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Warren Spector Desperately Wants To See Epic Mickey HD

Warren Spector, the developer behind Epic Mickey, has told Joystiq that there’s nothing he would like to see more than an HD remake of the original Epic Mickey game for Wii. Spector says that fans need to bombard Disney with requests so that he can get around to making it. Would you buy an HD remake of Epic Mickey for Wii U?

“It’s been about four or five days since I’ve asked to get that project greenlit. It’s not my call to make. I can’t even tell you how much I want to see the first game with all the enhancements and improvements we’ve made on Xbox 360 and PS3. Just have all of your readers send emails to Disney corporation and say: ‘Warren should make this game.'”




  1. Epic Mickey already sucked….and wait, didn’t this guy criticize how graphics are going nowadays saying people are “focusing on it too much” or something along those lines?


    1. There’s a difference between a high graphics game where that’s really the only focus and a high quality game that also happens to have great graphics.


  2. Didnt play it, wasnt too bothered. I do want HD Wii games though, like Prime Trilogy, Zelda, Mario, DKCR, Xenoblade, so on so forth


  3. This guy sounds so desperate all the time. He asked it four or five days ago and now he’s begging for people to email Disney? How about you work on a new game that actually drives people to demand it on their own?


    1. Thank You!

      this game was decent at best, and instead if trying to update the graphics of this old game for a quick cash in, why not work on a new IP.


  4. I thought the original Epic Mickey was a fun and unique game. If Warren were to create a new Epic Mickey title for the Wii U, imagine the possibilities of using the Game Pad to add or erase objects with just one finger or stylus.


  5. Image be a total dick n say it for 3DS exclusive Lol but seriously remake for wii u then the 360 n ps3 are Turning last Gen. Make the remake next Gen. The gamepad would be awesome for the remake


  6. Boing Bing Bang!!! I never played Epic Mickey so I do not care at all… I will not buy or play Epic Mickey The Power of Two either, because I’m not a fan of “Mickey Mouse” in “videogames.” I prefer him to stay on television and at Disney World… Blop Bleep Blaap!!!


  7. Well it was the camera that sucked, right? Well now the gamepad has a second analog, so it could be easily fixed. They could’ve make the original better, but yeah, they can make a effort and make it better


      1. Do you have a 3DS already? If so, get the Wii U – if not, get the XL. It’s cheaper and already has games on it.


      2. thats what im saying, i dont have a 3ds. But the wii u games seem more appealing to me and the 3ds xl portability seems nice


  8. Didn’t play the first one, but if they fix the camera problems and Epic Mickey 2 turns out to not be as good as the first (which i highly doubt), then sure, I’ll buy it.


  9. Criminy, what a bunch of whiners most of you are. They fixed the camera right away for the sequel, so that change would certainly carry over to this version. Plus lovely HD and normal controller support.

    For anyone who actually wants to contact Disney, this is the best I could find:

    Kind of seems unlikely we could make a difference, but might as well send them a quick message.


  10. One: Epic Mickey fucking Sucks
    Two: The game is only 2 years old so releasing a HD remake is pointless.
    Three: The game isn’t worth doing in HD.


  11. Nope………I’d rather send a message to Disney to try and convince Square Enix to release Kingdom Hearts I&II in HD on Wii U and release Birth By Sleep in 3D on 3DS. Perhaps also release Chain of Memories on eShop?


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