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Nintendo Wants Miiverse To Be A Gamer’s Facebook

Satoru Iwata says that, with the Wii U, Nintendo is aiming to create a platform where video game players can share their experiences with each other. Although Facebook connects millions of people with different interests, some of which may be gaming related, the social network is not tailored for players – whereas Nintendo’s Miiverse will be particularly for gamers.

“Of course the Internet does provide a lot of that interaction, but it’s not built for that purpose. For example, Facebook is something that connects you socially with a lot of different folks, but that doesn’t guarantee that the people you are going to have interactions with via Facebook are interested in games. And what I’m saying is that I don’t believe that the life experiences that you have—and those might be with the people you are connected with on Facebook—are not equal to the gaming experiences you might have with a lot of different folks.”

“I feel that we need to create—or present—a gaming platform as the place to create that ‘social graph’ for folks who are in gaming circles, I guess. So that’s kind of the reason for creating Miiverse.”

153 thoughts on “Nintendo Wants Miiverse To Be A Gamer’s Facebook”

      1. *Launches a second blue shell and swerves widely as it catches up to you*
        Karma sucks, don’t it?:P XD
        But no, seriously, best first comment I’ve seen yet.
        If only the trolls could be half this clever, I might just enjoy reading what they post.

  1. 420hitlerburnjewsevryday

    That’s quite a standard. Though to be a GAMER’s Facebook, they should at least have gamer’s test it, like Steam Community beta.

    1. That was one of the original things that PlayStation @Home was supposed to be like. That didn’t work out too well. I mean, PlayStation Home has an active community but it didn’t turn out the way it was originally intended.

      Then they tried something with the Vita’s “Live Area” where updates are made about players accomplishments and activities; and comments/messages can be sent for Almost every game and app. But I’m not too sure how many people with Vitas are even aware of these functions and they are limited.

      Hopefully Nintendo can really bring something fresh to the table with Miiverse. Looking forward to what Nintendo does with it.

      1. PROBLEM is sony doesnt stick,use nor support any of their features smh there like heres a bunch of shit that well leave up to lazy developers to use. one thing i can is developers are uncreative and lazy sometimes. heck ps3 still has alot of unused potentail that devs lazy asses are finnaly willing and learning how to use the quad cores heck if they used it early on xbox would be doom but sony are fuckups. microsoft atleast supports all their attention to whatever it is they are adding to features.unlike sony where you bought the move and ps3 high price for features they either forgot about,drop support or left to deveopers like cross chat. heck if xbox relesed a handheld vita and sony would be bankrupt.vita has so much unused potential and it can play utube but sony doesnt support all of its unique features like 3d headtracking.

    1. Same here, but I think they’re using facebook only as an example of social networking service. The Miiverse will be useful at least, with content and users focused on gaming only xD

    2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      picture this : your lying in bed , you reach for the gamepad , press on , which switches the wiiu on and leaves the television off .
      you then have loads of messages from your fellow nintendo gamer , and invites to join matches and that help you asked for on a certain game ,
      there will be no trolls on miiverse , except for a small number of idiots who have bought a wiiu to troll miiverse and play zombi u .

      i could go on and on and on about how the gamepad+miiverse will revoloutionize gaming .
      it wil change everything .

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          seriously will tho . then you just click on the browser button on the gamepad touchscreen and jump onto this site .
          it will litteraly do everything except *whispers* ”play dvd’s”.
          other than that its the best piece of technology ever concieved.

          1. The wii could play DVDs (if it had homebrew)
            But darn you Nintedward your making me want one even though I’m still sitting on the fence about it

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              i know . its not just about the graphical power of wiiu . its the social features , the fact you can play away from the tv , the fact you can face time chat .
              i am going to say this , and i am going to say it blunt .
              Nintendo knows they messed up a little bit with the wii , but with wiiu they have tried to create the worlds ultimate piece of tech .
              they will provide great graphics for gaming , which developers will be easily able to utilize for the next few 5-6 years .
              but the wiiu evidently looks to be more than just a gaming device. hell this thing could make our laptops completely redundant .
              the web browser is confirmed to be ‘full fledged’ like a pc and it has its ‘curtain features’ and you can swipe it onto the tv or onto the gamepad .
              EXCITED isnt the word for the wiiu for me .
              NEEEEEEED is .
              atm i dont care what microsoft and sony are going to make . i will be sticking with the wiiu as it looks like it will do everything i want and more .
              are grapihics the most important thing in gaming ????
              the 3ds says ”look at the vita” , obviously not.

              1. Haha its awesome isn’t it, but this won’t be exclusive to wii U, all the consoles are going for the ultimated multimedia machine title. I can’t wait to see what the competition makes the conoles do this coming gen!

                1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  indeed. playstation all stars indicates whats to come from them . horrible nintendo clones which people will actualy pay and fall for XD

                2. yeah but im not expecting nothing from sony, but if they think im wrong go on surprise me, because nintendo and Microsoft already plan something big and trying a ps2 remake with HD and wi-fi wont work twice my whole family saw what it could do and said screw it so did I. I got my money ready for the wiiu come on months get to dec already.

          2. I completely agree, I can’t count how many times I’ve just laid in bed with a tablet browsing the web with Facebook on the side to chat with friends, it’ll be nice having that kind of freedom with a game console. The fact that the TV is optional is a major plus for me, being able to just kick back with a game in hand is going to feel fantastic.

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              mii to !!!! i use laptop and play 3ds in bed all the time . so i game and i socialize in bed .
              this is the very essence of wiiu . play and talk in bed in HD . SOO GOD DAM SOLD !!!!
              i think the wiiu has a strong chance of becoming a hit beyond the ps2 . like some new sort of apple device that does everything.
              i really think it has a chance .
              the wiiu will not flop . it calnt .

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              best console of all time and the begining of the future of entertainment = Nintendo WiiU .

              1. but dont raise your hopes too high you might find somethings in the wiiu you dont like maybe more, the same I did for the 3ds, i aint letting myself get fooled again but im still buying tho.

                1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  your opinion :), i love the 3ds !!!! it is the best handheld gaming device i have ever owned.
                  its full of suprises !!!! , absoloutly awesome machine :).

          3. I bet an army of drones and bots say, “The Wii U doesn’t have DVD or Blu-Ray player… herp derp.” Who needs it when we already have them? We know that they’ll be watching movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and YouTube. Rumor has it that Nintendo will be adding more apps… but we’ll have that answer on September 13th.

              1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                yeh i think those apps are the way of the future aswell!! they will all be available in HD at some point anyway.
                soo who the hell needs a dvd player ???
                i mean we nintendo fans can just buy a blu ray player or use our laptops .
                my laptop has bluray and i have a wire which plugs it onto my tv.
                but wiiu will do god damn everything .

                my favorite feature on wiiu is , the headphone jack on the gamepad . thats an underated feature.
                high quality headphones + wiiu gamepad = heaven

                1. This is gonna be so off the chain!!!!! The possibility of using the headphones plugged into the Wii U Game Pad while playing ZombiU and volume cranked all the way up to 11… I need to change my underwear, PRONTO!!!!!!

                  1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                    indeed. good quality headphones provide a new level of suround sound and imersion for gaming. its awkward plugging into your tv though. i notice on my 3ds when i use headphones the games feel twice as immersive.
                    kid icarus , all the bassy gun noises , compared to the more tinny speakers.
                    just plug the headphones into you wiiu gamepad and escape :D

                  2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                    i apreciated the spinal tap reference btw .
                    turn it to 11 or dont turn it up at all XD.

                    1. I was already excited with the Wii U, now you two make me crazy for it!! My body is SO ready!!

          4. every company had the chance to make the gamepad but the n did it first like everything else that’s really important for gaming i think some gamers that prefer dual ana will convert to the superior g pad but imo motion has no equal

    1. U can post pics videos statuses likes dislikes nd emotions that’s pretty cool I hope u can post gifs too lol just look at the miiverse video on YouTube

  2. NO!

    I do not want to FUCKING use Miiverse so shut the hell up Nintendo and get the picture that I will not use it.

        1. You can turn it off. If you don’t want to hear about it, then I suggest you don’t read articles that have miiverse in the title.

    1. yes, because YOU won’t use it, they’ll have to drop the entire thing. no more miiverse, everyone! mr-joker said so!

      (you don’t have to use it, you idiot.)

      1. You’re the dumb stupid idiot who can’t even fucking read!

        I never stated that Nintendo should drop the entire things just that I don’t care about it at all and I am getting sick of hearing about it.

        1. And no, I can read, and that’s not what you said at all. You clearly said that you will not use Miiverse, and that Nintendo should realize that, as if they actually care about what one moron thinks. You basically just said that they shouldn’t include Miiverse because you don’t want it.

  3. It’s not that hard to find gaming-related pages on Facebook. And on those sites, it’s not very hard to interact with people who are interested in video games, because, obviously, only people who are interested in gaming will be on those sites.
    I doubt that Miiverse will be able to be some kind of replacement for a “Facebook for gamers”. There are enough gamer “communities” on Facebook and outside Facebook, which allow social interactions.

    1. I see, forums and communities are out there before facebook, but why would you go to those pages to talk about a WiiU game, if you can do it with people that are actually playing the game at the same time as you? you know the worst thing about forums? is that 90% of people complain about games they’ve never played! haha

      1. You don’t have to go to “general video games” communities. If you want to talk about the WiiU, there are communities for only the WiiU. So there won’t be anyone complaining about the WiiU. And as you said yourself, with the Miiverse you’re only able to interact with people who actually own a WiiU themselves. People who do not own a WiiU but have a high interest in it or/and are huge fans of it won’t be able to take part. I wouldn’t really call it a social network if only specific people are allowed to join the community. It’s rather a club then, but not a social network for gamers.

        1. So Facebook is not a social network, because people without a PC/Smarphone/Tablet can’t acess? All I want to say is that it’s way convenient to have a social network from your own system, about its games. but of course, you decide if you want to use it or not. =)

          1. Hmm, but the Miiverse can be used only by people who own a WiiU but nothing else, whereas Facebook can be used by multiple devices, devices that the average person does own. I think I just can’t describe what I’m trying to tell. And yes, you’re right, it’s everyone’s own decision whether to use it or not. If I’d own a WiiU, I’d use it of course. But I wouldn’t see it as a replacement for a Facebook for gamers, though. And to be honest, I’d find it kinda stupid if anyone would refuse to make use of that feature. Because there’s pretty much no single reason to do so.

        2. “You don’t have to go to “general video games” communities. If you want to talk about the WiiU, there are communities for only the WiiU. So there won’t be anyone complaining about the WiiU. ”
          You mean like this place?

    2. It’s not hard to find gaming-related facebook pages and other sites, but you must remember that the Miiverse will be part of the video-game and directly linked to the games we’ll be playing on the Wii U. You won’t need to login on facebook and then search for a gaming community about the games you play, I believe.

  4. Can’t wait for Miiverse. It’s great for those like me who’s friends are not interested in video games, so you are able to interact with fellow gamers in this way.
    Looking really good Nintendo.


      It will be on the Wii U at launch (obviously) and soon after the Miiverse will be available on smartphones and PC, I don’t know about the 3DS though.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      no you won’t . your contradicting yourself.
      your leaving a comment on ‘’ and you are seriously suggesting your not interested in miiverse ???
      its going to be about 10 times as good as any other nintendo games page discusssions .
      think about that. its everything you want and more.

      1. Actually, believe it or not… not everyone has to worship everything Nintendo does if they get on this site. :O *gasp*

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          he is still contradicting himself .
          its like your eating a plain sandwich at home .
          you see an advert for subway , and you say ”NO THANKS I WILL STICK TO MY BASIC HORRIBLE SANDWICH”.
          If your the sort of guy who likes to comment on games forums and things like this . then miiverse is basicallly going to be the new thing . so people like him you and me will all be consumed by miiverse . w8 and see . i bet that guy will be on XBOXVERSE XD

          1. This is the stupidest example I’ve seen here so far, just because he’s on here doesn’t mean he’ll get a WiiU in the first place, (3DS owners come here to) now saying he does get the WiiU, He stated he would turn off this feature. ITS HIS OPTION you moron. Not yours. fantard.

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              so he is switching off potentialy the best feauture of the wiiu before he has even got the console . thats retarded.
              you know what ?? i hope rubbish little sceptics stay away from mii verse . that will leave tons of positive people who apreciate the wiiu on miiverse .
              that works for me .
              sorry , you calnt just say at this point ” i wil never use mii verse” . how do you know ??? for all you know it could be the greatest thing to ever to happen to gaming .
              and trust me , it looks that way , and sony and microdick will surely copy this . so you can use there horrible version anyway , when it arrives in 2018 .

              1. Some people just arent social, others just don’t care for the social aspect. Like myself, I only go online on my ps3 or vita to update and get stuff off psn, I don’t multiplayer, I don’t plat game that require online matches, that’s how I know myself that I wont use miiverse, if I need to use the internet I have a phone. I want a nintendo Console because i want to play nintendo games. Period.

              2. Yes, it could be the greatest thing on this console, but that doesn’t mean everyone will want it.

                Look at Zelda: Ocarina of Time for example. It’s widely regarded as the greatest video game of all time, but I bet there are people out there who don’t like it. Stop being so damn fanboyish.

                1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  i am a huge nintendo fan . and i think this feature is going to revoloutionize gaming . nuff said .
                  funny because all these skeptics now will be using it .

                1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  stfu douche . its contradiciting . people posting comments on mynintendo news , and then saying they wont use miiverse . miiverse is like a super ultra version of mynintendonews .

      2. Sorry if he doesn’t like it he doesn’t have to use it, I’m personally happy about it and can’t wait to get it on 3DS, but like he sais below me, just because we like nintendo doesn’t mean we have to worship everything they do.

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          stfu , loser . dont use it then , your loss .
          your just negatively presuming things like always . tard .

  5. Sounds like an ok idea, until you think of the negative outcomes of it. (depending on how much info is necessary to use miiverse)

      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        i loved it . if they dont release something with U-nique in the title . i will be very angry to say the least .
        here is your illustrious trophy = Y

  6. I always thought this as a weird idea at first but then after a bit of thinking. So much possibilities different communities out there can do with this.

  7. sounds good. Im hoping they make a pokemon game this gen, like Xd Gale of Darkness mix with pokemon stadium ( mini games). with help from these features make pokemon battles never be the same again. Move list on gamepad while tv screen you see the pokemon figting.

  8. Ya know, I liked the idea of Facebook… but it just doesn’t work. I’m just glad that Nintendo is only using Facebook as an example of any social networking site.

    1. Facebook does work. It has millions of users and is highly successful. I personally don’t do anything on there other than to talk to people who don’t have credit on their phones, so it’s quite handy at times.

    1. toss a few hints your way as to where the extra hearts and fairies are including tips on how to beat a specific boss. In a way its just like on the 3DS, you can suspend the current game and go into MiiVerse without closing the game like as if you’re switching from the 3DS game to the game notes seemlessly

  9. No. I mean, it will be good and that but really, you can’t expect to become the most popular online gaming service a decade too late. You can’t even do it if you manage to do it at he right time because, guess what? Some people will own other consoles. No matter how good something is, other people will own alternatives anyway.
    The iPad is the best tablet. The Nexus 7 still exists. Windows is really versatile (I wont go as far as good.) People still use Linux. Skyrim is really good. People still bought other games in the holiday season. Ikea sells really good furniture. I still sit at a John Lewis desk.
    And if someone released a new kind of shelf for the Ikea desk, even if it is really good, there will still be people with John Lewis desks meaning something like it can’t be a universal service like Facebook.
    What should Nintendo do? They should do what PSN is to PS3 and what Xbox Live is to Xbox 360. They should expect it to be really good but heck, they can’t expect it to be revolutionary.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      niope they are setting their heights high. and it will pay off .
      maybe it will force/convince to own a wiiu aswell as one or both of the other 2 . we dont know yet. they are evidently trying something new.
      the only way sony can beat this is , if somehow you can dowload sex off psn :/ . i dont think they have the tech to do this yet .

  10. I’m glad they are bringing MiiVerse to the 3DS and any other internet connected device as well. It really is going to be a Facebook for gamers.

    “Da Da da da da, I’m loving it!”

    1. For NINTENDO gamers. I really wish there was a way all gamers could chat through any console. It would be really interesting and could bring the gaming community together.

              1. You didn’t need to respond. the clone only did that to get a rise outta someone, especially since it didn’t really be specific with the bashing or comparing it to anything claiming it’s worser than another product

      1. No, it would give brain-dead retards like Aeolus and his ilk a window of opportunity to treat any and all Wii U message boards the exact same way that they treat this site; as a hunting ground for their infantile trolling antics.
        As much as I appreciate your positive outlook on the thought of cross-console chat, the fact is, there would be far more undesirables than we would like taking unfair advantage of the opportunity to cause havoc.
        Leave the retarded anti-Nintendo elitists out of our Wii U message boards, thanks.

        1. Leave the real gamers* out of Eric’s babysitting tool. He’s still a little bitch, so let him and the hoard of virgins enjoy their kiddy network.

          1. Leave the fake gamers* out of Aeolus’ dick riding tool. He’s still a little bitch, so let him and the hoard of whores enjoy their broken network.

  11. I can’t wait for this on my 3DS! I hate swapnote so I hope you can send privite messages using miiverse instead, I also hope private messages aren’t moderated and take 30 minutes to send. Still it really shouldn’t be moderated. It takes wayyyy yo long to get your posts up then.

  12. I personally find this feature uttery useless, if my messages might take 3 hours to reach said person on miiverse, that throws the whole social aspect out the window. Idk what nintendo is thinking.

  13. I will definitely be using the Miiverse more than I use my facebook account. Nowadays I only go on facebook to read blogs of authors and foreign political figures I respect. With Miiverse hopefully I will be able to connect with my friends so we can play online together without having to call each other up on the phone. Hopefully I will see some of you guys on Miiverse as well.

  14. Miiverse is just stupid , it’s pointless ..I dont get why people would want to use this …The wii u is just a stupid console designed for iPad fags , Nintendo always copies apple and you guys alway say their innovative when they are really not , This system is current gen, shitty graphics,shitty online, weak 3rd party , and just old ports ..I dont see any reason buying this system if you have a ps3 or 360 which is way better than this piece of shit , the only selling point is its cluncky and retarded controller which no one would want to use ..PS4 will thrash the Wii U (LOL it’s name is retarded)

      1. Lol , sad to hear the truth ? Butthurt Nintenfags ..Nintendo is only good for kiddies and good for babysitting 9yr old niece loves playing Zelda and mk7 on her 3DS ..Nintendo is just for kids and manchild fanboys

        1. LOL… sad to hear the truth, butthurt Sony drone? Sony is only good for kiddies and good for babysitting. My 9 year old niece loves playing Little Big Planet and Wonderbook on her PS3 ..Sony is just for kids and manchild fanboys.

          Nessie… your spelling grammer sucks balls. My great-nephew types better than you. You’re running out of ideas, Sony whore. You already have a dick shove all the way up your ass. Even your mama disowns you while dwelling in the basement jerking off a photo of Jack Tretton. You’re nothing but a pathetic and inferior of a human being. You don’t belong to MyNintendoNews. Instead, you belong to a fucking zoo. It’s over and you lose. Good day sir!

          1. Leave little big planet out of this thats an awesome game and its one of the good things sony did right

          2. Butthurt much ? LBP is way more awesome than Mario , and wonderbook isn’t even out yet ..and you say I’m a Sony whore ? Lol says the nintenfag call me a sonydrone when ur a Nintendrone ..I have all systems and the wii is the worst …How about you stop sucking iwatas tiny pin dick and play some REAL GAMES ..instead of kiddy Nintendo shyte …

        2. Nintendo is just for kids? So you’re classifying that all they’re just making toys. Isn’t that what xbox and sony are doing? Just high-tech, power hardware toys? People like Ninten because the gameplay is fun and not always about shooting, boxing, sports, or graphics, but because you only pay attention to graphics and hardware, but not software, playability, or entertainment value then that’s only why you miss out.

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  16. That’ll be cool. A social network where it’s only gaming focused, share experiences in the same games as others that are playing it, tips and helpful stuff or jus to troll ppl. Yeah im lookin forward to this

  17. As nice as that sounds, I’m quite sceptical of their ability to make a good social platform out of it, and even if they succeed, I doubt it’ll be too successful. The problem I’ve had with Nintendo Networks is that barely anyone I know owns the console or game so it’s always useless…So obviously it’s success depends on the sales of the console

  18. -yawns- Miiverse well be like Xbox live friends system. Nintendoland is just like playstation home filled w/ underage kids & perverts with lame *** clubs wars. i wont be buying the PeeU especially if the games are really a hundred dollars & yes i know its just a price place holder but still. “NINTENDO IT ONLY COPIES EVERYTHING”

    Playstation Long Live Play. Microsoft Jump In

    1. Hey bad rap. You do know that Sony copies the Super Smash Bros. game on both PS3 and the portable Titanic. And you should know that Microsoft copies Nintendo’s Wii U Game Pad and created and iPad wannabe known as the SmartAss– I mean SmartGlass. Your comment is invalid and a double standard.


      1. unation u can take nintendo c**ck out of ur a**. I aint no fkin noob i’ve been gaming before ur dad knew what his boner was. nintendo died years ago the last good system they put out was the N64. The 720 & Ps4 will blow the PeeU out of the water.

        1. Bad rap… you really give video games a bad name. Nintendo will never die. Evidently, the original Wii was the world’s best selling video game console of this generation… Although game franchises are from first party, the Wii lacks third party support. Just like the evolution ladder, the system is about to change. The Wii U is the most powerful video game console this Holiday season. You’re nothing but an intellectually inferior troll and a graphics whore. The Xbox 720 (Xbox 8) and PS4 won’t be releasing until 2014 (2016 after PS3’s 10-year lifespan expires). Both soon to be consoles won’t be better than Wii U… especially Nintendo’s new console that’s powered by IBM’s processor based on Power7.

          Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is dead in Japan and Sony had lost over $6 billion on Wall Street, laying off 10,000 employees and have recently closed down its developer Sony Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis).

          In the words of Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, “Never underestimate Nintendo.” You saying Xbox8 and PS4 is gonna blow Wii U out of the water…? Not only you’re in denial, but you can’t believe what you read on the internet… otherwise Nintendo President Satoru Iwata become a millionaire… and he STILL is as a matter of fact.


  19. Miverse is going to be huge. I’m totally looking forward to it, even though I like to play mostly single player games. I wonder if this’ll work with Wii games like Skyward Sword and Xenoblade. Leave luck to heaven.

  20. Miiverse will certainly bring the gamers together. Facebook is kind of horrible for gaming, as all it does is post spam of those useless trophies and achievement systems, and twitter is just another platform of spam, with people making second-hand posts from sites like getflue or raptr about “What I played in the past 24 hours if I signed into this site beforehand”

    No, you’ll have to leave it to a game company to know how to make a social network for gamers, and Nintendo is pretty much the only group that’s qualified. I have no doubts that Miiverse will allow all the core gamers a real, game-dedicated social network to use for once.

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