Aeolus”. When yer done paradin around in that trashbag and gossipin on yer I-(gnorant) phone, borrow da neighbors lawn mowah and Git That Damned Yard Mowed ! For someone who whines all da time about wantin a Wii U, you bettah git cho act togethah ! Money don’t grow on trees, damnit !

    1. Man, what are you doing? I agree that Aeolus goes a little far with the insults a lot of the time, but the stuff he says generally (not always, to be fair) adds to discussion. It’s the insensistive, easily-offended ones that cause everything to spiral into a shitstorm. And your comments ain’t helping.

  30. 360 and ps3 didn’t stand a chance until they dropped the price under 350 the wii has only dropped a 100 bucks since launch would people still buy the hd twins if they were 4 to 5 hundred i don’t think so plus factor in the launch prices and wii kills them in graphics the call of duties prove that if the u cost 350 at launch and ps4 and 720 are 550 and up it will be a wiipeat especially if the graphic difference is like this gen

  31. I don’t know anything about gpu and clock speeds
    can someone tell me in simple English weather or not this means that the wii u is at an disadvantage because of the clock speed not any other rumerd specs just the clock speed

    1. Not really. Clock speed doesn’t really mean much, seeing as modern-day CPU’s can beat older CPU’s while having a lower clock speed. He’s specifically talking about clock speeds.

    1. A lot of people don’t realize this. I’m not worried about Nintendo at all. They know exactly what they’re doing here.

      1. Me neither. Nintendo definitely knows what they are doing, the only reason why the Wii was underpowered was so they could release it cheap and make up a lot of their money and reclaim their market share that they lost with the N64 and the GameCube.

  32. Wii u is the most powerful 6year old tech catch up machine ive seen. Even though its ancient I will buy because games are mediocre same old shit. Me ninty fanbot brain dead -_-

      1. Well the Wii U is powered by a CPU used in Watson super computers, which from my knowledge those CPU’s are Power 7.

  33. Crap like this is why I’m so pissed off at Nintendo lately. They make a system that can’t even outperform PS3 and XBox 360 and they give off crappy excuses like it’s about fun, not power, and just tell their developers to find creative ways to work around the problems.

    1. Do you even understand ANYTHING about CPUs? Clock speed doesn’t mean much anymore seeing as there are far better methods of making a more powerful CPU such as adding more cores or optimizing the pipelines especially sine newer CPUs w/ a lower clock speed can easily out-class far older CPUs w/ a higher clock speed. Ntm, having a lower clock speed can be a good thing as it helps with cooling and power consumption.

  34. All I know is that if the wii u is not better in terms of power than the other 2 consoles than I’m not going to waste money on it. I’m really sick of nintendo trying to dodge the bullet and taking the so called different route and using controllers as away of selling a system. I got a wii and later had to get ps3 and 360 because devs looked at the wii as weak and short of features. Will nintendo ever wake up and give consomers what we want or keep giving us what they want us to have. If these statements are true please don’t support these idiots these, let them learn from there mistakes and go software like sega.

    1. Two things:
      First, If the power was low enough to turn third parties away, then the Wii U would not be gaining third party support that the Wii did not have.
      It will be powerful enough to make you happy, once it starts getting more and more AAA third-party titles to act as a support for the AAA first-party titles coming in the first quarter of 2013.
      That’s not something you need to worry about.
      Second, Nintendo have already stated that they will never, ever, go full software.
      If they ever dropped out, they would take their franchises with them, and they would never see the light of day on anyone elses system again.

  35. CPU speed means nothing. Just look at P4 3.2 GHz against Core i5 2.5 GHz, low speed isn’t the same that low power.

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