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FIFA Wii U Will Include Double Crowd Resolution And Friends List On GamePad

EA producer Matt Prior has revealed that FIFA 13 on Wii U will be the best edition of the franchise available on consoles. Prior says that there have been numerous graphical improvements including double the resolution of the crowd, and an infinitely more detailed pitch. He also went on to say that you’ll be able to access your friend list directly from the Wii U GamePad.

“Two things we have improved just in terms of the fidelity and quality are the pitch, If you have a look at the pitch texture there’s a lot more detail in it and we’re working on that as we speak to hopefully improve it even further. One of the common complaints is the crowd, and if you look at the crowd on the Wii U it’s double the resolution. We had limited resources in which to improve, so we wanted to make sure we got the biggest bang for the buck, if you will. Obviously the pitch is something you’re staring at like 90 percent of the time when you’re playing, so crowd and pitch were two areas we focused on.”

“A friends tab that’s always there in the front end on the [Wii U GamePad] so you can tap it, you’ve got a list of friends,” he explained, later adding that it pulls from “the friends list from the Wii U console.”

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          1. Butthurt because sickr wants to make you think it is a superior version when there is a twist to the story?

            Bless. No worries though since you have a ps3.

            I love reactions to fanboys

    1. i QUOTE

      Despite Nintendo improving on their hardware capabilities with the Wii U, it appears that the new console is still going to follow patterns from the original Wii, with missing content compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

      1. so your saying if going to be like the wii is goling to have great 3rd party games and out sell the next xbox and ps4 by a lot ty nice to know

          1. 1st party alone wont cut it am afraid. which is why the Wii gathered dust for most who purchased it thinking they were getting a wealth of games when really they had to FIGHT FOR certain rpgs…. operation rainfall remember that? and a drought of software

                1. It’sfine when I play with myfriends (if you knowwhat they are) ohand Mario kart wiialso is great

                  Psits me bowserkoopa

                2. So: you are losing a discussion, to which you respond by complaining about the online of the Wii (something we all know, of course), instead of proving your original point?
                  The lack of online obviously wasn’t big enough a reason not to play any singleplayer games or local multiplayer.
                  But as soon as someone says something you can’t prove wrong, you start talking about something completely different.

                1. So, how did the Wii version of Twilight princess become the third best (excluding Skyward Sword, don’t know them sales) selling LoZ game of all time?

        1. GREAT THIRD PARTY? where was bioshock, elder scrolls, GOOD ports of BF or COD to name a few?

          LAWD and for your info 360 is outselling wii in USA… nice try though. Enjoy your contentless games… you may have hd visuals now but less to play hahahahhahahaa

          1. wii sold 95 milions units worldwide
            xbox 360 sold 68 milions units worldwide if your going to say something say it right

            1. actually xbox surpassed that in USA… google it.

              plus I thought sales didnt matter to u guys? Why all of a sudden? U werent like that with the gamecube hahahaha

                  1. ya but Nintendo in the ong run made more money with the sales of games….FAIL if your going to troll as least try

                  2. and i wouldne’t call that the best console ever only thing it had going for it was final fantasy and that wasne’t even that good

              1. Wii – 96.56 million as of 30 June 2012[8]
                Xbox 360 – 67.2 million as of 31 March 2012[52]
                PlayStation 3 – 63.9 million as of 31 March 2012[5
                sure it did

            2. 360 and ps3 didnt start making till about last year. Wii made it, in what, probably 2 years. Someone doesnt know how to run a business. Please tell me how Nintendo lost $320 million dollars last quarter, and still dropping

              1. the 3ds lauch it cost $250 which was too much.Note that why the vita is failing. but NIntendo made all that money back and more.

          2. To be more exactly: 360 is outselling the Wii only in the us, only in a one year period. And yes, I only care about sales.

              1. The Fake Aeolus wasn’t trolling, he was saying that the US is the ONLY region which the 360 outperformed the Wii in – and that was only for 1/5 of it’s life span. Try read beyond the name next time.

            1. I don’t see how that’s got anything to do with it. You said FIFA sells well, I said so does Mario but you don’t like Mario, you’re saying you like FIFA because it sells well, as you said with COD/Halo less than a week after saying “sales don’t equal quality”.
              So just shut up please.

              1. I am talking about FIFA WHICH IS THE TOPIC of CONVERSATION AND THE ARTICLE.

                Why are YOU talking about MARIO? well? I never once mentioned mario in this article.

        1. “meerhhhhh footy!! Wheeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy!!”

          No. Gamers dont give a toss about football games, or any sports games, go outside and play it, oh wait, you’re a fat ass

            1. I work and go to the gym, and when i have spare time, i game, i dont sit on a laptop/pc, you think im on my phone because i choose to? I own a perfectly fine laptop, i just barely go on it.

              1. I travel the world catching pokemon and beating every gym leader. I also beat the elite four.

                I can lie too! ;)

                    1. You’re an idiot, you took a photo of your ps vita less than a month ago to show someone you did actually have one
                      More proof that you aren’t even the real one, just try harder if you want to be as dumb as the real one

    2. There is difference between cutting something out and not yet putting it in. But guess this kind of knowledge is too much for you.

    3. I love how I get a boner with Wii U missing the ultimate team content, but dont care about ps vita not getting pes. Welcome to my world.

    4. It seems to me like they could be cutting the online content in order to incorporate miiverse. Thats just a guess. But ultimately its the developers who decide what content is available, not nintendo. I think it might be more of trading around content rather than cutting it.

        1. I hate that word, but calling me a fanboy doesn’t add anything to the conversion. If your so eager to make your opinion public why not engage with the one person who isnt bothered by your trolling. It truly makes no difference to me what brand is on top cause they are all the same kind of different.

    5. Meanwhile, in 2006. The 360 is getting a version of leading football game PES 6. It will have enhanced graphics but will be missing game modes from the PS2/PC version of the game.

      This is obviously going to be a massive blow to the 360’s prospects as a console, and we’ll see how it develops in the coming years.

  1. Not bad for Fifa but I’m not really a Soccer fan, sorry. About 2 more months until Wii U hits the market, damn. Anybody wanna buy my Playstation and Wii? Lol

  2. Aeolus Logic-
    Mario sells well- “It’s just a crappy rehash that’s not relevant to the industry at all lol, casual nintenfags lap rehashes up! Sales don’t equal quality!”
    Fifa/Cod- “It sells well! You can’t deny how good it is, core gamers buy it because it sells well!”

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              1. got me by the balls? you clearly wanted sickr to give you my email address ;) so you can send me some hate

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                think twice before posting

                  1. which would be ilegal and can get sued for disobeying the data protection act…

                    thank god you’re not sickr ;)

              1. I know ;) funny how you can make a gibberish email account. Feel free to send hate mail to that account. I guarantee I will reply back ;)

                *deeper sarcasm*

                    1. What you say is so predictable, we just have a notepad document on what to copy and paste to answer you.

                  1. Proved you wrong ;) Please dont bother because I clearly outsmart you :D

                    It means shit if the CREATOR NINTENDO stated it THEMSELVES. That is ULTIMATE proof ;)

                    I dont waste my bandwidth on shit games espec rehash bros 2

                1. Actually, it says on the Nintendo website that it’s illegal to own a copy on an emulator even if you’ve got a retail copy of the game.

    1. I look forward to his reaction in a few hours time when the weekly Japanese sales article goes up here. The numbers are already out and the ‘dead’ Wii outsold the Vita 4:1, and the 3DS outsold the Vita by 14:1.

      It’s just getting sad now.

  3. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for te Trolls.
    They make this website get countless Hits, building Sickr’s rank and increasing his profits so he can continue this great site.


          1. Mhm, sure, that why you’re 23 without a life?

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                1. lol you see. cant even argue back. Silly boy. Come back when you can actually argue without posting memes of your favourite tv show :P

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    1. I dont hate Nintendo. I just hate Nintendo fanboys who actually bash anyone else and praise Nintendo even if they do wrong

      You can thank UNation and Revolution. If it werent for people like them I wudnt bother coming here ;) and that is the truth.

      whatever happened to everyone ignoring Aeolus? Didnt work did it? heheheheheh!!!!

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      1. I’m sorry but the writing is on the wall and the people plus the evidence speak for themselves when I say that, without a doubt, you come here to spread your hate of Nintendo.

      2. When did this site change into the Aeolus show? I used to visit a few months ago and the comments were mostly cordial, now it’s a shit storm of rage and insults on almost every article.

      1. Why I ask that? Because you keep using the same arguments over and over again. You are running out of arguments, son.

          1. Same question? To me it looks like every time there is an article about NSMB2, you go ” Blah Blah Blah Rehash Blah Blah Blah Fanboys Blah Blah”

            1. well it is a rehash. Dont kid yourself. The 54 mins shows the game and there is NOTHING new about it…that is a rehash

                1. yes Unchartered is such a rehash… or skyrim

                  Least they all offer something different

                  Mario bros 2 does not…

  5. I have not been active on this site for some weeks now and I come back to find that Aeolus still posts his usual crap here.
    Is this really all there is to your life? I really actually feel sorry for you. Its a wonder why you feel the need to let the whole internet know of your apparent dislike of one company to such an extent – attention whore much? So sad. Even for a troll it is really pitiful. Turn off your computer, go outside and re-evaluate your life.

    1. you do realise there are clones pretending to be dont u? of course you wudnt because you havent been on in ages…

  6. Sounds good. At least that proves Wii U has better graphics in distant objects, which can make some scenes look much better. The only reason I hear that they are cutting things from the Wii U version is because they don’t want to take the time to port it all. It needs to come out quickly, so they are focusing on the important stuff in the game.

          1. Xbox 360 was considered Dreamcast 2 back when it first appeared. Lots of people were talking shit about how the graphics look like crap and lack of next-gen exclusives and shit like that. Sure, the PS3 turned out to be stronger, but Xbox 360 could stand a chance against the PS3, unlike what people first thought. The Wii U will be fine.

    1. We’re definitely in that adjustment period where devs are figuring things out, as evidenced by this and the decision to hold out for Battlefield 4 instead of releasing 3 (all these are incidentally published by EA). Hopefully this results in devs becoming real comfortable w/ the Wii U by the time they’re trying to figure out the other 2 new consoles.

    1. education? Does he work in the games industry?

      NO he does not he is an average joe. Please link us all to a video from a developer ;)

  7. People on this site are fucking stupid! Why complain about the constant trolling and how annoying it is, when over half of the comments here (not including replies) are directed specifically at the trolls! You want them to go away? Stop talking about it! Ignore them and don’t reply!

  8. I literally cringe at the content in the comments section now. The very feature of this blogsite that enthralled me, now appalls me.

    And to think I became a follower of this news source due to constructive discussions. (Though that was quite a few months ago.)

    Despite no longer being eager to be engaged here, I’ll continue reading and commenting when I can. I’d say you do a pretty good job feeding news/info, that’s directly or indirectly related to the company.

  9. Looks to me like Prior is giving us more brief detail on FIFA 13 for the U and the details of the crowd is not only sick, but you also have access to your friends list on the Wii U Game Pad. Good job, EA Sports!

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