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Pachter Was Actually Kinda Impressed With Wii U

Famed analyst Michael Pachter, who is renowned for his controversial views when it comes to Nintendo, has admitted on Twitter that he’s actually kinda impressed with Wii U. Pachter says that pricing is about right, and that both third-party and first-party efforts look promising.

The Wii U software lineup was better than I expected, third party support pretty solid, and Nintendo titles high quality.


86 thoughts on “Pachter Was Actually Kinda Impressed With Wii U”

          1. I check all of his tweets and to me, he didn’t seem that impressed… Was baffled by the price which I’m guessing he believes its to high, he was expecting $250 and $300 por normal bundle and premium bundle. Apart from that he believes that there will be a price cut in 2013, guessing he doesn’t think it will sell enough and have to do a price cut just like 3ds.

            What I do think is that he like the game lineup but apart from that very pessimistic.

      1. Ness is a troll. I’m pretty sure he only says bad things about Nintendo to enrage the psychotic fanboys, haha.

        Aeolus on the other hand…can’t tell. I’ve seen some of his comments, and either he’s really good at trolling, or he’s an incredibly negative (and miserable) person. ;3

  1. People seem to forget that Pachter is a human being. Until today, everyone was blind to how nice the Wii U launch lineup and pricing would be. Pachter obviously saw a ‘not bad’ thing going on, and stated as such.

  2. This certainly has proven to be quite the turnaround today…the Wii-U is NOT going to be the death knell of Nintendo, and people legit want it. All part of the plan! :3

  3. a question is with the black version included nintendoland ?

    if so whats the point in buying the white version ?

    wii u white 300 and nintendoland 50 makes 350 :S

    1. Its comes with NintendoLand in America, not sure about anywhere else.

      And the black WiiU has a 32GB memory rather than 8GB, charger stand for games like Pikmin for example, and a Nintendo Network Premium which gives you 10% off all digital titles, forever

  4. WHAT? NO!!! The World can’t end before i get one! :( But if he’s just be nice for once, then HHAHAHAH! Someone who always insults the Wii U finally was impressed.

  5. Irrational people will think of rational people as the most unfair thing in the world.

    You guys will never admit it, but until today, Pachter’s concerns about the Wii U were perfectly legitimate. But because of you fanaticism, you will never admit to that. List off every non-Nintendo console you own if you have to, and list off every way you are “open” to other ways of gaming if you want to, but your actions and your attitude speak more volumes.

    Like I said, a rational person is the most unfair thing to irrational people.

  6. He does say nice things about all of the Big 3 (sometimes, lol) it’s just that this site really only reports on the negative stuff. In fairness he usually is negative more often than he is positive, I suppose

  7. Holy f**k. Did I read that right? Pachter said something positive about an object with more than three pulleys and a button?

  8. He’s capable of saying nice things about nintendo?!? In all seriousness though I was REALLY blown away by the presentation. 51 games in 4 months. A lot of those are quality games too. I was worried about how nintendo was gonna handle Wii U. I am worried no more.

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  10. When will you people learn…Most of what he says is true, just it tends to present Nintendo in a negative light and so people refuse to listen. Of course he makes some mistakes but most of the time he’s right or at the very least you can see the reason behind the comments he makes.

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  12. If Pathcer says either PS4 or Xbox3 will fail then that is a dead on sign that the world will end…
    But atleast I have a way out of this stupid planet hahahahahah

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