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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Took About 10 Minutes To Download

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the first Nintendo 3DS retail game that can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop later this month. It took Siliconera almost an hour to download the title, but it took IGN approximately 13 minutes to complete the file transfer. Obviously, the download time depends on a consumer’s internet speed and connection.

100 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 Took About 10 Minutes To Download”

            1. I prefer silver rather than gold. People have made gold seem cheap, if that makes sense. No topic, I figured it would depends heavily on connection but I also assumed it make take a while, but thats why nintendo have us “download later”

    1. 99% of articles on here are as pointless as some people on here also known as deluded fanboys who pretend they know about Technology…

        1. LOL clones? I ALWAYS reply with a green avatar unless I am banned. Pity the ban system sucks on here so I can bypass it.

          1. Clearly you do not know the definition of clone. Your statement would’ve made sense if i said “collective intelligence” (and i use that word lightly), like the Geth or the Necromorphs

              1. No. Im just going to continue making you look stupid. Now, i said clone, and you responded, “LOL i ALWAYS reply with a green avatar”. Yes, YOU reply as one. But unless you control the other “clones”, you do not reply, when one of the other 6 Aeolus’ replies.

                1. LOL Think what you want. I am not a clone. You WANT to think everyone else is just me because you THINK EVERYONE loves Nintendo. I recommend going on websites outside of this one and you will see TRUE GAMERS and NOT nintendo fanboys.

                  Try IGN, NeoGaf to name a few. You might be in for a surprise. They might love Nintendo but they always crticise them when they do wrong… especially mario rehash bros 2 and the recent operation rianflal tragedy… when america didnt get the 3 games even though it was ALREADY translated into ENGLISH… lazy Nintendo as always. Iwata is the cancer of Nintendo. Yamamauchi was the best for Nintendo

                  1. IGN

                    1. To quote Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic 06, ‘Give up! It’s No Use!’ (Arguing with this guy) He’s unintelligent and pretty much believes his opinion is fact. Just saying but I don’t think he’s worth your time

      1. 100% of your post are pointless.If you don´t have anything nice to say, don´t say nothing at all.You don´t have to hate everything that Nintendo has. I like every company, I go to Pushsquare, Joystiq and Mynintendonews ;and you are behaving like a stereotypical troll making stereotypical fanboys/girls go crazy.You make normal gamers of this site angry,because they can´t go anywhere without people arguing.God bless you.

                  1. they are rehashes dont get me wrong.. BUT ATLEAST THEY SELL hugely and win.

                    Mario also sells but it just LAZY espec the New series. You know it.

                    1. Lol.
                      So, when them games sell well, it’s an excuse, but when Mario sells well it’s lazy?

                      Aeolus ‘logic’ there!

        1. because the article is fucking blatantly obvious. Plus I cba to find the picture for it.

          EVERYONE including my grandparents know that the speed of a download is determined by a connection…

          o sorry I forgot… a lot of people on this site pretend they know about tech when really they dont… especially revolution who keeps writing Mii and U all the bloody time. It bores Mii (taking the piss) and other people on here to death

          1. The great, mighty poo

            Hey man, go take a nap, and when you wake up you can realize you actually got better things to do than to talk shit about people over the internet. I don’t really care about your opinions, but there sure are a lot of people who don’t know #1 rule on the internet: “don’t feed the trolls” (wich roughly translates to “don’t answer idiots). So please, everyone, just ignore him and he won’t continoue to open his dirty, dirty mouth anymore.

                    1. I actually am. Anyone can tell in the way I write. I am not stupid to WRITE that comment.

                      Even PC cant match reality visuals but pretty close.

                    2. This is a reply to your latest comment since I can’t reply directly to it, You are not the real Aeolus, the real one made an effort to capitalize every letter and at least tried to make sense always. You don’t.

            1. I fucking laughed out loud when he said ” graphics will get more realistic than reality”. what do you have to buy a $200,000,000 or £ eyeballs just to see it. this is a bad clone man. at least the other aelous posted links. Lol troll’s, troll’s, troll’s. Wii U mad tho

                1. IKR. i would rather have the ninth generation systems reach the graphic level of modern high end PC and then i will no longer give two shits about graphics. that amazing graphics bull S*** doesn’t have affect on me that long. i play it once say “wow look at those graphics” and never cut the game on with that state of mind again. if you want photo realistic graphics then join the military go to a terrorist base unarmed and get shot in the face (No disrespect)

          2. Revolution is a FUKING fanboy fag sucking off Nintendo 10 times a day and LOL how he uses Mii , U ..FUKING idiot

          3. You may find this funny, but it’s only the trolls who were saying that the speed meant that the 3DS was terrible. Oh, how ironic how you just shot your only allies in the foot.

      1. “What you gonna do now? post an unoriginal meme?”
        “all U do is post a meme thinking you are funny…”
        >you don’t say.jpg

  1. Well thats Obvious

    “No, that still won’t be the peak. Art direction in the future can and will push games beyond the scope of what is reality”
    Once a great man said

            1. I dont support rehashing the SAME game and putting A FULL PRICE on it. That mr Koopa… is a RIP OFF.

              and I watched the 54 mins video of it… NOTHING ORIGINAL at all. the price should be 10 quid and on eshop.

              1. So that’s why you love call of duty?
                In all seriousness, it’s against the law

                While I do agree this game doesn’t do anything original, it will still be good, look at a game like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which is one of the most critically acclaimed of all time, there is a difference between ORIGINAL and GOOD. Just because a game isn’t original doesn’t mean it isn’t good. The 2d Mario formula is fantastic and I’m fully ok we’re getting smaller titles that take less effort which focus on keeping the same core gameplay, while we wait for the amazing 3d games which are fresh and exciting
                This is all I have to say on this.

                1. I actually dont play COD…and even I said that was a rehash but it is HUGE…Huge sales, Huge launch day and you cannot deny that..noone lines up for Mario at midnight anymore. get over it. Mario is for casuals and Nintendo diehards. Gamers who lived through the nes and snes days grew up… and grew OUT of Nintendo…

                  Sonic 2 came out in the 1990s when 2d platformers were huge and limited tech. Nowadays we have huge budget games with HD visuals (Wii never had this lol), soundtracks etc etc etc etc. Pity wiiU is playing catch up but now in 1080p which PCs did AGES before

                  Please I ask you… stop living in the past when it comes to Nintendo or Sega. Yamauchi was the best for Nintendo but Iwata ruined Nintendo with his casual approach. Now they want hardcore back… noone will go back to them… especially when ONE YR OLD games are launch titles at FULL PRICE lol

                  Good luck impressing the casuals however. you will need it especially when mobile sales are rocketing. and even if wiiU sells loads becauseof casuals… core gamers will look at Nintendo and think they are irelevant to modern day gaming

                1. mario is a rehash…. THAT IS THE TRUTH

                  course you wudnt agree… you have bowser as your pic. I never seen such biased crap lol

                  1. I have bowser as my pic, fucking get over it
                    People have anime characters or Link or whatever no one says anything but I’m not allowed to have a picture of a character I like, god forbid

                    That isn’t the truth, one similar game does not make the whole series a rehash

  2. Ok ive been wondering, so what games does the all mighty beloved aelous play?? I just have to know these perfect games that he plays assuming it plays games and doesnt live under a bridge

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