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Recently Leaked Wii U Box Art Is The Real Thing

Yesterday, the Wii U box art template appeared on both and Ubisoft was therefore asked about whether the leaked Wii U box art is real and representative Michael Beadle replied by saying, “Why yes, the Wii U box art you sent is legit; in fact, it’s too legit to quit.”

144 thoughts on “Recently Leaked Wii U Box Art Is The Real Thing”

    1. …Why? That would look unfashionably stupid. More to the point, why does every fucking thing have to have black somewhere anyway?

    2. I can deal with it, its pretty sharp…but I agree, though I think either black or white would have looked better…oh well. Still excited regardless :)

    1. did you even look at a blu ray case before you commented this? just a question, not meaning to be rude.

      1. REAL GAMERS care. I bet if Xbox or sony made a yellow line on their cases you would moan like the pathetic fanboy that U are.

        1. LMAO, really? 95% of people who buys a game don’t give two fucks about the box art and even if they do, they only see the picture art of the game, not its surroundings.

      2. Haha, I just find the color combination unflattering that’s all. Other than that I’m cool with it. I’m still getting a Wii U anyways.

  1. I like how the blue is continued on the right side, but I hate how the blue isn’t continued on the left side to make it uniform. And I hate the yellow.

      1. The yellow is horrid xD. But yeah I guess so, the Wii’s box art was boring. I just hope by the time these come out the blue is all the way through, it looks like it’s glowing Nintendo and it’s awesome, but the yellow is gross and ruins it.

      1. Yes, I understand this, I just want them to make the white strip on the left to be the same blue as the top and where the Wii U logo is it could be yellow that way the blue from the U doesn’t get distorted. Even though I don’t like the yellow, the case should be consistant.

      1. As I told DryBones2015 I understand that it is the plastic, but why ruin the attractive blue glowing effect with a dull white on the left, when you could make the sleeve blue on that edge as well. And even though I dislike the yellow that would be from the tip of the left hand corner of the the sleeve to a little past the U symbol of Wii U

          1. They already won. DS was the highest selling gaming unit of last gen and in history. 3DS is currently the fastest selling console worldwide
            Wii has sold over 100,000,000 units since its launch making it the leading console of this generation

  2. cases should be a clear white. Ugly yellow line should change. Why Nintendo… WHY….. Is this your way of saying “Buy the online version” ?

    1. Because blue is the color that makes people not buy retail, right?

      Herp de derp? No one gives a crap about white anymore.

  3. Hey, here’s an idea; take a black marker and re-do the case yourselves once you have one, if the yellow is that eye-gratingly bad?
    I doubt anyone here is too poor to afford a marker….XD

  4. Has it occured to anyone that the yellow might only be for the ACIII game? They black or silver shall be for batman and other great games.

  5. Why does everyone hate the yellow curve? I actually really like it! It just, catches my attention… and makes the whole thing nice to look at!

  6. The yellow line is a nice “accent” to the white-blue precedent set by the Wii’s colors. The whole layout really does remind me of a PC box art rather than Gamecube for some reason.

    1. Thanks to you and your “Leave Luck to Heaven” phrase, I won a Nintendo trivia at a Wii U Experience convention that we had in Chicago a few weeks ago.

  7. Meh, I prefer the look of the 360 and the PS3 cases, but this is ok. But it is what is inside the case that matters :)

  8. One question is the blue on the side and on the bottom the case???? Cuz dats fucking nice I can’t wait for the Wii u

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