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Nintendo Confirms There Are More Unannounced Wii U Launch Window Games In Development

There are over 50 titles coming to Wii U during the forthcoming console’s launch window, but we don’t know what all those games are. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed there are more unannounced Wii U games in development, including some that will release during the new console’s launch window.

95 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms There Are More Unannounced Wii U Launch Window Games In Development”

        1. It’s been a posted article back a couple months ago on here, months before E3. It was actually a pretty cool article, unfortunately I don’t have a link, sorry guys.

  1. DmC: Devil May Cry?
    Dead Space 3?
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengance?
    Bioshock Infinite?
    South Park: The Stick of Truth?
    Tomb Rider?
    Tom Clancy?
    Grand Theft Auto V?

      1. I hope to God that it is stick of truth. I am itching to play that game. I hope they uncancelled the Wii U version

      1. I would go nuts!! Nintendo has been pretty bold as of late, so I’m hoping they put down the big bucks for a couple AAA 3rd party games.

  2. I wonder what this is gonna be…. I doubt it’ll be the Retro Studios Project. That’ll be announced at E3, you just KNOW that’s gonna be something big. Is Fils-Aime talking about First-Party games, or third?

    1. The Retro Studios Project was withdrawn from E3 because it wasn’t in a state to be shown. It’ll probably be announced soon.

  3. We’re this close to the launch of the console and they’re still not telling us everything? What the hell is wrong with them

    1. Of course there’s more being developed than what we know. See bayo 2: totally out of left field and caused meltdowns greater than any meltdowns ever! And after THAT announcement these unknown games could literally BE ANYTHING :D I just hope whatever it is, its good.

    2. I think this is because nintendo are saving everything for e3 2013 where sony and microsoft will announce their next console, and then nintendo will announce a bunch of games to takeaway the hype from them

      1. lol that’d be hilarious and interesting to see. If they pull it off successfully, microsoft and sony will have some thinking to do

    3. Nothing’s wrong with them. They’re stretching out the reveals up to the launch so that the customers will be given less time to get over the excitement they may generate.
      Besides, it’s better than them saying “so….yeah, that’s it! See you next time!”
      More games is a good thing.

    1. I’m pretty hyped for aliens, pikmin and wonderful 101 in the launch window. Praying for GTA V with off gamepad play, I would play the living fuck outta that in my bed at night.

  4. I just really hope it’s first party. Personally I don’t get excited as much when it’s third party. Have they even announced any first party titles for the wii u yet? I’m not sure. All I can think of is nintendoland and zombiu. Not really in the horror genre..yeah, I just hope it’s first party titles.

    1. New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, Wii Fit U, Pikmin 3 are the ones I can think of that are first party. ZombiU is not a first party but is an exclusive made by UbiSoft.

      1. Haha. Oh yeah. Totally forgot about those. Theres a wii u fit?? Thanks for that btw. And also thanks for not giving me that info without an insult.

  5. Some of the games I would like are GTA V, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Hitman: Absolution, Bioshock Infinite and any good Nintendo IP if possible.

  6. If they haven’t revealed them at this point, they’re probably not games we’d go crazy over.

    They’re only saying this to make it seem like having lots of exclusives is a good thing. I said this with Sony a long time ago, and I’m going to say it again with Nintendo: having a boatload of exclusives means nothing if a) they have no reason to be exclusive in the first place (do they define the console they’re on or not?), or b) if the exclusives aren’t killer games. There is other value besides quantity.

      1. it would be epic….and would sell a ton…..and could hold everyone over before smash bros….

        it would also make sense to release it during the launch window (if it exists), not only to boost sales initially…but we’re guaranteed to hear about the new smash bros at e3….if they are both announced together, and are released too closely, they could get in each others way sales wise.

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