EA producer Matt Prior has revealed that FIFA 13 on Wii U will be the best edition of the franchise available on consoles. Prior says that there have been numerous graphical improvements including double the resolution of the crowd, and an infinitely more detailed pitch. He also went on to say that you’ll be able to access your friend list directly from the Wii U GamePad.

“Two things we have improved just in terms of the fidelity and quality are the pitch, If you have a look at the pitch texture there’s a lot more detail in it and we’re working on that as we speak to hopefully improve it even further. One of the common complaints is the crowd, and if you look at the crowd on the Wii U it’s double the resolution. We had limited resources in which to improve, so we wanted to make sure we got the biggest bang for the buck, if you will. Obviously the pitch is something you’re staring at like 90 percent of the time when you’re playing, so crowd and pitch were two areas we focused on.”

“A friends tab that’s always there in the front end on the [Wii U GamePad] so you can tap it, you’ve got a list of friends,” he explained, later adding that it pulls from “the friends list from the Wii U console.”



  1. Not bad for Fifa but I’m not really a Soccer fan, sorry. About 2 more months until Wii U hits the market, damn. Anybody wanna buy my Playstation and Wii? Lol


  2. Aeolus Logic-
    Mario sells well- “It’s just a crappy rehash that’s not relevant to the industry at all lol, casual nintenfags lap rehashes up! Sales don’t equal quality!”
    Fifa/Cod- “It sells well! You can’t deny how good it is, core gamers buy it because it sells well!”


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  5. I have not been active on this site for some weeks now and I come back to find that Aeolus still posts his usual crap here.
    Is this really all there is to your life? I really actually feel sorry for you. Its a wonder why you feel the need to let the whole internet know of your apparent dislike of one company to such an extent – attention whore much? So sad. Even for a troll it is really pitiful. Turn off your computer, go outside and re-evaluate your life.


  6. Sounds good. At least that proves Wii U has better graphics in distant objects, which can make some scenes look much better. The only reason I hear that they are cutting things from the Wii U version is because they don’t want to take the time to port it all. It needs to come out quickly, so they are focusing on the important stuff in the game.


    • We’re definitely in that adjustment period where devs are figuring things out, as evidenced by this and the decision to hold out for Battlefield 4 instead of releasing 3 (all these are incidentally published by EA). Hopefully this results in devs becoming real comfortable w/ the Wii U by the time they’re trying to figure out the other 2 new consoles.


  7. People on this site are fucking stupid! Why complain about the constant trolling and how annoying it is, when over half of the comments here (not including replies) are directed specifically at the trolls! You want them to go away? Stop talking about it! Ignore them and don’t reply!


  8. I literally cringe at the content in the comments section now. The very feature of this blogsite that enthralled me, now appalls me.

    And to think I became a follower of this news source due to constructive discussions. (Though that was quite a few months ago.)

    Despite no longer being eager to be engaged here, I’ll continue reading and commenting when I can. I’d say you do a pretty good job feeding news/info, that’s directly or indirectly related to the company.


  9. Looks to me like Prior is giving us more brief detail on FIFA 13 for the U and the details of the crowd is not only sick, but you also have access to your friends list on the Wii U Game Pad. Good job, EA Sports!


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