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Brand-New Details Revealed For Animal Crossing 3DS

Brand-new details have emerged regarding Nintendo 3DS title Animal Crossing: Jump Out, which will be released this fall in Japan. Here is a list of things that will be included in the upcoming game:

  • All-new gardening store, where you can purchase plants, to be open from 9:00 to 20:00
  • Raccoon housing, which will be run by Tom Nook, will be open from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Wider variety of fish and fossils, which can be donated to the museum
  • Exhibition room and shop in the museum, which will be open 24 hours
  • Miscellaneous goods store, which will be open from 8:00 to 20:00
  • Able Sisters clothes shop, which will be open from 10:00 to 21:00
  • Roofs, doors, posts and fences can be customized
  • Brand-new furniture, including mermaid items
  • A player will be the mayor of his or her town
  • Thrift shop, which will be run by an alpaca
  • Shopping mall
  • Shoe store

111 thoughts on “Brand-New Details Revealed For Animal Crossing 3DS”

    1. enjoy the game that hardly changes from game ti game… oooh a new shoe shop… wow biiiig change…

      This game is great… for my 6 yr old sister…

          1. Thats because most gamers these days are stupid and would gladly replay the same thing over and over rather than play a new game, so they dont care when nothing changes. Im sure people here would agree they kne someone or some people you literally just play COD or Halo, and nothing else. Thats not a gamer, thats a casual. No passion for gaming as a whole, just one game, that stimulates their tiny brains

                  1. A true gamer has appreciation for all video games, yea you may not be in love with most of them, but you appreciate the fact that they set out to entertain the people who play them. That’s what gaming is all about. Im not a big Bioshock fan, but i dont go out and dish it, because I know all my friends who play find great enjoyment from it. Aeolus isn’t a true gamer, hes a pathetic loser sitting in his mothers basement beating his tiny dick to our responses. Get a Life.

                    1. Well said julio, I never played Animal crossin & I don’t think it’s shit. I’m tired of pokemon & say that it’s milked but I don’t say ” hey idiot, stop playing rehash games”. every game is unique just like every person is unique so if you just don’t like the game, just walk away like man should

          2. Halo: Reach -> 4.7 million copies by September 2011
            Halo: Reach -> 4.7 million copies by September 2011
            CoD MW3 -> 9.0 million copies by November 2011
            AC: WW -> 11.51 million copies by March 2011

            Yes sure, sell FAR MORE.. try harder.

            (I wikipedied the info, it’s just there if you dont believe me)

            Anyway I think the game is great. Its a lot fun to play, an makes you want to play more.
            CoD and Halo I’m sure they do the same effect, they are good games, I’m not against it although I don’t like them as much as Animal Crossing, but you are the one acusing AC for “not changing enough”?


            Get your facts straight.

    1. GC version + action replay = awesome! I understand why Nintendo took NES games out of the later releases, but I still didn’t like it. these games feel hopelessly boring now without them

  1. A Shoe Store!
    I honestly have to say Animal Crossing is one of the best Game Series I’ve ever played,
    It’s the small changes that seem to count in that game :)

  2. I could never get into the series, so this announcement doesn’t hold any appeal for me……..
    I’m waiting for the next release of either Metroid or Castlevania.

            1. -_-

              I thought she’d left her purse on SkyTown and he was just being a gentleman. I know hes chasing her, but why? Thats what i want Retro to tell me, in the form of Metroid Prime 4

              1. its because the thing he hates most is samus aran which u can find in some bits of manaul and game guide of metroid prime hunters and wants to get rid of her
                thats my theory

          1. I’m still convinced that it’s Dark Samus.
            In the end, after being destroyed, it blew up into particles, just like every other time it was destroyed, and there’s no proof that the source of Phazon, Phaaze, being blown up, was enough to kill off Dark Samus. Its life force could be completely independent of Phaaze, so it could go and infect a new planet somewhere out there in the universe.
            I’m convinced that the ship at the end was Dark Samus’s ship, for the sake of inter-stellar travel.[or simply to further emulate Samus]

            1. Thats true. So many times its just blown up and reanimted. But i thought Dark Samus just flew like Superman, like when just flys through the window at the begining of 3

      1. wiiU? you meen Wii… oh wait you must relate both of them together… means it will have a LACK OF THIRD PARTY SUPPORT AND GIMMICKY CONTROLS

        finally you came to your senses bitch

          1. please give me a list of them….oh wait… THE SAME list of developers who supported the Wii

            these launch games are MOSTLY OLD third party games that have been 100%ed already on CURRENT gen consoles…

            point invalid. Move on.

    1. That’s been a feature since the Gamecube Version, granted the Gamecube didn’t allow simultaneous play when visiting another town…

  3. I’ve only played WW and it was lame and boring. Alot of the features needed Wi-Fi. Later sold it. But my DS didn’t have Wi-Fi unlike my 3DS. So I hope this one will be better!

  4. I can’t wait for this to come out. I really need a good time-waster to play while I’m sitting around and between major game releases.

  5. Who the fuck plays animal crossing ? Girls and faggots and 5 yr olds … WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THE SHIT ?? Lol … Nintendo is the biggest epic failure in gaming history.

      1. You aren’t funny … Your dry and a homo fag that still plays nintendo games ..cmon go play some real games .. Nintendo is for kids , why do u play stuff for kids ? Kiddy Nintendo shit !!

          1. Nothing wrong with nintendo games. Stupid drones. Why would u visit a nintendo sight if u dont like them. It makes u look retarded.

  6. Why do I play this game just to check the stores but then end up playing for an hour? Now I’m putting tiles in my town..? But my friends aren’t coming today. Stop watering the flowers man, just quit. W-why can’t I quit?

    Where did these weeds come from….?

  7. Wow… the same game as Animal FOREST… the n64 version of AC. The game that the west never got for YEARS hahahahahahahhaa

  8. Most of these details, if not all of them, have been known for many months; they are not “Brand-new”. Anyway, I might pick this up since there are so many changes unlike City Folk where the city was just where most of the stores from WW were moved to.

  9. Freaking love that artwork with all the animals gathered around K.K. Slider.

    BTW they forgot to mention that you can put stuff on your wall

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