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Dragon Quest X Advert

Square Enix has released a commercial for the upcoming Dragon Quest X. The game will be released on both Wii and Wii U. The Wii version will be available to purchase in Japan on August 2nd. If Dragon Quest fans don’t have a Wii, they can buy the Dragon Quest X Wii bundle, which will also be released on August 2nd.

24 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Advert”

    1. .. the golden sun and papermario are cool 2, square enix.. hey i do miss the pmario series the classic ones though.. it just seems 2 me that they dunt make games like they did yesterday as if its sum turn of the worst.. games like pmario64 are certified honorary classic games.. now in pmario they have him in paper form in a smbros-esque environment.. as if nintendo has mario running around like a headless chicken, controlled by pre adolescent children.. i mean for crying out loud! its bewildering.. damn kids fat-headed, vague gestering, ungrateful noobs.. they can barely locate their micro dicks. they cant walk 2 steps in a straight line.. kids r incomplete & stupid!

  1. This game seems promising. I’ve always been a big fan of the Dragon Quest Franchise. Lookin forward to the WiiU version.

    As Donzaloog says: “Leave Luck to Heaven”

    1. source exactly? when everyone but Nintendo fagboys have Skyrim not some obscure Japanese game that no one hardly buys outside of Japan…

      1. Yet it sold more units than Skyrim did in all systems with the exception of the 360, and it wasn’t too far from doing that either. By the way, you aren’t the real Aeolus…having any identity problems, troll?

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