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Here’s How You’ll Get 100 Club Nintendo Coins From New Super Mario Bros. 2

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released in Europe on August 17th and in North America on August 19th. It will be the very first game that you can purchase as a physical copy from stores and as a downloadable title from the Nintendo eShop.

If you purchase a physical copy of the game, you can get 50 coins from Club Nintendo by manually registering a certain code. But if you purchase the downloadable version by September 20th and your Nintendo 3DS is linked to your Club Nintendo account, you’ll receive 100 coins.

Thanks, Brandon

56 thoughts on “Here’s How You’ll Get 100 Club Nintendo Coins From New Super Mario Bros. 2”

    1. You mean for this purchase or in general? In general we do, we use stars, and I’m certain we’ll get them for the physical copy, not sure about the download version but I have heard about stuff relating to club Nintendo accounts connecting to the 3ds

    1. That’s the kind of logic I live after… Sadly all these new gamers don’t know about collector value and advanced stuff like that.

      1. Collector value is only relevant on limited run items: The Champion NES carts are a good example. This game will decrease rapidly in value and really unless there is a pre-order bonus has no collection value what so ever, even as part of a set.

      2. Im not a new gamer, ive been gaming for 20 years, since i was born. But i can see the big advantages of digital. Of course i still like physical copies, and collecters editions ect. As long as they co-exist, im fine :)

  1. This helps countries like mine where the game’s come out 3 day’s to a week after US get’s it,
    Now i can get it instantly once it released ^^/

    1. Well they’re offering some virtual consoles and Wii/DSi ware for download.That’s decent, right? It beats paying for eshop points.

    2. Better than anything any other company offers you for buying their stuff. Sadly I live in a country… WITHOUT Nintendo Points ;__;

  2. Even if they do something like this for here in the UK, I’ll still buy retail. Al I really buy with my Club Nintendo points are Kid Icarus cards and Nintendo Shop Points

  3. I thought this was an experiment? They wanted to see if people bought more of the game virtually vs. a physical copy. If they are offering so much incentive for consumers to buy the virtual one, won’t that throw off their experiment!?

    1. They want the result to be that downloadable sells. i hate to buy virtually. I want the physical game that will increase in value in 20 years.

  4. I’d rather own the cartridge because you can play it on multiple systems can you do that with downloaded games?

    1. Yarr?

      Everything is possible for a pie-rat. (honestly, don’t pirate.. It was a joke guys, piracy is bad for the industry)

      1. You can’t. In order to play on a different 3DS you must first do a system transfer and then you won’t be able to play it anymore from the 3DS you transferred it from. Plus you are limited to only 5 system transfers.

  5. “by September 20th”
    This is a bad decision. I understand that they can’t have different prices for digital games because the retail could just boycott them and they would be fucked. But they can still have other reason to buy digital. Getting 50-100 coins more than the physical copy would be a nice start.

    But they choose to limit it until September 20th, which is rather bad.

  6. For the full two player co-op game, will we need 1 game card or both players have to have their copy of the game?

    1. Sadly, both players need a copy. I don’t understand why they can’t do Download Play. One guy could help another collect coins.

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  8. Linked to your Nintendo account?

    This strikes me as being a lame attempt at user data collection by Nintendo.

  9. I’m still gonna get a Retail Copy. I currently have over 1200 Club Nintendo points and waiting for good e-shop games to spend them on. Nintendo give us a bigger selection already.

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