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Super Mario 3D Land Clone Now On App Store

Those of wanting your fix of Mario on an iOS can now download this shameful clone of Super Mario 3D Land on the App Store. The game is titled 3D Cartoon Land: Safari and the resemblance to the Nintendo 3DS hit Super Mario 3D Land is readily apparent. The developer Jjang Zhi is charging a dollar for the game.

Thanks, CM30

126 thoughts on “Super Mario 3D Land Clone Now On App Store”

    1. They don’t even try to make it look original. Look it’s apparently Mario, but it’s not Mario because its not made by Nintendo.

      1. It is because the guy who made this game and the guy who made te pokemon clone are from China!!!! No piracy laws there, so there is no one to sue!!!

    1. they get thousand of dollars, then they just apologizes about it and still get the profit….oh glorious nintendo please sue this muthafcka really hard this time

      1. I don’t understand. A company stoops low when they file copyright/patent charges on something that you deem simple, yet we criticize Nintendo for not sueing this knock-off company’s re-creation of a relatively simple concept?
        I don’t get you pro-IP people.
        Abolish intellectual property!!

  1. Love the description.

    “Very simply yet very addicting,this unique game requires you to quickly jump over obstacles and collect coins.But you are not secure in this beautiful cartoon world.An angry tortoise could bite you.An easy and smooth control makes it very funny and to jump or run.”

    xD damn.. why people still copy nintendo, damn it..

  2. What are the developers thinking? Making some thats similar to Mario is one thing, but actually copying Mario’s design along with enemy designs?

  3. You have got to fucking kidding me…seriously? Isn’t this what copyright is around for? I got these guys get raped by the Nintendo Ninjas

  4. there have been a large amount of games and apps that have been not allowed to be put into the app store because of inappropriate content, how did this pass QC and get through when it is blatant intellectual property infringement?

  5. i just looked at it on Apple’s website and it is exactly the same. Propeller boxes, those green platforms, everything. Infringement

  6. How did Apple let this pass their validation processes? Because I do recall hearing they review new games to try and find legal issues or something, how the hell did they miss this?

    From the guidelines:

    ‘Use of protected 3rd party material (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, otherwise proprietary
    content) requires a documented rights check which must be provided upon request’

    How the hell did they get past that with a blatant Mario clone?

    Still, it’s a shameless rip off, and I hope Nintendo really gets them for this. Especially considering it’s not their only Mario rip off:

  7. Wow, this is why we see many articles on why people want Nintendo games on mobile devices. If Nintendo doesn’t accept their requests, then these copy games appear.

    Really, stop copying Nintendo games. It’s only hurting yourself.

    1. I say just BUY THE DAMN SYSTEM if you want a real Mario game. It cost less than an overpriced piece of garbage you can barely play a proper game on.

  8. Doesn’t Apple have to view what gets on the app store?

    It seems like they don’t care and all they want is money, really starting to hate Apple now.

    1. Apple is acting to much like Atari. Open the hatch and let the shit pour in until you drown the consumer confidence in a pile of diarrhea!!

  9. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    Could somebody please send this over to Nintendo’s customer service or somewhere where you can contact their people? Taking an idea from a game is alright if you add your own stuff, but this is just unacceptable, they copied his fucking clothes!

  10. ok first pushmo (blockshift), then pokemon (whats it called), and now smb3d land (THIS) and there charging you for this garbage, no no thats just mess up.

  11. How is it even possible as developer to say for yourself: “I made a game that uses a mario game as inspiration, oh sorry that’s wrong I used my own inspiration to edit a mario game and then charge a buck for it.” How can those developers look at themselves in the mirror? How?

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  13. Nintendo could easily sue all of them. That Pokemon rip-off, this game, and possibly even more clones coming to app stores.Please Nintendo, sue them. Please!

    1. Oh my gosh, that is so true. If they hate Nintendo so much, why are they copying their creations? It’s like someone who hates Justin Bieber but decides to sag like him. Ugh.

        1. Sorry, I was just trying to make a point. I guess I should use my words wisely.
          Sorry to those who like Nintendo but hates Bieber. I’m not a Bieber fan either.

    Why is EVERYBODY copying nintendo!I bet trolls are gonna hate.

    1. Sony and apple make it most noticeable, but for x box, there are only two.
      1.abyx buttons
      2.gamecube controller placement.

  15. You know i’ll understand if this a project made by a student on their art school, that would be ok; it’s a very good way to start in the coding/design of games; but selling that thing for $1, and offer a mediocre description using lines like “this unique game” or “An angry tortoise could bite you.” it’s just bad, i mean i will feel like a bitch from the street if i sell this garbage. I just have to say, Apple you just want money! and Dude, the one who create this crap, Do you have any respect for yourself?
    Nintendo, sue them both. :)

  16. There’s almost enough for a law suit here. If even one copyrighted name is found in this game then Nintendo would have every right to sue.

  17. Whover said Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery clearly wasn’t thinking of gaming!
    This is rather ridiculous…but since it’s China, it is untouchable…for example, I once saw a rather blatant Mario Galaxy clone highlighted for the PC on youtube.

    Chinese Developers – because who needs scruples when you can have money!~

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