Scribblenauts Unlimited For Wii U – Object Editor Trailer

Publisher WB Games released a trailer for the object editor, which is a new feature in Scribblenauts Unlimited for Wii U that puts 5th Cell’s developer tools into your hands. The trailer confirms that players can share their creations with friends – who will be able to modify them however they like.



  1. *mind wonders on what can’t be created* I wonder is it possible to make a sword… then share it to my friend who adds a cannon on it… then share it to another person who adds wheels to it…. and i get it back to see that there’s been another sword attached to it


  2. I think they should have free dlc packs for this game, such as a Zelda dlc (which ou can use items that were in the game), paper Mario dlc etc etc


    1. You shouldn’t care about your age when it comes to gaming.
      Games are games; no one’s opinion of it should matter but your own, in regard to what you choose to buy. Get what entertains you. That’s what games were made for. Haters gonna hate, ignore them and get what makes you smile.^_^


      1. i agree . i am 21. and i play what ever i want. kirby is awesome , mario is awesome , mother fuking scrible naughts is awesome!!! i also play ‘mature’ games aswell. and to be honest , they feel less mature than most E rated games because they are trying to be too mature and failing almost as if they are aimed at simple minded idiots who know nothing about gaming (some of them) . for me tho , the legend of zelda is about as ‘mature’ as gaming gets.

        please aelous dont reply saying have you played mgs and uncharted!!!! . yes i played them when they first came out . now stfu .


      2. *kinda wishes the rating system was here so i can posi vote this* Cosign, get the games that interest you. Remember, all video games, consoles, and etc are high-tech toys because they’re meant for entertainment. Anyone that judges you based on the games you play has sad judgement of character.


  3. Bippity Boppity Boop!!! The game looks real cute… not for me, but I know there are people out there who like cute games ;) Bing Bang Boom!!!


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