Toki Tori developers Two Tribes have confirmed on Twitter that they have managed to get separate audio working for the Wii U GamePad and the television. The development studio has yet to decide how to use this feature, but there’s sure to be some interesting ideas floating around.

“We’ve got the first audio code running on Wii U. You can send separate audio to game pad and TV. Not sure yet if and how we can use that.”



  1. The best use of this on the Wii was in No More Heroes where the speaker in the Wii remote was used like a phone to deliver mission information.

    More things like that would be very welcome.


  2. What a huge piece of shit ..who wants a console that has current gen graphics , huge bulky controller , no hard drive LOL , shit 3rd party support , crappy online …This gay piece of shit will fail :)


  3. This is how to use it.
    If (you play a porn game or if) you are watching porn the real audio will come out the TV.
    But if your mom comes in you shut off the TV and she hears you playing Zelda or hearing music and thinks you are doing anything except porn or even though you are still watching porn.
    I know I am a genius.


  4. Sickr, I wish you hadnt taken away the psVita blog. I enjoyed hearin news about the Vita and it kept a lot of biased people in certain blogs. Is there any chance you’ll bring it back up?


  5. That’s a very cool feature. i can’t wait to see how future games will make use of it. Maybe friends can leave audio messages for you to help you survive in Zombi U. Leave luck to heaven.


    • Awesome idea. Or detecting a weak spot in a wall by knocking on it. If the sound comes from the tv means it shows no weakness but if it comes from the wii u pad means u can blow up that section to get by. Just an example.


  6. What I wonder is what happens when you plug headphones into the gamepad. Will you hear all the sounds from the game, or just the sounds that are designed to only come out of the gamepad…


  7. I suppose that makes sense, e.g if we wanted to play a Wii U game when someone else is using the tv, but we wanted a bit of sound from the game. Or similarly if we were playing a Wii game just on the game pad (see earlier article) we would want sound. So that’s good! :)


  8. This was already a feature on Wii through the Wii Remote speakers, but it was only for low quality sounds such as launching a star bit in Mario Galaxy, selecting a character in Brawl and the constant beeping of Fi trying to talk to you. The Wii U should definitely be able to produce higher quality sounds and utilise the feature better thanks to the seperate screen.


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