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New Super Mario Bros 2 Footage

Tilmen from Nintendo Domination has uploaded a brand new New Super Mario Bros 2 video for your viewing pleasure. The latest footage gives a closer look at the first world that players will encounter when they start the game. New Super Mario Bros 2 is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS August 17th in Europe, and August 19th in North America.

81 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros 2 Footage”

  1. Oh, I thought this was footage of the original NSMB, or NSMB Wii. Can’t really tell. They all look the same.

  2. This looks literally EXACTLY like the Wii version. The only really original thing was the Coin Mushroom. I expected better.

    1. But you know millions of people are still going to gobble it down and call it incredibly innovative, while games like Rayman Origins are miles ahead in quality, but are terribly underrated. I fear the same thing will happen to Rayman Legends.

      1. don’t you EVER compair Rayman to Mario
        Rayman is a 3rd party joke trying to feed off of Nintendo’s success

      2. Even if it’s nothing more than an extended levels expansion pack, people will buy it up. I would!!! Fucking love that plumbing son of a bitch!!!

      3. Bro, I can safely say that I completely agree with you and you’re another reasonable person on this site. The only reason why Nintendo even makes these games, such as Wii Fit U, or publish them, such as SiNG, is because it makes them a lot of moolah, moolah for their higher-quality games.

      4. Oh no, Rayman Origin on 3DS…

        The demo preview screen on the menu looked like a three year old made it. And the sounds have horrible quality.

    2. no, what makes the biggest difference is that you need to try to collect as many coins as you can. Coins play a HUGE role in this game. I think New Super Mario Bros. U looks like the wii version except for the better and HD graphics.

      1. Just because it has a stupid coin collect-a-thon gimmick doesn’t mean it’s anything different, and yeah, NSMB U just looks like a pretty NSMB Wii.

        1. Thats what I said, but this game also has the raccoon suit. And I don’t think of it as a gimmick. Anyone from game journal sites who has played the game love the idea and I think this game will be more of a smash hit then the Wii U version. We all have different opinions and these are my own.

          1. Super Mario Bros. 3 also has the once-famous-but-now-overdone raccoon suit. What new suits/power-ups have been introduced into NSMB 2 (outside of the ones for helping with the coin gimmicks)? And just because people play it and think it’s a novel idea doesn’t mean it isn’t a complete rehash or gimmick. These are my opinions too.

            1. In my opinion jumping is a gimmick. I mean come on, what kind of gameplay is that? Lame, that’s what it is. And in Call of Duty, shooting a gun? Pfft, talk about
              cliche, Luckily, Rayman is the fucking shit. They know how to spice things up. Punching with arms? Fuck that
              shit! He ain’t got no arms! Now THAT’S innovation!

      1. Resolution*

        Maybe so, but it’s still the same generic art-style we’ve come to know. It doesn’t add anything.

      1. Quit trying to divert the conversation and at least try to defend the fact that NSMB 2 is almost exactly the same game we’ve already played twice. Nowhere is a FPS game mentioned.

          1. Where have I said anywhere in this article that this game sucks? Your sentences make absolutely no sense.

            1. he’s not trying to “divert the conversation” by bringing up FPS
              it’s a valid point
              damn, go to school and learn how to not be an idion DigDugDiglett

              1. Yes he is. He brought up a completely irrelevant genre of video games and fails to tell me how it applies to my argument. And whatever an ‘idion’ is, I’m not sure I want to go to school to be one.

                1. It’s completely relevant, he’s saying that if you are going to say that all Mario games are the same, then you might as well say that all FPS are the same
                  he’s making a comparison with your logic to better illustrate his point.
                  and I meant to type “idiot”
                  Your an idiot, unlike me, I’m 19 and I have a Master’s degree

                  1. I never said all Mario games are the same, and the same goes for FPS. The general idea is there (what the genre is about), but they aren’t all the same. I’ve been arguing that the NSMB series has barely innovated. He never illustrated his point in any way. And your last sentence is completely irrelevant, reverting to personal attacks shows you have no real argument.

                    1. When you have sequel or game from the genre nothing changes really at all.
                      FPS different guns(4-7 new guns).

                      2d games same thing different places.

      1. Just to be more specific, your an idiot for buying a 3DSXL
        they’re for old people who can’t see their crossword and sudoku puzzles on a tiny screen, and people with eye problems

          1. I’ll probably be getting the 3DS XL too, because I don’t have a 3DS, and the XL seems more comfortable (if incredibly ugly). I’ve heard DS games kinda look bad on the 3DS, so I’m just wondering how that’ll turn out on the XL. I plan to get a bunch of the old DS games I missed that are absolutely awesome.

          1. He’s either jealous because he doesn’t have enough money for one, OR he’s mad that Nintendo introduced a new model. IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A SECOND ANALOG STICK. I prefer the look of the my black regular 3DS more.

  3. k, the coin thing is not a gimmick, it’s a masterpiece
    I find it fucking amazing, in any game, to just collect a huge amount of coins
    I find myself going back to levels with a lot of coins/rupees/studs just for the satisfying feeling of running through them and collecting like crazy
    I think it’s about time they make a game that mainly focuses on collecting coins, it’s a great way to compare yourself to other players
    I mean anyone can say “I beat this Mario game” that doesn’t mean anything
    anyone can finish a Mario game, but it takes true skill to finish the game while racking up a huge amount of coins, and with all the coins in this game, it makes it much more challenging to be the one with the most coins.
    At least, instead of being so skeptical, try the freaking game, and if you still think it’s a gimmick, well your not meant to be a Mario player.
    Also, it’s not the same as NSMB and NSMB Wii cause the levels are different, it’s a whole set of new challenges, maybe with the same old graphics but so what, Mario has evolved from his 8-Bit form into this new 3D form, and he’ll likely keep evolving, just be glad that Nintendo bothers to keep putting out new games in between, unlike back in the GBA era where they did nothing but remake old Mario games while slightly evolve Mario with the few and far between console games.
    For the record, I have pre-ordered this game and will thoroughly enjoy it, and I can’t wait for it’s release.

    1. “coin thing is not a gimmick, it’s a masterpiece”

      No, it’s a gimmick.

      Ignoring all the crap about how you think collect-a-thons are good…

      “At least, instead of being so skeptical, try the freaking game, and if you still think it’s a gimmick, well your not meant to be a Mario player.”

      So, because I’m skeptical of a new game that looks identical to the previous ones, I’m not a ‘Mario player’? But I love Mario games. I can be skeptical of new game.

      “Also, it’s not the same as NSMB and NSMB Wii cause the levels are different, it’s a whole set of new challenges, maybe with the same old graphics but so,”

      The levels are different. That’s it. The levels in NSMB and NSMB Wii were bland imo, and this looks to follow that from what I’ve seen.

      I’m not incredibly excited for this game, but maybe it’ll be a rent-and-beat later type game for me, or I’ll find it for cheap to pick up.

        1. “go eat your mother’s aids infested shit”

          With your attitude, some people are going to think yours isn’t either.

          Reported, done.

  4. Another disspointed game (gimmick) from Nintendo and if you don’t believe me then you are just fanboys

      1. Where is the old Nintendo who made EPIC games?
        Where are the days when Nintendomination existed?
        I hate this modern age

    1. “if you don’t believe me then you are just fanboys”
      Because it would be impossible to have an opinion that differs from yours, wouldn’t it? Everyone must bow down to your superior way of thinking, is that right? All new Mario games are bad because all he does is platform, correct? It’s not fun unless I’ve never seen it before, am I right?

      1. Basically, although Nintendo does make a lot of games like New Super Mario Bros but they haven’t forgotten about the gamer that likes their 3D Mario, their Zelda, their Metroid, their Fire Emblem, their Pikmin, their Donkey Kong, etc. As long Nintendo continues to make these games, they can make as many New Super Mario Bros games as they want.

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  6. They need to stop making these games and make a new super mario bros 3 or super mario world style games those were the shit!!!! Or damn at least if they are gonna keep making the same game at least change the music or art style!!!!!

  7. holy shit people are so freaking mad wtf, seriously guys this looks great, dont you see how much more like super mario bros 3 this looks than previous “new super mario bros” titles ?

  8. new super mario bros 2 and U are the same games,now Nintendo are making gimmicks to make cash.
    Nintendo is not the old same anymore

  9. it looks the same as the wii game!

    i think DKCR is the best sidescrolling game in turns of originality and graphics!

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  12. This game looks amazing, well every Mario game is in my opinion. The only things I wish were different are new music (since its either the same or slightly altered nsmb) not a whole new them just a different remix. Another thing id like to see is the option to play as wario. Personally I think wario is an amazing first party character and would work perfectly for this game.. Such as forget the princess I just want a castle filled with coins. This I believe would also give the game a new twist. Either way I’ll still probally get it first day.

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