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White Tanooki Suit Returns In New Super Mario Bros. 2

The White Tanooki Suit, which appears in Super Mario 3D Land, returns in New Super Mario Bros. 2. If you die five times in the same spot, an Assist Block that contains a White Tanooki Suit will emerge. When Mario (or Luigi) transforms into a White Tanooki, he becomes invincible for the remainder of the level. New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released in Japan on July 28th and will arrive in North America, Europe and Australia next month.

74 thoughts on “White Tanooki Suit Returns In New Super Mario Bros. 2”

    1. Guess what? He/they might post the news and not even credit you in any form, but since I commented this fact, they might just.

    2. Calm your tits. Project Sora has nothing to do with SSB. They were the guys that did Icarus and since there won’t be a sequel fr quite some time it makes sense for it to be closed. The guys who worked on Icarus will go back to help work on the next Smash under Sora Ltd. and Namco. Almost gave me a fucking heart attack btw.

    1. How is it affecting you? It’s nice for new players but doesn’t affect players who don’t require it. I went through all of Super Mario 3D Land without knowing this existed.

      1. I just found it annoying that you can’t get the sparkling stars just by SEEING this box. I never once opened it, but the fact that it was there means my file isn’t perfect. It’s kind of annoying.

    1. Well it’d be one thing if you had a fuckton of lives, but it’d definitely be another if you constantly used the get out of jail free card the developers oh so kindly provided you with.

    2. Ah, the double stupidity: Thinking that lives mean anything and bitching about a game mechanic that you literally have to SUCK to use!

    3. I personally think they Ninty should not have WTS(which stands for white tanooki suit)cuz with the large amount of coins and this suit,its gonna be almost impossible to die.Im sorry Nintendo, but i think your overdoing it

    1. what donnnyKD said. you don’t have to use it you could just go around it. like the shiekah stones in OOT3D, they were there but only when you wanted to use them. you can go around them you know. i actual liked the invincible tanooki suit. I was stuck on the level (pesky shadow mario >:() and i got the invicible tanooki suit and breezed through the level. saved me from having to buy a new 3DS. although i will say i hate the coin feature i want to feel like i can actually die and have to start over from the beginning instead of a checkpoint. doesn’t have to do with me i’m not buying the game anyway.

      1. The difference is, the Sheikah Stones were both vague and not obnoxious. This thing makes you invincible and gives you one of the best powerups in the game, as well as appearing after dying relatively few times and hovering right over your head. The Shekah Stones were just there, with a little icon to use them if you died, and if you did use them, they didn’t outright show you where to go.

      1. if you died 5 or more times on a level it came and if you were to silly to live and you died die another 5 times the game would teleport you to the flagpole and just let you skip the level

  1. They need to change the story for NSMBU, they can’t have Peach getting kidnapped by bowser again, the series is already a rehash now.

    1. What series with more than two titles to its name is NOT re-hashing elements, bro?
      Betcha the majority are guilty, so at this point it’s not even a fault worth recognizing.
      It’s Mario. Peach needing rescue is par-for-the-course, and we ALL know by now that Bowser is one stubborn twat who isn’t gonna give up on nabbing the babe.XD

      1. All the NSMB series has been the same, they even kept the same colour Toads for NSMBU, so that’s how i know that game will be a rehash. The could have Wario as the main villain,or even a new character.

        1. So the fucking game’s a rehash because they didn’t change the Toad’s colors?

          So I guess every fucking series is a rehash if the main characters don’t change their colors, right? Idiot.

          1. The game is a rehash because they kept the same colour Toads instead of adding new character you fucking bastard. Miyamoto pretty much said they used Toads because they have the same kinda belly as Mario, so they’re lazy to put new characters. The story, levels, and music will all be the same.

            1. “The game is a rehash because they kept the same colour Toads instead of adding new character you fucking bastard.”

              …go look up the word “Rehash”, you fucktard.

              You REALLY need it since you think adding a character we never heard of before makes it not a “rehash”.

              No one gives a shit about Mario’s story, you have to be blind to say it doesn’t have different levels, and you have to be fucking deaf to not hear the different music.

              1. True but he did make a good point that Wario or someone of the sort could be the villain of the game, to mix things up this for the game that most people are calling a rehash of the previous games.

                By different levels, he means different tropes. Looking at the previous two NSMB games, they all have the same tropes (Grass, Jungle, Desert, Cloud, etc). Hell, Desert trope has been world 2 for all 3 NSMB games. Yes I know Mario has been a lot of places, but it would be nice to see them at least mix it up by adding different tropes other than the ones seen in the NSMB series.

                About the music; if you listen to some gameplay trailers of the game, you’ll find that the music is the exact same compared to the DS version

                1. The guy I’m arguing to is talking about NSMBU. Either that or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

                  I get what you’re saying, but it’s about the wrong topic.

                  1. Shit I can’t read at all :p. But yeah, NSMBU is looking good, much better than the previous NSMB games. Especially loving the Van Gogh esque level and the additinal Baby Yoshi powerups.

                    Yeah sorry ’bout that

              2. It is a rehash really. Not because of the story, I never had a problem with it, but sooner or later people will get sick of the relatively unchanged gameplay.

  2. You’ll most likely have the option to get the suit or not.

    Some kids may have troubles with this game. I can understand. I remember Super Mario World was a bit difficult for me back then. But it’s pretty easy now, just like recent Mario games, except block snake levels..

    1. Yeah just like the option you got for SM3DL :p

      I’m not really a fan of the argument “Kids would have trouble with the game”. What, did kids not exist back in the 80’s or 90’s so Ninty could make games easier? If kids back then were able to beat and enjoy older Mario games, then why make it easier for them now?

      1. Because the industry has changed.

        When people spend $40-60 on a game, they expect to be able to get to the end.

        The people who want a challenge can opt out of using the suit, but people who find the game too difficult can use it.

          1. Perhaps the price argument doesn’t hold water, but the argument that the industry has change certainly does.

            Back in the NES era, games still followed the arcade mentality of, “When you lose, you start all over.” It was necessary to do that when games were found in the arcade, because you needed players to fail, so that they’d keep pumping quarters into the machine. If everyone was able to continue as many times as they wanted, that was money lost.

            That mindset has no place in the modern gaming industry. There’s no reason to punish gamers so harshly anymore.

        1. I really should have been more specific. I was referring to that
          argument in general. I’m really talking about how Mario games have become much easier over the years. I don’t have a problem with them being somewhat easier, but some of the newer games like the NSMB series and SM3DL have become ridiculously easy to the point of now, NSMB2, the goal of the game is to obtain as many coins as possible, which in return grants more lives.

          In terms of the invincible raccoon suit, yeah I really should have said I don’t have much of a problem with it. I actually like the idea of the Super Guide and stuff like that. in theory, it’d allow worse players to make it through the levels, which’d allow Ninty to make the levels harder. The first have of that sentence has worked out, the second half, not so much.

          1. Once again, the freaking lives have NOTHING to do with the difficulty.

            If they were, Super Meat Boy is the freaking easiest game ever!

            1. SMB levels are hard enough to compensate for the fact that there are no lives.

              Mario games on the other hand, especially the NSMB series is so easy that it shouldn’t give you any lives beside those that you can collect in world 1. And lives do make the difference because the game is based on lives.

              Game Over punishes you by having to restart the world. If you give infinite lives, you take away the game over and one less punishment. Getting a game over in the last level of world 8 was punishment some time ago. Now it’s just a legend which most kids don’t believe.

              1. Lives still don’t matter anymore though.

                In older mario games, when you lost all your lives, you had to start the entire game over again. Now you just have to start one level over. The same thing happens when you die and have lives left.

                Losing one life is no different than losing all your lives in modern mario games, so no, they do not have any bearing on the game’s difficulty now.

            2. But here’s the thing. Super Meat Boy compensates for infinite lives by making the level design very hard. The NSMB games, despite giving out tons of lives, do not compensate with the level design being harder.

      2. becouse kids have changed give a modern ten year old raised on COD and carnival games something like link to the past and I can almost guarantee you he or she will find it too hard whereas the used to be no alternative and the difficulty could be something you bragged about (I finished Lttp when i was 10 after it deleting its self 3 or more times) because the expectation is “I spent money on this if I don’t finish I will feel ripped of” and the fact that games today appeal to the mass market with only niece titles appealing to those who want a deep experience its simply because it makes the most money

  3. Meh, I’d find it cooler if the white Tanooki suit was a power up you could find in the normal game. It really does look pretty cool and I feel like they could do some cools things with the suit. Oh well.

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  5. Yay for handholding. Mario games were always so challenging and we really need something like being invincible. Especially in a game with practically infinite lifes.

    God forbid you have to actually play the game… Nintendo hard doesn’t exist anymore.

  6. Who cares? Sure it makes it easier for some people to beat levels, but you didn’t have to use the White Tanooki Suit or P Wing in Super Mario 3D Land and you won’t have to do so here. Who cares if people who don’t want to spend hours trying to beat a level they’re stuck on get to give up and become invincible?

    I never got why things designed to help people, things that were completely optional at that were so hated online.

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