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Wii U Launching For Black Friday?

New information suggests that Nintendo is planning to launch Wii U in time for Black Friday in the United States. For those that don’t live in the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and it generally signals the beginning to the holiday season shopping period. Black Friday falls on November 23rd this year.

152 thoughts on “Wii U Launching For Black Friday?”

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        1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

          No, that’s not a reliable source. It’s veeeeeery likely that release date it’s incorrect, I’m sure it will be released in DECEMBER!

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      1. Bulbasaur, please! The only company out there that’s despicable is Microsoft. Who in the hell would you buy a subscription to play video games online while both Nintendo and Sony let you play games for free?

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    2. You’re implying that a company selling their products on an opportunistic day is a scumbag….you’re sooooo smarts…<_<

    1. Hopefully we know about the preorders before that day or else the preorders will be out n unable to get u one

  2. This is good :) Seems like a really good period to release it. It will prop sell 5 if not 6 digit at first month.

    1. try 7 digit numbers, I’m pretty sure I remember the 3DS selling 1 mil+ in it’s first month and that was considered a bad launch, nut I could be wrong.

      1. yep, 3.6 million 3DS sales in it’s first month. Expect Wii U to sell better, with it having much better lauch games and coming out in the holiday season.

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  3. If it comes earlier, then maybe I can try it in the stores and maybe the prices for it in stores will lower even more. Idk how that would work, but I rly want it and my Wii isn’t currently working right, so… NINTENDO, TELL US THE LAUNCH DATE ALREADY!!!

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          1. It’s not like it’s a decent news day, really. Sickr is probably done posting for the day, and I doubt there’ll be too many stories of interest until… Quite a few hours, at least.

            Also, I’ll agree with you on that first line.

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  5. If that’s the case then I’m guessing that the Wii U will release sometime in the first or second half of December for us living in the UK and Europe

    1. ^Same here bro. Yeah so what if I’m a fanboy of Nintendo? It doesn’t mean I hate other systems, it just means I favor Nintendo more.

    2. They had me at “We are going to be selling a box with a Nintendo label, and a mystery product inside”…

      It’s gonna be Patch-tastic!

  6. Uh, I don’t think it would be such a good idea to release it on Black Friday. Well, if I got it right, on Black Friday products are getting big discounts and go on sale. Right? (I live in Europe, so I’m not really sure it about it, so please correct me if I get things wrong)
    And if it’s really like that, it means everything will be cheaper, including other gaming systems. And since it’s highly doubtful that Nintendo will give a discount on their WiiU on launch day, it will be more expensive than all the other systems. And because the point of Black Friday is having things on discount, people probably will rather buy those things instead of something which is not on discount. That’s what I think about it, at least.
    Again, if I got something wrong about the Black Friday, please feel free to correct me.

    1. Actually it would be the stores that lose out on money and not Nintendo because the stores will have to buy the system at whatever price Nintendo is selling it and then the retailers will decide how much of a discount the Wii U will be at.

      1. yep, pretty much. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a console on sale on black friday, (or ever, that I can remember) so nintendo should be fine. Also, the reason Nintendo isn’t releasing the price info yet is so that sony and Msoft won’t have time to lower the prices on their consoles when wii u hits.

      2. I think it works like this = Nintendo sells the consoles to the shops by a price (let’s say 200). This will make them have profits already. Then, the stores will sell them for 300 (as an example). But on Black Friday, they’ll sell for 250 as a discount. So, they’ll have profit despite the discount. Just remember that those prices are only as an example, they’re not real prices! hope I explained it right.

      1. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. And because of that, people would most likely prefer the discounted consoles over an “expensive” one, which makes me think that the WiiU wouldn’t do that well when being released on Black Friday.

      2. That’s my thought on it as well.
        They wouldn’t release it on BF for the sake of a discounted price.
        If they do it on BF, it will be because there are going to be TONS OF PEOPLE SHOPPING.
        Far more than normal.
        Increasing chances of a few extra sales, which is a smart business move.

  7. yeah that’t totally too late. it will be out of stock by noon, if not earlier. the second batch could arrive for black friday, but anything else would be insane.
    in europe / japan on the other hand, “black friday” would work as good as any other friday.

  8. The Gamecube and Wii were released the week before Thanksgiving/Black Friday so it’s assumed they’ll do the same for this. Gives a week for fans to get it, before the holiday shoppers pick it up.
    Of course you’ll have ones buying at least 2 or 3 looking to make a profit from selling it if there’s shortages.

  9. They gotta get it out a little before then. A week or two earlier, giving it enough time for the gamers to get their hands on it without having to contend with the dangerous Black Friday shoppers. That also give it a chance to build some word of mouth adding to the Black Friday sales. Retailers can decide what deals they want to put in place for Black Friday as well. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Aw, come on…are you trying to say you don’t want to get trampled by soccer moms just so they can get the newest on sale iteration of Purr Pals: The Legendary Adventures? That stuff is ‘hardcore’…makes Conker’s look like Nintendogs in comparison, lol

        1. That sounds painfully amusing…zombified soccer moms, scraping, biting, and clawing their way into the electronics section of Wal-Mart, with the only escape aisle being where the Wii U’s are located…Machete Donzaloog…I’m thinking “Soccer Moms Rising: Chop Till You Drop” could be a hit launch title…

            1. Hahahaha! LOL…that is a fantastic idea…i think ur smash attack could be some kind of fatality like out of Mortal Kombat…impaling that pain in the ass Jigglypuff would be the greatest victory in the history of videogaming…just take my money now…

  10. at least wait and see want Nintendo say on the date and I think that is not too far away as a certain Japan show is not too far away and we might get more news on the Wii U then

  11. Black Friday is bad news! I’m usually waiting in line for the midnight release of the consoles but this means there’ll hundreds of more people waiting in line too for the other sales WTF!! I never even leave my house on black Friday because the traffic is crazy. I better find a reservation somewhere

      1. I can’t this time tho because I’m supposed to be shipping out for the army on Nov 19th so I’m hoping it does release on the 18th or before. Any later than that then I’ll have to wait till my training is done next July :( I didn’t think about the dates till after I posted this oops

        1. Man I know how you feel and it sucks, but you will have $$ for it and time to play once training is done. Good Luck.

  12. Nope. Just nope. Not Black Friday. Wii U would be sold out by around,,,10 AM? Noon? Add the Black Friday shoppers, and many real Nintendo fans won’t get it until around Christmas.

  13. Last Week my fellow xbox players I remembered and refound how great the Wii is. Try monster hunter tri online. That game is fun, also there is this 69 dollar games set, that has metroid prime 1,2 and 3 on the same disk. You guys shall not be disappointed. Here is hoping whom ever is second in this eighth generation between ms and sony, that they make great games. Not kinect 2 or eye toy move 2.

  14. I, for one, don’t believe Nintendo will be releasing the Wii U on Black Friday… unless if it’s confirmed by the president of Nintendo of America himself. He’ll be back.

      1. I agree with both of you…. No way would Nintendo release it during that mess…. If I had to guess (and I’m usually good at guessing), It will be released on Nov. 18 and reason why I pick that date as well is that I remember someone at GS told me that Nintendo usually releases stuff on a Sunday as well so judging from what they’ve done in the past following what Nintendo said about releasing it during the “holiday season” I can conclude that it will be the starting week of Thanksgiving and rolling into black friday to give some people the chance to buy their systems before everyone goes hell bent on christmas shopping

  15. Just announced! Konami is bringing a new twist on an old tale, just in time for the Black Friday shopping season:

    “Walmartmania: Portrait of Ruin”

    1. Everyone goes to Gamestop… its like the only gaming store in America lol! Ive never seen or heard of another and I live near 6 within a 20 minute radius…

  16. Releasing it around then makes no sense. It’s a day generally for selling things at cost or way below. That would make no sense.

    “In time for” is a broad term though. Could me tomorrow, could mean the day before Black Friday. This is just more vapor news.

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