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High Quality Wii U Final Hardware Images Appear Online

Game Reactor who attended the Wii U experience at Nintendo Europe HQ have taken a number of high quality snaps of the final Wii U hardware. There were white Wii U console’s at the event, but Nintendo were apparently only letting people take high quality photos of the Premium model. You can view all thirteen images right here.

214 thoughts on “High Quality Wii U Final Hardware Images Appear Online”

  1. Mediocre, looks like a fisher price product. They should have hid that sync button in the SD door like the original Wii, a proper stand could have made it more presentable too.

      1. Dude wtf is happening on this site ? they changed everything. I like the old format, the article and threads are in the center. urrrgghh

                  1. Looks like someone has never seen graphics of console games early on in a consoles life…
                    Look at the 360’s graphics when it just started out. Can you really say that those graphics were as good as they are now? It’s how a console works, which you seem to not know much about.

                    You really are a dick. Do you really have the idiotic need to confront everything someone says? Let people have their opinions, Also, try to make some friends, maybe then you could learn at least a little bit of social acceptability .

                    1. Old excuse is old. Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Viva Pinata–all of which were clearly ahead of the past generation. Your argument is invalid.

                    2. It’s only launch. If the games look just as good as the current generation at launch, then they will look way better in the future. It’s inevitable!

                    3. i agree with everyone else on here, you’re not wanted. you’re an opionionated asshole that can tell how stupid you really are. seriously, if nintendo sucks SO BAD then why in the hell are you following a nintendo news site? you do realize how stupid that is right? it’s like if i hated donuts, and i went to krispy kreme just so i could sit there and complain about donuts around people that like donuts. it’s fucking stupid. please, just go be a dumbass somewhere else.

              1. The one question he’ll never respond…
                He can’t really say that he’s an attention deprived pathetic idiot who lives off his notoriety on this site now, can he? ;)

              2. He has internet cancer . In other news , the black wiiu is the best looking console of all time so far . Even better looking that black cheese wedge ps3 and the Goliath embarassment original grey 360 .

          1. Looks similar to the plastic used in the original PS3 models. Which highlights the stupidity in calling it a fisher price looking product.

              1. Well, I’ll be able to compare them side by side in person… I’ll be sure to let you know in a couple of months. :)

                          1. oh you got me, i feel uncomfortable talking about homosexuality. it weirds me out. i guess that just makes me like most of the population anyway.

                    1. yet you haven’t answered the question. Unless you admit that you’re one of the aeoluses that are getting paid to spam nintendo forums with negative garbage.

                1. Excuse me? You call youself “gamer”, yet you make fun of Xbox 360 like that. I play on all the consoles, Nintendo mostly, but I’ve had my 360 for a long time, played it more than my Wii, and there has never been any issues with it. I hate fanboys.

                  1. hey man, i used to play the hell out of my 360, but they do tend to break a lot. i mean i’ve had my slim since they released it, and it’s still good. but yeah the original ones break a lot

                  2. My thoughts exactly. And they seem to not get that the Slim version fixes a lot of those problems.
                    The only hardware issue I got is that it automatically shuts down when overheating (when playing for hours). It’s annoying, but better than the console breaking itself.

                    On another note, if Wii U fixes 3rd party support (even in the future), I won’t need any other consoles.

              1. You have no idea do you? Who cares about the quality of the materials. It kicks the shit out of the 360 either way. Why put up a fight about design?

          2. Looks aren’t everything. Look at the vital. It appears Look a kickass handheld console but. It’s a piece of shit.

                  1. You always defend trolls, like you, saying “grammar doesn’t matter, yet you take any opportunity to correct someone else’s.

                    Hypocrisy at its finest.

          1. Meanwhile the fanboys are going to come in and like “HURR DURR GPGPU, HERPITY DERP!”

            It can’t do everything a CPU can and it most certainly wouldn’t result in a gigantic boost in processing performance to complement a mediocre main processor. Just putting that out there.

            1. How much bigger do you want/expect gaming to get, honestly? Not everyone has the time to pump 100 hours into games like Skyrim. Gaming right now is just perfect for me, I don’t NEED more powerful consoles, as long as it runs smoothly, looks pretty, and offers me an enjoyable gaming experience. Honestly, who buys a console purely for the specs? I’m going to buy a WiiU because it will support my existing Wii library and it has good games coming for it, and the GamePad looks like it’s going to shake up how I experience games, and I’m really looking forward to it.

                  1. Because he believes that his thoughts and opinions are the only ones worth to listen to. In his head everything goes like this “I’m right, they’re wrong. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me is an idiot”

                    1. Casually ignore my input and make a claim with no backing evidence,now I remember why I get sick of arguing with you.
                      Please, tell me how it will matter in terms of “long term support”, as you say.

                      1. it’s quite simple
                        he can’t
                        he’ll be all over you about how is pals on some random forum said this and that and totally agree with him
                        he readily repeats anything he picks up somewhere else without actually having any clue about the background as long as it’s something he can use to throw dirt at nintendo (or whichever other nemesis his narrow little mind has chosen)
                        and when a discussion is out of his depth, which happens quite regularly, he starts arguing semantics and grammar (laugh) or tries to rip statements out of context so he can misinterpret them and continue arguing
                        having an argument with this person is just not possible
                        it’s more like a monologue from his point of view

                        i’m just wondering how sad and lonely his life must really be to regularly come to and waste his time on a nintendo news site (!) trying to convince them that everything nintendo is nothing but crap without any success at all
                        if at least he got paid for this by sony

                        1. Your limited vocabulary makes you considerably less witty than you’re trying to be.

                          You also never actually know what you’re talking about either. Just like how you were trying to tell me that “7 series GPU” meant 7000 series. Yeah, Nintendo placed a custom, late 2011 series of cards into their Wii U shortly after E3. Lmfao, what an idiot.

                          1. and again with the “out of context” and “trying to misinterpret”
                            thanks for giving that great example you’ve really done me a great favor
                            what i really said was that these specs were contradicting themselves and were thus very likely wrong
                            i never claimed that nintendo put a custom HD 7000 series gpu into their system

                            you however claimed that everyone calls the R700 gpu a “series 7 GPU” however a quick google search will reveal that to be utterly wrong

                            you’re welcome ;)

                          2. They contradicted nothing. The GPU was called GPU 7 and that was seemingly a nickname for it. You on the other hand said that 7000 series was called “amd 7 series”, which it is not.

                            Also, I specifically said AMD 700 series, so don’t try to butcher my quotes to help your case. I was right and you were wrong. Walk away, faggot.

                          3. “They contradicted nothing. The GPU was called GPU 7 and that was seemingly a nickname for it. You on the other hand said that 7000 series was called “amd 7 series”, which it is not.

                            Also, I specifically said AMD 700 series, so don’t try to butcher my quotes to help your case. I was right and you were wrong. Walk away, faggot.”

                            um.. i’d recommend querying google for “amd 7 series gpu” see what that brings up

                            you did indeed say people are referring to the R700 when they say 7 series
                            and i can prove it too ;)
                            right here:
                            “Except nobody said this was Southern Islands and there are numerous series of cards referred to as “7 series”. R700 is”

                            and again
                            “Everybody knows they’re not referring to “amd series 7″ as HD7xxx, they’re talking about R700, as noted multiple times.”

                            it appears your brain may not be working right
                            might want to visit a doctor

                          4. of course you also forgot to mention the contradiction about it saying powerPC when actually the architecture is based on POWER7 as confirmed by IBM
                            doesn’t surprise me though seeing as you always handpick anything you like to reply to and ignore anything else that doesn’t further your argument

                          5. Why did you feel the need to quote my entire post?

                            Yeah, because Google search is directly proportional to what it’s called and not actually the most common search criteria. Nice logic, makes plenty of fucking sense. /s

                            Once again don’t butcher quotes: is precisely what I was implying with those posts; everyone is clearly talking about R700. So you did all that post unearthing for it to be rendered futile. Good job.

                            Also, Power7 was not confirmed, for the final fucking time:


                            Stay in school, I’m actually getting tired of shit punctuation at this point. Learn to type.

                          6. only if you learn to read first
                            i’ve already proven that power 7 has been confirmed by IBM
                            i’m sure the concept is familiar? giving proof? their press release said it would be using power architecture and listed specifics that are inherent to power7 and no other power architecture

                            and that’s that

                          7. what makes sony better when sony fucking sucks. ps3 and vita sucks balls and will always suck balls. sony died with ps2 and psp the ps3 has nothing but a bunch of i.p that nobody gives a fuck about or play. you think sony gives two shits about you, them greedy fucks. everything they offer is a lie when they should be sued for false advertisement. like when ps3 was supposed to be backward comp with ps1 and ps2 games but what did they do, they took it away so you would have to buy the same games you own in digital format. same thing goes for psvita instead of adding a umd for backwards capabilities they said fuck you and force people to buy there old psp games in digital format. why should you keep buying the same game over and over.ps3 already burnt out there ps1 and 2 catalog and now psvita will do the same with the psp catalog. sony’s time is ticking ps3 is at its last limb and psvita is on a respirator.truth of the matter is sony wont sell nothing this coming holiday season. vita will get scraped soon in the next two quarters and sony playstation corp will go bankrupt. R.I.P SONY

                          8. Power7 has not been confirmed by IBM, they specifically corrected that previous tweet. The evidence is in your face. If you want to clutch at straws all day, be my guest. But you are wrong, and their recent tweets have pretty much said it. Wii U is not going to be Power7.

                          9. it was not a tweet you moron it was a press release
                            learn. to. read.
                            nothing has been corrected
                            that press release is still there i even sent you the link
                            certainly not my fault if you’re incapable of reading and comprehending it

                            1. “wii u chip clarification: it’s a power-based microprocessor”
                              did he say powerpc based? NO he did not
                              and he’s also linking to that same fucking PRESS RELEASE

                              thanks for clarifying that you’re obviously suffering from dyslexia
                              my god what an utterly moronic piece of shit you are

                              showcasing it for everyone to see aswell and apparently being proud of it

                            2. oh and i just found something interesting in those tweets just a tiny bit further down

                              ” @Xbicio @BoostFire The Wii U is a custom 45nm #power7 chip. Same SOI design in #ibmwatson ”

                              are you kidding me?


                              The “press release” doesn’t mean SHIT IF HE’S COMING WITH UPDATED INFORMATION. They said it’s POWER BASED. There is NO MENTION of it being a POWER7 besides that old and SHITTY tweet that he clarified, But the architecture and instructions STILL EXIST.

                              Also, what the fuck are you scrolling down for? Those are OLD TWEETS.

                              You know what? You’re ignored from now on, you’re a dipshit with the IQ of a fucking brick. By the way, try saying that last bit in my face, pussy. i’ll guarantee I’ll kick your fucking teeth out and leave your bloodied corpse on display for the whole community to look at. Keep your keyboard warm. You’re nothing offline and you’ll find yourself getting your busted up fast.

                              1. is someone getting angry? really frightening your threats… no wait actually they’re just ridiculous

                                this twitter account is being managed by michael
                                do you have any idea who that is? obviously not or you wouldn’t actually fucking believe he would make such a mistake
                                he’s program director of watson
                                this is obviously an NDA being enforced by nintendo you’re just too bloody stupid to see it
                                please gtfo your blatant ignorance and stupidity are unbearable

                              2. ffs
                                michael holmes
                                see what you did there? your stupidity and inability to read and draw conclusions are already starting to affect everyone here
                                please get out

                    2. There is clearly no relevance to your existance on this site.

                      You’re an ignorant obsolete Troll, who simply likes to secretly promote Nintendo by giving Sickr and Alba a shit-ton of hits, driving more people to find Nintendo in gaming searches.

                      Ir didn’t you know you were supporting Nintendo far more than the “Fanboys” on this site?

                      You’re and idiot. And thank you.

                1. If I need a good CPU, I’ll go with my PC…I don’t need a console with amazing hardware, but I do need one with amazing exclusive software.

              1. I am pretty sure everything else , other than the slightly lesser clocked cpu in wiiu is far far better than the ps3 and 360 . We already know the RAM is 4 times as much . lol .

                Stop with the fanboy shit please , the wiiu is EASILY capable of producing graphics that blow awy the current generation . and you know it .
                you are trying to get some nintendo a fans a twist in their knickers

              1. LOL,guys i am not trolling,the wiiu’s cpu is weak,why Nintendo didn’t improve it?Maybe they dont care about us anymore and decided to give us a weak 1 dont them?

              1. It’s a babysitting tool, and it will drop off the map in software shortly after the next gen TRUE HD consoles surface.

                Always happens, this gen won’t be an exception.

                1. Should I remind you that the Wii used tech that was dated back to 1998. If you dont understand that when comparing the Wii to Wii U, you are seriously retarded. A lot of Wii U tech is from 2011. Its going to be like the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube generation all over again. You’ll probably deny that to but hey thats what sony/microsoft drones do. That is all.

                    1. Did you also notice the PS2 won that generation and it was the weakest console of all three? But hey specs are what matter. (sarcasm)

                2. Nintendo will mop the floor against stronger systems.
                  This generation will be no different.
                  Wii killed the 360 and PS3
                  The 3DS killed the Vita
                  Analysts are as fucking wrong as Aeolus.
                  Some things never change.
                  Have fun fucking around this site moron.
                  In a month or two, we’ll be enjoying our new console.

                  1. Wii only sold better, it sucks at absolutely everything else.
                    The handheld generation isn’t over either, so that’s invalid.
                    The PSP itself is still alive with strong support and the original DS is currently dead.

                    Nintendo will always suck.

                    1. This character that you create for yourself is hugely entertaining. I hope you keep it up, these comments are normally boring anyway.

                    2. sales means everything when a product dont sell is cause it sucks, like your mother and nobody wants it like the psvita and your mother.

                    3. psp is alive? sony killed psp in 2011 there not making games in the u.s at all only japan but ds is alive and well with new games constantly coming out on it like black and white should go work for ign because your one ignorant bastard

            2. slick black and sexy and think is a BEAST aswell with that GPGPU in it this thing is everything you could ever want! you got first party third party and it all in HD and the best console graphic at this moment. THANKS NINTENDO

                1. you you dont uderstand do you wii u has a GPGPU so it point putting a powerful cpu because the gpgpu take most of the work load so it really smart by nintendo because you still get the great graphic and it cut some of the cost which makes it cheaper for us

                1. you really dont uderstand do you wii u has a GPGPU so it point putting a powerful cpu because the gpgpu take most of the work load so it really smart by nintendo because you still get the great graphic and it cut some of the cost which makes it cheaper for us

                2. Who cares? The CPU may be “weak”, but it can be gotten around. The GPGPU functions will likely help to some degree.
                  Once the developers get the hang of it, the Wii U’s performance will surprise some people.
                  But the trolls will still troll. Haters will still hate. That’s the web for ya.

            3. nice, it’s pretty small. Multiple times more powerful than current gen system, yet smaller and for the same price point! Good job Nintendo!

            4. That awkward moment when the controller is bigger than the console…
              No seriously though that’s great, I had issues with the size of the PS3/360, the Wii tucked away into whatever little nook you liked, hopefully the WiiU will be similar.

            5. Sony and Microsoft have such amazing hardware and software! …. But it’s not as much fun as a Nintendo Blog.

              If a Nintendo blog can keep trolls coming back, just imagine what their game consoles can do.

            6. In reality, seems that they used a 10 year-old 1.2 MP camera, and all good procedures in taking pictures were totally forgot. Any person with any cell phone could do much, much better. I regret such a bad work. But, anyway, it is clear that deluxe Wii U will come in black piano, what I, confess, don’t like at all.

            7. I would prefer a matte finish like the 3DS XL… but other than that I’m pretty excited about it. I guess I didn’t realize how small the unit was until I saw the pad on top. Wow.

            8. Judging from the size. I’m gonna guess it can’t really handle unreal engine 4 1080p 60 fPS.but it’d be fine. As long as there disinterested much of a huge difference. As long ad it has third party support and it’ll be a great console. Maybe not legendary but great. Now the question is just how far can the PS4 and Xbox go in terms of specs before it bankrupts their company.

                1. It can and does. COD Black Ops II is confirmed to run at full HD (1080p) and 60fps. Where do you get your information? Who writes these “facts” of yours.
                  *wonka-face* Please tell me again how you know so much about the Wii U.
                  Who said it won’t handle 1080p?
                  Are you your own source for information?
                  Why the FUNK are you here?

                  1. Call of Duty doesn’t and has never run at 1080p natively. On PS3 it runs at something like 512p and on XBox its like 608p. The engine then upscaled the game. I’m on my phone and can’t look up exact figures, but you can if you’re interested. Before you retort that the Wii U version will different, get some proof.

              1. It can handle UnrealEngine 4, but definitely not at 60fps. That engine is “supremely scalable”.
                EPIC Games say that they can run UE4 on smartphones, tablets, consoles, and of course, the mighty PC. It can scale. Just like any modern game engine.

            9. What a sexy fella! :D

              Also, console war is a waste of time! There is so much more to do than that… People can play what they want… … … But… But.. What I am doing!? Being polite and sane? Wake up, me! I’m on the Internet!



            10. nintendo will go powerful again when they run out of gamechangers the gpad will be standard by the time the boxstations launch if nintendo ever gets some real support the console would be overwhelming the nintendo franchises with the hd power may bring back old fans either way the next 6 years will be magnificent

            11. Looks great. Cannot wait until I get mine. Some people really should leave this site.

              Seeing their childish come backs make them look very pathetic.

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            13. Aeolus is now my favorite poster. -Besides myself of course- I love the amount of control he has. No matter what anybody posts, he can reply to it and get them to freak out! :D It is hilarious! thank you for making some of these comments easy to read. Even though I’m not really getting any information out of reading them. Anyways, thank you and feel free to respond to my post and make everybody flip their lids!

            14. Mmmm looks the Wii U is looking nice :) Kind of small, but that’s appealing.
              *Looks at comments*
              Lol people have to ignore this Aeolus guy a bit more. He’s an old cunt who enjoys starting arguments on the internet. Oh and this is not the only site where he has a good go at Nintendo, believe me. I bumped into some of his comments on another site… and I was like -____- really….

            15. Looking sexy as hell… The PS3 looked bulky. The Xbox 360 was just an embarrassment. The Wii looked like a brick that had fallen in tippex. But this? I don’t even want to relegate this to the cabinet under my TV. I might frame it.

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