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Here Are The 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of June – U.S.

Out of the 10 best-selling retail games of June in the U.S., five titles are on Nintendo platforms. Pokémon Conquest, which was released in North America on June 18th, and Diablo III are the only games on the list – shown above – that are exclusive to one platform. Although Pokémon Conquest was released during the second half of June, it was the seventh best-selling video game (in the U.S.) of the month.

76 thoughts on “Here Are The 10 Best-Selling Video Games Of June – U.S.”

    1. Weird? There’s hardly any blood in Arkham City, and everything is very comic book-like. It’s a bit dark, but rating it M would be too much.

    1. you do realize CoD has been out for almost 9 months and its trailing a game that hadnt even been out for even a full month.

      I’m not saying P:C sucks (I haven’t played it, and Don’t Plan To) But it shows you how Nintendos Biggest ip (next to Mario) isn’t doing as well as it does in Japan. The Majority here just Don’t care for RPG’s which is sad.

      lets hope B&W 2 do better.

    1. I mean I dont like pokemon but If i had to choose between Call of Duty and Pokemon I would pick Pokemon. But its still awesome that Call of Duty will most likely come to the Wii U

    1. Well if you looked the game up, you would see it is awesome! I have it and I’m glad I do. Best Pokemon spinoff to date!

    1. You made a simple mistake… *Modern Warfare < pokemon*. See the alligator's mouth was facing the wrong way! :D

      1. Did you just ask that!?….Videogames are kinda like toys. What do you think kids do now-a-days. Most play videogames LOL!!! They run this town B!t$%!

    1. Kid gamers? Lego games are pretty awesome games. Especially Lego Batman 2, it appeals to a large crowd of gamers, geeks, comic book fans, and kids of all ages.

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  1. Wow, didn’t expect Pokemon Conquest to be in the top 10, although I’d recommend it to anyone who likes strategy RPGs

    1. Too bad it wasnt released until the middle of June, because it maybe would have been higher on the list ;(

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  2. Arkham City is still selling well so long after release? That’s really cool. I hope that transfers to the Wii U’s Armoured Edition. Leave luck to heaven.

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  3. Saying “five titles are on Nintendo platforms” doesn’t really mean anything. Only 1 is a Nintendo exclusive, 4 of them are multiplatform games. The ones on the Wii probably sold the least.

  4. there is a very simple reason why lego’s is on the top spot. 1. look at how many systems its on. 2, and its rated E+10

    1. No, not really. The Wii just kind of showed up because the top titles just so happened to also be on the Wii. I did look it up, and the Wii version of the 4 games were the least sold, with the exception of one of them, which came in second after the xbox version, I think it was Lego Batman.

  5. I want The Last Story to top the charts next time. Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu are involved! Thats gotta be good! KH3D needs to be on too :P

  6. if anyone wants to compare sales of pokemon with cod , first of all the total franchise is atleast at 222 million and cod aprrox. 125 million. best selling game of pokemon is its first one which sold 31.38 million (guiness record for best selling japanese rpg) and that of cod’s mw3 and black ops are aprox. 26 million. also reports are showing that mw3 is now selling lesser than black ops over same time intervals. moreover preorders of black ops 2 is falling shorter than that of modern warfare 3 in both xbox 360 and ps3 (recent news).

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