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Monster Hunter 4 And Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney Playable At Tokyo Game Show

Level 5’s Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney and Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 for Nintendo 3DS will be playable at this years Tokyo Game Show. No Wii U, Wii or Nintendo DS games are scheduled to be at the event, but there will be thirteen Nintendo 3DS games on display. Tokyo Game Show kicks off on Thursday, September 20th.



      1. I <3 dick.

        Now it's not.

        I haven't ever been to a gaming convention and I live in CA. I don't like the social aspect, but I fully understand how much more exciting it is to actually be there. Steams are just fine for me~


  1. I’d actually be rather keen on trying out MH4, I avoided MH3 for the Wii because I get addicted to games far to easily, but a handheld MH on a console I own could be just the thing to fix that :P


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