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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning – Release Date And 15th Anniversary Edition Announced

Natsume has confirmed that Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for the Nintendo 3DS will launch in North America on November 6th. Those of you who pre-order the special edition of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning will get the cow, and those that pre-order the standard edition will receive the yak as a free gift.

30 thoughts on “Harvest Moon: A New Beginning – Release Date And 15th Anniversary Edition Announced”

  1. harvest moon on gamecube was truly epic. i may look into this. although i admit i may have slightly grown out of this concept. still may get it tho. you never grow out of anything really. but there is lots of other more chalenging games i would rather play

        1. well, if i’m not mistaken, the first harvest moon came to SNES a long time ago, followed by PS, then N64. Animal Crossing was first released only in Japan for N64.

            1. Well, I’m a 30-year-old gamer who’s been gaming since the beginning of the 90’s!
              I’m not saying that I know everything about games since then, but I know a lot about the games and companies I love!

  2. I wonder if it would be possible to preorder both and then return the standard copy with full money back but keep the preorder bonuses…?

    1. That country already gets better deals than here in the veat nation of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Home of the brave the best country in the world but yeah europe gets good deals. Hey i heard prince william was it? Had some naughty nude things going on lol

    2. Because Rising Star takes FOREVER to localize and release the European version. Wait for 2013, or maybe 2014.

      (I’m in Europe but my 3DS is American, and I am SO pre-ordering the special version.)

    3. It takes longer to do the French, German, Spanish translations etc.

      I’m sure we’ll see it May/June time or so. And obviously without the pre-order bonus stuff. Cus we never get stuff like that.

    1. probably not, they’ll most likely keep animal parade and tree of traquility until Natsume is ready to make another wii game

  3. So this will not be released in Australia I guess? We seem to never get anything decent down here. The gaming industry constantly lets us down…

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