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Kirby’s 20th Anniversary Club Nintendo Sale Taking Place For Limited Time

The Kirby Patch Set, which features Kirby’s Epic Yarn variant of Kirby and Prince Fluff, can be redeemed from the North American Club Nintendo for half the coins until the end of the week. Members who choose to claim the reward by September 15th only have to use 175 of their coins, rather than spending the normal 350.

The other Kirby-related Club Nintendo reward, Limited Edition Kirby Medal, is currently sold out as there were only 1,000 of them available.

22 thoughts on “Kirby’s 20th Anniversary Club Nintendo Sale Taking Place For Limited Time”

        1. Yeah, couple things about that. First of all, if theres no news, Sickr and Alba can’t write about it anything, they don’t run the game industry, they just report news if there is any.
          Second, shut up the GPU, who the hell cares? I mean, “best gpu of all time”? Not gona happen, the best gpu around right now will end up being outdated in 2-3 years. It also costs hundreds of dollars. But it doesnt matter anyway. The WiiU could have the same GPU as the ps3 for all i care, but it doesnt, the system is more powerful than the current gen, so whats the problem?
          Focus on how the games will PLAY not how they look. A pretty game is only pretty for a certain amount of time, but a fun game will always be fun

            1. Sure didnt look like sarcasm. And who cares whats under the bonnet, its just numbers and figures. I know why you want to know, so you can just go up to people and say, “well the WiiU has blah blah amount of RAM, and the GPU is this and this”. Give it up, its more powerful than a ps3, why does it matter?

              Funnily enough, you buy a games console, for GAMES. Who gives a flying fuck what GPU is has. All gaming is now is people flapping about specs, like it means something, rather than going, “oh, we have this game, and this game”. Borderlands 2 is out to. It has a cartoony art style. Do people care? No, because fun. And anyone that does care is a fcking moron. Graphics are a fucking gimmick. We are NOT restricted by graphically limitations anymore. This isnt a SNES, or an N64. PC games offer NOTHING but better graphics, when it comes to whats different between the console release and PC release.

              Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

              1. you stfu idiot , i want to KNOW 100% that the wiiu is MORE capable than the old 360 and ps3 . why ?????? because that will personally make me more enthusiastic about owning the wiiu .

                i am NOT a graphics whore , but i want to see Nintendo’s games looking even better than the amazing graphics we have been seeing on ps3 and 360 .

                i am 99% sure this will be the case . but just WANT confirmation .

        2. do you got the ”Wiiu has the best gpu of all time” link anywhere, if not stfu they are not going to pull stuff out of there ass just to please fanboys, this is news for club Nintendo people.

  1. This is legit I just place my order for kirby patch & King Kirby patch today. 175 points.. not bad at deal if your a fan.

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