Nintendo has released a TV commercial for Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition. The game includes a total of six classic Kirby games, and will be released with a Kirby history booklet as well as a Kirby soundtrack disc. The collection will launch for Wii in North America on September 16th.



  1. once again Nintendo milking OLD games and ignoring a much better series… METROIDS anniversary.

    Catering to the baby gamers as always I see…


    • baby gamers? … dude, i dont know if you’ve heard.. but this is kirby’s 20th anniversary. anyone’s whos been around that long doesnt seem like a baby to me.


        • Metroid isn’t as popular in Japan as it is over here. Probably played a factor in that.

          Besides, it doesn’t matter that much. I like Metroid as well, but I’ve accepted that it’s not getting an anniversery of its own. It’s not that big a deal at all.


          • “Metroid isn’t as popular in Japan as it is over here. Probably played a factor in that.”

            and that is exactly why that employee bashed Nintendo. NOA and NOE cant even run without Japan telling them what to release. Nintendo has many great japanese games but they dont as well outside of Japan. Mario games and spinoffs and zelda being an exception.

            Nintendo should hire more western devs like the old rare back in the 90s and make games tailored for western audiences. Metroid did better outside of Japan since it is slightly more geared towards the West.

            It’s sad that people let Nintendo get away with this bullshittery and just release 280kb roms (yes I looked it up lol) on GB discs!! Atleast put more than 6 kirby games if they want to celebrate it’s anniversary!.


    • I don’t get why people is bothering making serious replies to you, it’s… it’s sad… come on, guys! Let’s be mature and let this spoiled kid have its fun bashing Nintendo! It’s just a kid! Why should we care?

      Then have fun, little kiddie! Bash Nintendo as much as you want! It might be one of the only moments where there’s joy in this sad life of yours. Bash! Insult! The sky is the limit on the internet!
      (-^o^-)/ ~~❤


  2. I can get all of those games on an emulator by downloading 40mb roms which i can get for FREE , EPIC FUCKING FAIL .. Only a fucking disc with OLD ROMS which they can just effortlessly burn on one disc and that’s how they celebrate their franchise’s anniversary? i know the Mario anniversary was a DISASTER and the Zelda anniversary was OKAY but this is just cheap and lazy ,This is why Nintendo sucks dick.


  3. all right so listent up the wiiu will fail so dont buy it ur waisting your money.nintendo sucks a lot,wiiu is not a next gen console and its weaker and blah blah blah u all nintedrones suck a lot so fuck u and pee a tsunami


  4. Even though this is kinda Milking it,I will be happy to have Kirby being near the end of the Wii’s life,R.I.P Wii you soon shall have more memories with newer games on the Wii-U,But one thing I hope is a Star Fox on the Wii U it would really work on it


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