Epic Mickey 2 Confirmed For Wii U

Although Warren Spector of Junction Point Studios previously stated that it would be too late to develop a Wii U version of Epic Mickey: The Power of Two, the game has been confirmed for Nintendo’s forthcoming console and is actually a Wii U launch window title.



  1. Ah, the shift from Wii to Wii-U…A move that makes sense, and allows the user to make the most of the touchscreen along with the drawing gimmick – perhaps the Wiimote will be the eraser feature, allowing for an interesting teamwork dynamic if there’s a 2 Playe mode.

    Ah. Capcom should make Okami for this game…this would be it’s spiritual home, almost!


    1. The studio that actually developed Okami, Clover Studios, were disbanded a while back. Most of them got together and became Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Madworld, Vanquish, etc) but they don’t work with Capcom anymore (Capcom owns Okami though, yeah)


  2. Wow, Spector. I was sure you weren’t bringing it to Wii U. Then this happened. Awesome. Though it makes sense, since 360 and PS3 are getting it in HD (of course). Guess I’ll go for the Wii U version.


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