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Ubisoft Says There’s No Plans For Far Cry 3 On Wii U

Henri Guay, a Ubisoft spokesperson has confirmed that the publisher has no plans to bring the impressive Far Cry 3 to Wii U. The game is scheduled to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on December 4th in North America.

147 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says There’s No Plans For Far Cry 3 On Wii U”

        1. nah you dont have a ps3 since you slag off Sony calling Aeolus a Sony DRONE. Now shut up and play some party games with your mum and daddy

              1. Take the bannana out of your ass hole . Of course you have to own a ps3 a 360 or both . I could not imagine just owning a Nintendo console on it’s own these days , it would not be good enough in anyway.

                People like you are the fucking sore loosers . You HAVE to own a Nintendo console aswel , you don’t own one becqause you are a softcore piece of shit

  1. and again ANOTHER DEVELOPER that does not give a toss about bringing their CORE games to a casual current gen system with a shit CPU that cant even compete wiht 7 yr old consoles##bahahahahahahahahaa

                1. selective reading you forgot this bit

                  Still, we’d be surprised if the game didn’t end up other other platforms eventually, though we imagine quite a bit of rejiggering would be required to make Rayman Legends function on an Xbox. The PS3, however, could handle it quite easily provided there was also a Vita involved.

                  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA they can still do it and it makes sense… wiiU is for casuals. The real gamers play on better consoles with better games FAG

                    1. err no cos iw as at PAX and ubisoft rep told me that rayman will come to future platforms in the future… nice try kis

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        1. Where’s what? If you are looking for that hair that grows around genatalia you won’t find that until another few years buddy. Sorry.

          1. NO game that runs CRY has been revealed :P as the saying goes.. if I dont see it… I dont believe it!

            ah well a poor launch full of casual games and ports

                1. Yes, and you obviously have seen the reviews for this game. Well played kid, well played. Still haven’t disproved that WiiU can’t run one of the better game engines. GG

            1. i’m tired of you kiddy folk and your vide-ya games arguing about Peas 3 is better than a Z box and nintendy 65s!! Myeh myeh back in my day we played with rocks!

      1. PS3* 360* PC* are for hardcore gamers. Wii is for baby gamers and all of the “hardcore” games are ports or a generic Zombie game.

          1. No footage, they could easily make it fully casual for the new Nintendo audience. So you can’t give examples of a game that frankly, has no visual evidence of being such.

            1. I had some respect for you (not much) but just seeing the last few replies you have left, you have lost all credibility you just had toward making any sort of human educated guess. With that being said i think i speak for everyone in here FUCK OFF NO LIFE CUNT!! Kthxbye

        1. You are just proving yourself to be a softcore piece of shit mate .
          You aint hardcore nothing unless you own ALL fucking platforms .

          God dammit , do you understand how many amazing wii games you have missed ???? some of which absoloutly more complex and rewarding and more fun than almost every game on the xbox 360 . You are a fucking narrow minded troll . You are the least hardcore gamer i have ever come across

                1. says the fanboy who plays with Wii software only… looool enjoying the blurry SD VISUALS whilst I enjoy 1080p games?!?! HHAHAHAHAA

              1. No they are called sony or microsoft fanboys with no life . Real hardcore gamers Still recognize Nintendo as the great company they always were . The GBA , Gamecube , Wii , DS , 3DS , are all amazing in their own right’s with games that should not be missed by any hardcore gamer , and you know it .

                you are a softcore troll .

            1. Nintendo abandoned the CORE for grandmas and wiiFit casuals… nice try

              They can keep the casuals. PC is for the CORE and the core wil stay with the best graphics and not a CPU that is 7 years old hahahahah

          1. did you play it? No? SHUT UP then It looks generic and gimmicky and graphics look hardly any better than CURRENT GEN consoles. Resi 6 pisses all over it and SALES will do the TALKING

            1. I’m not talking about graphics, I don’t give a flying fuck about graphics, I have a $4000+ AUS pc, I don’t give two shits about graphics on a console game, and no I haven’t played it but I have read a lot in this game and it sounds more survivalistic then RE5/6. Definitely more then left 4 dead 1/2 , dead rising 1/2 and ORC

              1. wow you are a good lier. You just love Nintendo so you like any game on a Nintendo platform. If zombiU came out on say the 360 you would say its shit. You know it

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                1. I wouldn’t say it’s shit, almost all the 360 games come out on pc anyway, look at metro, best horror survival this gen hands down. Both graphics and gameplay. And lay off the racism, there is a reason we are called “the lucky country” it’s because we don’t have kids like you. And hate to break it to you kid, Australia has one of the lowest crime rates for a 1st world country.

          2. Let’s make a game with one hit kills against the character and limit supplies, then have you forced to look down into another screen ever so often for inventory management.

            Ingenious design or artificial difficulty? Gee, I wonder.

            1. But hardly any well received zombie games did that this gen. Left 4 dead 1/2 you get a fll supply of ammo when you start and pick up a weapon. RE5 was not the zombie survival was RE4 was, not much challenging puzzles. ORC was just a complete mess. Dead Rising 2 wasn’t really a survival, it was pretty fun just going around making weapon combos and doing all the achievements and such, but it was no where as intense or thrilling as a zombie Mae should be.

            2. Those are the reasons it is called SURVIVAL horror lol. If a zombie apocalypse did happen in real life, more than likely one bite would kill you, you would have limited supplies, and when you would be managing your equipment there would be no “pause” button.

    1. Well done sir , and your version is technically the only one worth owning , because the graphics will shit on the version Aelous and Banana ass will have on their core 4gb 360 arcade which mum got them for xmas .

      Wiiu is too sophisticated and more importantly , too expensive for butt hurt children like them .

      \i payed £420 for a ps3 on launch day and £280 for a 360 . They just winge and winge cus they cannot aford to own all three consoles and get the best of all worlds

      1. you will be surprised….my PC yes thats right. which DESTROYS ALL CONSOLES has 12GB RAM :p


          1. u keep telling yourself that. and how childish… oh i forgot.. you game on the wii with LACK OF THIRD PARTY AND TERRIBLE ONLINE.. HOW IS SMASH BROS ONLINE ANYWAY? HMM? HAHAHAHAHAA

      2. Yeah that’s why I don’t own a hd console, nothing this gen made me say “i can just get this on pc in much better quality”. Not to mention ps3 launched At $1000aus and my of at the time was $1500. Anyway after this gen at least with the battlefield games and the games that are known for their graphical appearance (crysis for eg) I’m getting for pc, even if they come to WiiU. Nothing against it, just consoles in general. Spent very good money to have the best pc set up.

          1. Yes I’m picking up new super Mario bros, darksiders 2, batman (I have waited a year just to buy wii u version) and pikmin 3. Also got quite a few 3ds titles to pick such as paper Mario, animal crossing and lm2. Very busy the next few months ahead

  2. Now I don’t want to start a flame war with fanboys, but haven’t y’all noticed for every game announced for wii u 1 is announced as not being on wii u? Kinda depressing….

    1. best cancel that wiiU preorder than and wait for TRUE NEXT GEN consoles. Developers hate Nintendo, watch UBisoft and company desert them when TRUE GEN consoles with a GOOD CPU AND AMAZING VISUALS CRUSH NINTENDO….

      too bad for Nintendo.,..stick to your baby handheld games. Handheld gaming is for poor gamers

      1. Next-gen will undoubtedly be powered by the cheaper and more efficient Sea Islands series of AMD GPUs. HD8850 is $200 and delivers performance on par with a GTX 670. Hardware manufacturers get their materials cheaper than the consumers, Sony will easily squash the HD4600-4800 Imp known as the Wii Urine. BWAHAHAHAHA.

                    1. Hyperbolic nonsense =/= source.

                      That article was long ripped to shreds by the real gamers on Gaf. But no surprise Nintendorks would post it without actually reading it.

        1. errr we have specs…. of all people you NINTENDO FANBOY should KNOW the specs!

          the specs hardly a leap forward…. what a joke of a console.

      1. “Developing on new hardware in itself was a challenge, and also making that launch date was a challenge. But from a visual standpoint, based on the performance of the Wii U, we knew the game had the capability of having much better graphics than games on PS3 and Xbox 360. Make no mistake, from a visual standpoint, it is able to produce better graphics. So our challenge was to make a higher quality graphics. We were able to meet that.”

        1. well done on the copy and paste…. you cant fight your own arguments because you are a little immature fanboy that cant HANDLE THE TRUTH. wiiU is a fail system with a 7 year old CPU and gimmicky controls that you cant replace unless you ring up poor Nintendo for a replacement…. an expensive placement.. HAHAHHAAHHAHA LONG LIVE PC AND UPGRADING AND MODS!

            1. You also love making misinformed statements as if it costs that much to have a PC that lasts so long.

              But hey, you can’t fix stupid. My bad.

  3. I love how people cry about a next gen system not getting current gen games.
    Come on guys. Let’s have some higher expectations for WiiU.

    Why don’t you ask Nintendo if there are plans for Zelda on xBox?
    Or as Ubisoft if there are plans for ZombiU on PS3?

    The answer is no. These will be next gen games not designed for current Gen systems.

    1. what expetations? The wiiU launch is pretty crap. Old ports and games ALREADY on current gen systems…Nintendo will neber get the core unless they get rid of the gimmicky tablet. got an iPad already for talblet games

  4. Acceptable testimony – And to further ones thoughts on the subject as a whole, Not every game makes it to every console on the market…otherwise, why would there ever even need to be more than one console in the industry at all?

    Ultimately, one is not expecting every game ever released in the following year to get a Wii-U release, as this is an asinine and impossible standard to achieve…for any console, in fact, not just for this one. There will always be games available in one or two platforms that don’t make leaps across to another…why everyone still loses their shit when this obvious truth reveals itself is beyond us!

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