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Analyst Say US Sales Of Nintendo 3DS Will Double PlayStation Vita For July

A number of analysts have concluded that Nintendo 3DS sales in the United States last month will be double those of the PlayStation Vita. Analysts from Wedbush Morgan and EEDAR expect Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to remain the top-selling console in the United States for the 19th consecutive month.

167 thoughts on “Analyst Say US Sales Of Nintendo 3DS Will Double PlayStation Vita For July”

    1. Pretty much. As of right now the Wii is sucking it up in games, while Xbox 360 is getting more, and that’s obviously the reason it’s selling better.

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    3. Ah! no. Two exclusive having consoles don’t count. The Wii is handing its reign to the Wii U. Try 100 million sold world wide. Plus every house that can have a Wii in the US already has one, so try again please.

              1. Aeolus is just mad cuz the Vita is going the way of the PSP Go. Damn loser. I’m glad Sony as a company is going the way of the dinosaur. 5 years from now Sony as a company probably won’t exist anymore.

    4. I can’t believe how Sony and especially MS fans are so upset that the 3DS is going to out sell Vita once again. This is really good news for Nintendo. I am glad they’re finally making a profit on the Device… I think the Vita had potential in the beginning but with the exorbitant prices of the device, why would it be more popular than a gaming device such as 3DS, Once again Nintendo proves that the Best graphics don’t matter. That the Best hardware isn’t what’s important. They proved it to GameGear, they proved it to Neo Geo Pocket, They Proved it to Atari Lynx, they proved it to Wonder Swan, They proved it to PSP and once again they proved it to Vita… time and time again they prove them selves to beat all odds and and come out on top just about every time. Not always but just about.

      1. I’m kinda’ glad Sony is keeping the Vita around for at least a year or so more. It will drain more financial resources from them and when the PS4 finally releases it can fail miserably as well!

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    1. I think vgchartz has it close to triple, hardware sales are getting a bit slower due to release of the xl

      1. or maybe the fact Mobile gaming is getting bigger and bigger… look at the figures before you speak such crap…

        1. Crap? Mobile market has nothing to do with the fact that out of the two current gen dedicated handhelds the 3ds has just aout outsold it 3 to 1 in the US. The mobile market can grow as big as it wants, it still doesn’t change the fact that out of the consumers who bought a dedicated handheld, the 3ds is the more popular choice.

          Put it simply, if Nintendo, Sony and the mobile market were in a 100m sprint and the mobile market won by 5 body lengths in front of Nintendo, and Nintendo won 3 body lengths in front of Sony. Mobile market coming first doesn’t change the fact that Sony couldn’t out run Nintendo.

          1. Really the Mobile market is not all that good… Dedicated gaming devices are better for games. Both 3DS and Vita are Superior gaming devices compared to any TabOners gamer… or as others in the market are calling Phablets.


      1. Actually, it is Pachter. Wedbush Morgan is the company he works for. In fact, the first words of the original article are “Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan”

  3. This will probably be true, but oh well. Not like those sales have an impact me in any way or form in my life. I’ll being getting a Vita soon, along with a 3DS.

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  5. I wish ignorant Aeolus was still around, I miss touching his butt…but this is legit. Vita is pretty damn expensive, with a lack of games, while 3DS is cheaper and has plenty to choose from. I own every console dating back to the Atari, so i’m not a fanboy, but Nintendo certainly is my favorite.

    1. ignorant? What i SAY IS THE TRUTH and this article proves it

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            1. Maybe, but if SCE learned anything from the PS3 and wants to keep the initial cost down, then they probably will not launch it with 4K. It’s a technology that is seldom used and very expensive at the moment.

              1. Except supporting such doesn’t actually cost much of anything. Modern GPUs by default support 8k resolutions.

                1. That’s only for videos. Not games, I believe. It’s be easy just playing a video in 4k, rendering an actual game is extremely resource consuming and expensive.

                  1. Knowing Sony’s reasonable price points for their consoles, I say you’re right, PS4 will launch for a fair price of 4K.

                  2. I know that, but nothing really suggests it can’t be done. Just the obvious fact that it would be expensive and time consuming to accomplish.

                    Also taxing on a system’s performance.

            2. Not sure if good or bad. If they do we Wii U gamers will get rid of those horrible tech fags that don’t know better. Come on… Almost no tv supports 4k, only a true techfag noob would buy a system for that. But Nintendo lose sales and that’s a bad thing…

            1. We are doomed! With that on their side they will keep the “Hard Core” gamers that supports PS3 and 360 during the current console war

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          3. Microsoft played their hand well with the release of Kinect, it was almost like launching a new console and has certainly helped keep the momentum of it’s sales. I’m very interested to see what they do for the next console, I can’t see them bundling in an advanced Kinect AND having graphics anywhere close to GTX680 or equivalent without breaking the bank, but if they don’t bundle in Kinect 2 they won’t get as many developers working on quality titles that are built from the ground up to use the new motion tracking.

            If I was Nintendo right now I’d be begging Crytek to release Crysis 3 on the Wii U early next year, that could attract a few core gamers to the new system at a time when game sales are typically slow.

          4. It’s good that Nintendo still keeps the lead, Sony doesn’t deserve to win this war before they lower the price for the Vita or includes the Memory device. Honestly, you can’t expect someone to play 300$ for a portable system. Not even Nintendo was able to make it at 250$…

          5. This site has officially gone down hill. I think the comments section might be worse than IGNs…actually 10 times worse.

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            and regarding to the article: Didn’t were another article about saying that 3ds sales were greater than Vita? I would like to play with a 3ds and a vita, but How in the world I am going to pay $300 for a handheld console were a wii console costs like $200 and probably Wii U will cost about the same?

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