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Only 5% Of New Super Mario Bros. 2 Consumers Bought Download Version

New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training are the first Nintendo games that were released at both Japanese retailers and the Nintendo 3DS eShop. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, in Japan, 5% of those who purchased New Super Mario Bros. 2 bought the downloadable version of the game, and 20% of Demon Training consumers downloaded the title from the Nintendo eShop.

109 thoughts on “Only 5% Of New Super Mario Bros. 2 Consumers Bought Download Version”

      1. I have so many coins that I’m waiting to spend on good downloadable games. Where are they ? Such a sparse offering from Nintendo thus far. They need to offer more games on club nintendo.

  1. That isn’t surprising really. Most people that want a game like New Super Mario Bros. 2 are going to buy the physical copy if they can. The people who have the downloads are the ones who didn’t get to the store on time to get a physical copy while they still had it.

    1. or the people who got the physical copy wanted a better price, physical = 30 UK Pounds Download = 40 UK Pounds the only reson i brought the download copy was because I already had 30 UK Pounds on my eShop account

      1. I disagree…. Nintendo made you buy a code, in the store just to download the game. While steam you can download it at home… Its the convience of the thing that matters. And PC sales have increased because of steam and origin…..

      1. No it’s not. It’s £39.99 on the eShop, whereas it’s only £29.97 on Amazon, £32.71 from Tesco or £34.99 from HMV. Get your facts right next time before insult somebody, dickweed.

  2. Because most people like physical media for games. It’s just one of those things. Music and (maybe) movies are a different story. ESPECIALLY music.

  3. What were they expecting? The digital version costs exactly the same as the physical version and the physical one comes with pre-order bonuses.
    When will game publishers/studios understand that they can’t charge as much for digital content as they do for physical goods?

    1. But they can… and they do. Retail stores get a cut of the money and it’s necessary for publishers to keep on good terms with the retail chains. You can’t have digital be significantly cheaper if it means it dips into the stores’ profit.

      Also, consider that digital cuts out the middle man AND saves resources. More money goes directly into Nintendo’s wallet as well as the publishers’. And that’s a good thing if you like games. It also lets Nintendo make deals directly with publishers, ie., sell the digital copy at a discounted price for a limited time (as we’ve seen already on the eShop).

  4. xD not surprised really. Maybe Nintendo will take this a lesson and reduce the online price, or at least add something to it to make it more worth while to those not interested

    1. They did. If you know how cool Club Nintendo, they gave you double coins (100) for digital copies. My room is covered with limited edition Zelda posters and such

    2. It’s hardly a “learn a lesson” situation. Do you really think it costs Nintendo MORE to have digital copies for download? All it costs them is bandwidth and however much electricity it takes to run some servers. Over 3500 people downloaded the game the first weekend alone, and I’m sure Nintendo is grateful for it.

      ALSO: “The other new retail/digital game, the Brain Age sequel Demon Training, has sold approximately 20% of its total audience digitally.”

      But you don’t see that making the news. Hmm.

      1. Im just saying, the download sales would go up if they reduced the price if they go up. I dont except them to do better than retail but still

  5. if i’m going to start downloading retail titles for my 3ds or wii, i’d like to see a significant price cut. there are no manufacturing costs for a download, so there is no reason it should be the same price as a retail cartridge in a case. i don’t even tend to sell my games after i buy them, so it’s not even an issue of re-sell value for me.

    fry’s electronics in the US is selling the retail cartridge for $30 this weekend. with that sale this download price doesn’t even make sense.

  6. Well it was pretty much expected the download thing wouldn’t catch on so quick. Only benefit is always having the game on your SD card. I still prefer having a game case even if manuals are dead and a physical cartridge. It’s no wonder Nintendo is trying to bribe Club Nintendo people with extra coins for digital but I’m not rolling over. If they had discounted the download by even just a FEW dollars they would’ve have way more success.

  7. One of the reasons why people wont mostly buy the digital version is that if they lose their system they lose everything thats why i will stay with my physical copy

    1. That’s one way to look at it, which i forgot to think about. Maybe Ninten should have a way for ppl to automatically store their purchased downloads, an account of sorts

    1. Exactly. I have the same privilege. And it’s actually one of these GOOD GameStops with great customer support :)

        1. Yeah. Exactly! And if they ask they only ask on titles I was actually coming in to pre-order. It’s like magic D:

    1. Not really a lesson. More of a test of the market, seeing if Nintendo consumers are interested in digital like the investors insist we are

      1. And as stated above, the results of said marketing test should prove to be a LESSON.
        Bad Nintendo. Bad.
        Y U sell download at no discount?? D:

  8. Mayhe it would sell better if it was on an iphone, iphones the way to go nintendo, sheesh don’t you know anything? Look at the future of gaming! Its no longer 3DS or vitanic its all about my iphone with its graphics that are superior. And games like fruit ninja, angry birds, and infinity blade, and call of duty zombies, and Nova, see there’s great casual and hardcore games that destroy any console game, angry birds beats mario, nova beats halo and fruit ninja and farm villa destroy zelda! See that’s already more games then nintendo has as IPs, and guess what if nintendo ever made a good game then I could play it with an emulator on my iphone anyways, and the ouya will be the best console yet because it can play phone games!!!!!!! Your my hero aeolus!!!!

    1. Stupid troll you are retarded!!!!! Iphone games got nothing on nintendo and the rest of the big 3. Oh wait your name explains it all…

        1. Then you are a fan of a idiot and a troll, which makes you even more of an idiot or a loser.

          You can’t even write the simpliest of sentences right. Go back to summer school kid, no one wants you here.

          1. My grammar represents ninttendo as a, company. BAD its all about iphone, that’s why nintendo and sony are going out of businessss!!!! 3DS can’t even outsell te iiphone!!!! How is it evn good if the games suck and the graphics suck!!!! When I grow up to rule the world with aeolus I will put nintendo out of business if they are even still around hahahahahahahahah.

            1. “My grammar represents ninttendo as a, company”

              Seriously, you are cracking me up by how much of an idiot you are making yourself out to be. How old are you? 9? 10? Probably not old enough to be on the computer by yourself. Go back to your free Flash games and come back which you develop some taste and intelligence.

              Sales of the 3DS are actually HIGHER than what the DS’s were at this point of both console’s lifespans, and the DS came out before smartphones were mainstream. Phones are having little to no effect on Nintendo, it is only the usless analysts and trolls like you which make it out to be.

            2. Retards should not get any computer time. Where is your social care worker? Get this retard off the computer, give him a juice box and put on sponge bob for him!

    2. Nice try trolling, dumbass. According to analysts and certain developers, there are more gaming sales on the eShop than on the App Store & Google Play. Get your facts straight and stop riding on Aeolus’ c*ck. Stupidity is contagious.

        1. maniax300 doesn't feel like logging in (LOL)

          pit: Just go home hades,Just go home.

          leave that Troll Bait alone, I learned that if someones annoying just learn to tune hime out then he will go away ;)

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  9. Well, Nintendo did not even try to make it worth buying digital. I bought it at GameStop (preorder) and was given a wallet with the game as a bonus.

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  11. i’m getting the download version isn’t that big of a deal the new super mario game and also i could play it again on they’re next portable system.

  12. Knew this was going to happen, no one would ever pay more for a more expensive downloadable version of the game than a cheaper retail version, simple as that…

    On a related topic, I got NSMB2 today ordered from Amazon, and I am really enjoying it! I don’t care if it is lazy, fun is fun.

  13. It probably has something to do with the fact that it is cheaper to buy a physical copy. Collector’s will always choose physical over digital, but that’s even when they are the same price or the digital is cheaper. When the digital actually costs more, it doesn’t stand a chance.

  14. Maybe nintendo should have a cloud. With that you should be able to play from the cloud while connected and download from the cloud for on the go. If your Dsi or 3DS gets stolen everything in on the cloud, even how far you got in the game(s). This would be cool.

    1. I agree, cloud saves are the future for downloadable games and save files. The sooner it is released, the better.

  15. Cartriges are for losers. So are and console games, that’s why I play on iphone where the industry is headed! This is proof that nintendo can’t evolve and will die!

    1. You are a failure at trolling. Everything you say makes no sense. Why are you, the most casual type of gamer in the world, on a Nintendo fansite? Why do you think touch screen controls are better than actual buttons? There is zero way you can transfer 99.9% of console and handheld games to an iPhone without them losing everything that makes them good and fun. Playing NSMB2 on a iPhone would be pure torture. And why are cartridges for losers? Is it because you are too dumb to not lose them, so your mommy makes you only have iPhone games which you can’t lose?

      Get a life kid, no one wants you here. Go play outside or something.

    2. 1. Obvious trolling 2. Horrendous trolling 3. You sound like you don’t play games to have fun you play whatever “is cool” or as you put it “where the industry Is headed” and last but not least 4… Just pathetic man.. Just pathetic.

  16. Yeah, because it’s £30 to have the physical game, and £40 to download… I’ve bought the physical game :) I’m not a fan of downloads anyway

  17. It’s because your precious nintendo made a fucking terrible business decision (as usual) by making the game cost 10 dollars more than the physical copy. I like nintendo, but they make no sense to me as a business. Speaking of bad business decisions, why isn’t there a release date or price on the Wii U yet? That’s gonna come out in what…. 3 months?

    1. say that to sony and M$ bad moves to price there console to high for consumers. also are you retarded or just that ignorant? you know as soon as they release the wii u price sony and M$ will drop there consoles prices. why do you think 3ds price drop then vita price was announced.

      1. “you know as soon as they release the wii u price sony and M$ will drop there consoles prices”

        Someone get this guy a medal

  18. The reason? Are you kidding me?!?
    It’s obvious! They made the eshop version bigger! It takes up too much space! Also someone said that downloading is better because you don’t have to switch cards. We’re all gonna become fat if we can’t take a second to change cartridges…

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