Criterion Isn’t Talking About Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 Wii U At The Moment

Leanne Loombe, one of the Need for Speed Most Wanted producers on the team at Criterion has explained to NZ Gamer that they aren’t willing to speak about the inevitable Wii U version of Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 at the moment. We’ve seen lots of indications that the game is coming to Wii U, but Criterion just haven’t confirmed it.

As to a Wii U version? Rather than state “No, there is no Wii U version planned”, Leanne replied to my query about it with the rather more interestingly phrased “No, we’re not talking about Wii U at the moment”…



    1. EA IS PUBLISHING IT, how many times do people have to repeat it? EA, goddamn it. And by saying EA I don’t mean they make terrible games (While they often do.), it means they aren’t supporting Nintendo after Nintendo declined EA’s Origin integration into the Nintendo Network.
      Are you a goddamn hater, since I’ve seen your other comments, and they are either by a person who doesn’t research ANYTHING, or you are a hater.


      1. Do you notice anything among those games? One is a re-release that doesn’t even support 1080p, and the others are your run off the mill sports games. Where are games like Medal of Honor, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3?


  1. So many things still unsure about with Wii-U; I hope this stigma doesnt continue for long. What we need is an epic Nintendo Direct telling us everything about the Wii-U, online, current games, future games, future plans etc. It’s good that the console isn’t getting port after port, but some titles are currently needed I think, especially games like Tomb Raider, Hitman and Bioshock. Let’s see what next year brings.


  2. hmmmm this is getting to be repetitive news that some of these third party developers are not yet on board with Nintendo and like i said on the other articles about negative posts, i am not turning my back and giving up on Nintendo, i have been with them since i was a little boy and i have seen Nintendo grow over the years. so the ball is now in the court of Nintendo and how they will keep these developers with them. i believe in Nintendo and i am not worried. the Wii U will be apart of my household. ( besides criterion didn’t say that there wouldn’t be a Wii U release but that its not on their plate right now. )


    1. right, i agree jaded, the console hasn’t even came to fluition yet and this negativity is hitting the internet. come on people, give Nintendo a chance to breathe and show what it can do rather than speculate. with a new gaming system comes risks but Nintendo knows what they are doing, if they didn’t then they would not have gone with a launch this year.


    2. I’m with ya. People saying all this crap without even letting the console launch and actually seeing how it holds up. No one is clairvoyant so why are so many ppl spreading bullshit when really only ninten themselves know how their system performs?


  3. Sounds like they want to hang out with the Wii U, but because EA is butthurt they slapped Criterion, and now they ”don’t want to talk about it…”.


  4. God, what is wrong with you people? ”Uhh, that’s not a good sign.”, ”This secrecy has to mean something bad.”, ”Third parties aren’t all yet on board with the Wii U.”, etc.
    Get your fucking heads out of your ass and look up the publisher, it’s EA, and they have some weird hatred for Nintendo after Nintendo declined EA’s Origin integration into Nintendo Network. This is nothing fucking new, nor is it bad, or good for that matter. It’s just butthurt EA restricting their developers from making a Wii U version.


  5. Is need for speed even still a big title these days? I haven’t played in ages since the burnout games came out which became the “new need for speed” for me, and lately Test Drive Unlimited. The only realistic sim racing game I’m looking forward too is that project cars game


  6. Claim down, these games don’t even matter… not at this present time…Nintendo already has an overwhelming list of launch titles…there is only so much cash to be spent and money to be made during this time, for EA, Ubisoft or any other developer. Why release all ur titles at one time to only cut into the profit u might have made on one title. Ubisoft has 2 exclusive on WII U plus ACIII…Far Cry would throw things off cause it a big title as well…so 1 of these title wouldnt sell as good. EA same problem so it’s best to put what u know sell on a system and then wait to see what happens….2 they still havnt learned the Gpgpu + CPU fully yet cause it’s different from current Gen. So yes all this make sence and a year from now will be when Nintendo thru the WII U starts it TAKE OVER of the gaming World……


  7. It’ll come eventually. No need for everyone to get their panties in a bunch yet. They’re just not ready to say anything about it yet. Leave luck to heaven.


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