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Mirror’s Edge 2 ‘Is On The List Of Things To Do’ Says EA

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has revealed that Mirror’s Edge 2 is currently on the list of things to do at EA. Gibeau says it’s really a matter of how best to bring back the beloved protagonist Faith, and when exactly to do so. Would you like to see the sequel to the well-received Mirror’s Edge come to Wii U?

“We have nothing to announce. We love Faith. We love the property. It’s really about how and when do you bring it back?

“It’s on the list. It’s just about looking at what teams are available, who’s got the right quality approach to it, and who understands it.”

75 thoughts on “Mirror’s Edge 2 ‘Is On The List Of Things To Do’ Says EA”

  1. I would really love this game…. i beat it a second time now on my ps3 and would love a sequel on my brand spanking new wii u.

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  3. Andriod games are future of gaming rip shitendo msy you die. Also may miyamoto die. The rest are garbage like satora who sucks. Iwatas almost dying of old age too. Nintys good dev lol rolleyes are old too once these asses die=gameover.

      1. Have you seen some of the Tegra 3 stuff? Not quite perfect but more than beats a certain current gen console.

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  4. I hope that EA announce Mirror’s Edge 2 for the Wii U. It would be even cooler when using the Game Pad to pan/scan the surrounding area from a person’s perspective.

  5. I’m sorry, what? Last I checked, Mirror’s Edge 1 wasn’t that good of a game. An original concept, sure but I think we’ve established that first-person and platforming don’t go well together.

      1. I thought it was good until i got into the more complicated levels i stoped after flinging myself into the wrong wall over and over again hoping to stick but if anything can help that problem it would be a map on the wii us screen showing you the wright way if you gat stuck

  6. @unation oh people are paying shitload of money to play andriod games theyre tired of shitendo stupid easy retarted games that offer nothing but overdone clichs.dungeins,storys,battles and stuff. Die ninty die you lying company . Ninty fans die too morons

    1. U mad because Nintendo has been selling their game systems since the NES. Last month, Over 400,000 units were sold– Wii, DS, DSi, DS XL, and Nintendo 3DS. And last month, over 5 million Nintendo 3DS were sold in the United States. And over 53,000 Nintendo 3DS were sold in Japan this week. Get your fucking facts straight, hypocrite!

    1. It was a good game though. I assume the reason we don’t have a Mirrors Edge 2 yet is purely finding a way to sell it.

  7. @unation lol faggot tool why dont you pul numbers when ps1 and 2 moped the floor with shitendo gsrbage ass. 3ds sold because the cowards drop the price they were scared of fair competition because they know they rip their fans off.

    1. What does it have to do with it? You’re fucking stupid because the 3DS is now the best selling handeld in the world. Games like Super Mario 3D Land, Resident Evil: Revelations, Castlevania, etc. Nintendo isn’t ripping their fans off at all, Jackoff. Look at the stats and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    2. I don’t see how offering a better deal later on into a systems lifespan makes them cowards. If it worked that way, Sony would still be selling the PS3 at $599, and the NES would still retail about 20 000% higher than it’s worth now.

  8. Nintendo have alwaya been cowards

    @unation why dont you post how sega kick their ass at first or how they force ninty to make cd which the backstabbers ditch both sony and philips. Sales mean shit butch cod sells a ton and its garbage. You faggot. Ninty is ruin gaming

  9. Nintendo have alwaya been cowards

    What if vita drop their price at 150 too huh. BITCH nintendo overpriced a shitty system that they themselves admitted 3d was a gimmick and which it cant even plsy utube and purposly release a garbage 3 inch screen

    1. The problem is the PS Vitanic isn’t going to drop the price. They’re staying at $250 (wi-fi) and $300 (wi-fi and an inferior 3G [data plan sold separately]). Sony have already lost $6.4 billion according to

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  11. @unation so u admit that if vita dropped their price lower than 3ds it would outsell them. Lets be real ppl dont give a shit about games they just want cheap garbage=reason ps1/ps2 outsold dreamcast which was way better

  12. @unation indie gamers hate shitendo draconian ways those assholes make them sell high number of games even before getting any money. People are paying and hyped about ouya including indie dev. Wholl leave shitendo if ouya is a success.

    1. Trollcunt… you haven’t been reading video gaming news recently. Indie gamers love Nintendo and are planning to release games for the Wii U. Here are the list–

      Cloudberry Kingdom
      The Pinball Arcade
      Little Inferno
      Mighty Switch Force HD
      Chasing Aurora

      And there’s still more to come.

  13. @nation u just did idiot. Answer me this what would hapoen if vita reduced their price lower than 3ds? Oh they kick their coward ass like ps1ps2 era. Thats why shitendo now focuses on releasing the garbage low end tech like wii cheap assholes are pussys

      1. Guys, just let it go. This guy can’t even use the button marked reply, don’t expect him to put up a competent argument. Although, I must point out, while this may change for Wii U, trying to release a Wiiware indie game was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. It spent years in development hell and then came out for PC only after all the money I lost on the devkit.

    1. If Sony reduced the price of the Vita, Sony would flat out die. The simple fact is they can NOT sell the Vita much lower than currently without massive losses from every sale.

  14. Mirror’s Edge was a horrible game.

    – The story was boring dull.
    – The main character was boring.
    – The Gameplay was horrible since platforming doesn’t work in first-person view.
    -The Game was far too short.
    – It’s published by EA.
    – It was bland hence why it didn’t sell well.

    Just let it die and move on.

  15. @venomjamica AND you are a fucking cracket posing as a blk guy. Why dont you tell people irl you play nintendo games oh yeah because they know your a total fucking loser playing shit made for kids. Chad warden got women & not with the wii

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    1. You’re fucking delusional. Nintendo is the leader of innovating video games. I’ll be getting the 3DS XL… especially games shown in 3D with no glasses. And I will purchase the Wii U at launch his holiday season. And unlike their original counterpart, the Wii U will be aimed at both casuals and hardcore market. It’s the best of both worlds. That’s all I have to say to you. You lose. GOOD DAY SIR!

    2. If you were a true and passionate gamer then despite the casual games you would also love the Wii for its many magnificent titles. You would also love the 3DS which is just getting better and better. Why? Because as a true and passionate gamer you wouldn’t be such a child whining about one company but loving each and every one. You’re not a true and passionate gamer, you’re someone with a problem – rightly or wrongly – against Nintendo. There is nothing wrong with you disliking them at all, each to their own, but as I said if you truly were the gamer you claim to be then you wouldn’t have a problem.

  17. @unation also denil you havnt answer my question? Yeah you know the results. Heck nintendo iwata said if wii didnt sell theyd be screwed thats why they made it a cheap garbage w/excuse graphics dont matter BULLSHIT yeah whilevplastering 64 on console

  18. @unation yeah only those indie dev you listed like them because they got paid lol also you forgot to mention the guys who made meatboy. The rest make more ganes for & steam which ps3 has.

  19. @unation i will also buy wii u dumbass unlike wii. They not that innovative hmm sega does whst nintendont hmm. Also in 1970 danish company sued nintendo for stealing lego idea…..

  20. Nintendo rippoff and I know rippoff just look at the vita overpricing their memory cards and forcing you to buy it. Also whydo ya assume im a sony fan when im just stating facts not defending them. Im a pc/xbox/sega/commodre/nes/snes/n64 a little bit/ fan

  21. Dice made the first game really good, had a lot of fun with it. Didn’t like it at first but when I got into it. Rest is history.

  22. Never liked the other one while my brother played it, but gamepad pad could add some interesting control elements to the game.

  23. The first game was fun but it felt more like a tech demo than anything else. Freerunning was insanely fun but there was not enough freedom of exploration there to fully take advantage of it, so you had to stick to the missions it gave you, which were all really short.

  24. @nooblet so based on sales cod and angry bird are greater than shitendo caca games. Thx I just got high reading your post diaper boy.

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