Wii U launch titles will not look much different than the current-generation systems’ games because developers are not completely familiar with the Wii U hardware and are not using its full potential. According to The Gamer Scene, there are two multiplatform titles – that haven’t been revealed to the public – coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

The games are “big third-party titles” – one is a driving game and the other is a first-person shooter. Compared to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the Wii U versions of the unannounced games will boast a higher texture resolution and will look much better.

“According to my source, whom I will keep anonymous, who has actually had play time with the Wii U, yes it is. I have spoken with him many times previously and he told me, and even showed me drawings, of the 3DS XL way before it was announced and Nintendo were still prototyping it a year ago (yes, so soon after launch as some of you may be surprised to hear).”

“At launch, of course, we won’t expect to see the best out of the system because developers can’t just get the max out of a system that they have had for little under 2 years; just look at the difference between Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2007) and Uncharted 3 (2011). But the 2 titles that he has seen have been superb, he said, and they are both multiplatform games. The Wii U will boast a higher texture resolution that what we will see in these games compared to the PS3 and 360 versions, making it look much better.”



  1. My god, one would hope so. Expecting it not to look better than 6-8 year old tech…. Well that would be dumb.

    I expect medal of honor

    And a racing game? Idk NASCAR? I mean ps3 anything that isn’t gran turismo looks like crap in comparison and the same for forzda and Xbox…..


  2. Man anyone can make a post now and days saying they know a dev and give information and people take it as fact. Sad what the video gaming community/industry is coming to.


  3. ..i wonder wut the two games are.. maaaybe nfspeed & and a new doom? and wut aboouut the anonymous source in the article, cood it be a f****** gaming wizard? xd


      • i dunno, lunchboy :). it seems too early. as for me, i dunt wanna purchase a sequel 2 rage. my ps3 copy is enough from that series. just feels like i walked through that park already; ya know? i’ll just focus on 007 err fallout, burnout.


        • Lunchboy? Wtf hahaha
          I really liked it, but it was a little lack luster, but if gaming’s taught us anything, sequels are often TONS better


          • .yea. i agree, its perdy fun. although i would like some sttrrong wii-u games at launch preferably pikmin bywhich i been waiting for awhile now & zombiU, they may be delayed or pushed further into ze launch window.. nintendo’s habit that proves us unmoving ;)


      • (le reply to myself)

        i think it wont be bf4 because i think it wont be on ps3 360 the beta acces is only pc so it doenst prove anything.


        • The Battlefield 4 beta is going to be on all systems. PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

          As was the Battlefield 3 beta. This has already been confirmed. You get the BF4 beta when you pre-order the Limited Edition Medal of Honor: Warfighter game. LE is on all platforms.


  4. People saying Project Cars, Medal of Honour, its says UNANNOUNCED.

    Im guessing, a new Burnout title, and that secret game thats using the CryEngine3


    • oic ppl have minor retardation, remember the reptilian brain?_—- burnout, yes. they announced an upcoming wii-u title not the game itself, withal cryengine3.. so its valid ;) i’d totally play burnout on wii-u, hav’nt since ps2.


        • ..yea i did’nt.—— the last one i played was burnout revenge on 360 back in 06 but i own it on ps2; my friend wood bring ovr her 360 and play it all the time during middle skool. we’d stay up gaming thru the night & ddrrink whisky, really fun. we wwouuld do crashcourse then save our replays in slo-mo and rev uupp the engine to hit cars thru traffic. its my fav game that and burnout2.. =_=


          • Paradise was pretty damn good, was basically non stop action because every road (and i mean every road) was a time trial, and the online is awesome too


  5. Meh, I’ll take it with a grain of salt seeing as I don’t expect any early multi-plats to show what the Wii-U can really do. A AAA-exclusive is needed to show off what the Wii-U can really do, whether from Nintendo or from a 3rd party developers.


  6. We already seen what Project cars can look like on Wii U so this is pretty awsome news and more of the reason as to why I am going to be getting wii u with PRE ORDER… It’s going to be 3 years into the systems life before we see the true Power of the Wii U and by that time every one is going to own one. The Power of Nintendo is real… there’s no doubting what they can do will do and already have done.


  7. i know exactly what the racing game will be it will be a Dirt game Nintendo confirmed this last year so the next title in the series will be coming to Wii U the FPS could be anything actually maybe Vanquish 2?


  8. That source sounds shady.

    “I know this guy, and he totally knew about the 3DS XL before it was cool…”

    Really? That’s how you establish your credibility? Not really much to go on.

    That aside, I wouldn’t naturally assume a game on a new console would look better than on 6 & 7 year old consoles. If it didn’t, it’d be laughable. But texture resolution alone isn’t a huge improvement. Textures right now are pretty high res for a lot of games; it’ll surely be an improvement, but definitely not “much better” I don’t think. Lighting, shaders, particle effects, and character models matter much, much more.


  9. That’s good to know. I’m guessing the racing game is Burnout and the FPS is Call of Duty. Can’t wait to get my hands on a black Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.


  10. Well if it’s unannounced well it’s probably going to be Burnout annnnnnd ummmmm a certain unannounced FPS game by Activision? LOL i dunno Legend of Zelda:Modern Warfare xD


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