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Pachter Says He Will Buy A Wii U Just To Play Bayonetta 2

Famed industry analyst Michael Pachter has revealed on the latest edition of Pach Attack that he would buy a Wii U to play Bayonetta 2. Pachter has always maintained that he adores Nintendo’s first party content, but the thought of playing Bayonetta 2 on the console will ultimately push him over the edge to invest in a Wii U console. Pachter thinks that Bayonetta 2 alone could account for 1 million extra Wii U consoles sold.

“I’m gonna buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2. I like Nintendo first party content, but I love Bayonetta”


102 thoughts on “Pachter Says He Will Buy A Wii U Just To Play Bayonetta 2”

    1. whether he like it or not, he will probably buy Nintendo Land, or any Nintendo and 3rd Party games…. .. . Pachter. pachter pachter

  1. i honestly don’t get the hype for that game. the first one was pretty much a devil may cry clone. i mean i bet it’ll be good and i’ll probably pick it up, but i really don’t get what all of the fuss is about.

          1. Bayonetta in no way would be pleasing on the eyes IRL.

            Maybe after several shots in the bar, she might be like “okay”. But in the end, you know you’re not going to go for seconds and will immediately turn towards somebody who can actually be a decent looker when you’re sober.

            I think she can make a good high school teacher though.

          1. Are you? Or are your standards so low that you think Bayonetta is hot? It must suck for you being a virgin so you have to shoot lower when it comes to females.

            1. It’s hard to take a message like that seriously when it comes from someone who’s standards are proven to be warped to begin with.
              Insecure man-children should keep their mouths shut.

    1. A year or two back, he actually spent at entire episode going through all the Nintendo stuff he owned. He’s a big fan of Nintendo games, despite how much he criticizes the company’s choices.

      1. You must be new here. The majority of the members of this community will label anyone who criticizes Nintendo in any way or thinks that Nintendo sometimes does things wrong as a “Nintendo hater” or “Sony-drone”, eventhough the said person did not express any kind of opinion towards Nintendo.

        1. But you gotta understand that this is a site for Nintendo fans, at least they don’t go out to Sony/MS fan clubs to diss them like some we know here. *Coughs* Aeolus

          1. I don’t think it matter in what kind of community we are. What’s wrong about liking more than just one company and its products ? And being a fan does not mean one has to like every single thing a company does. Just because some people, including me, criticize some of Nintendo’s decisions and actions it doesn’t necessarily mean they/I don’t like Nintendo. If I wouldn’t like Nintendo, I wouldn’t care to read news about them.

              1. I know what you mean, each console has their strong and weak points; but hard fanboys will always be that way and it’s difficult to change their minds including Apple’s. I see you agreed on the part of not caring to read about news if you don’t like the product, but those *cough* are worse than fanboys because they actually go to extremes to hate on something. It’s easy to tell the difference between unbiased opinions and straight troll dolling. I, myself disagree on Micro’s way of business with 360, but I wouldn’t dump shit on their fanbase either.

        2. You’re making assumptions about people making assumptions now??? The truth is that Pachter is a skeptical person, and tekken-guy has a decent point about the fact that Pachter is constantly for/against the Wii U and it’s making him an untrustworthy analyst. (Most) People on this site don’t defend Ninty with their life, and it’s insulting when you label everyone as fanboys!

          1. I said “majority”.
            Majority =/= Everyone.
            And just because Pachter is criticizing some things Nintendo does, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like any of Nintendo’s products. You must not love every single thing Nintendo does in order to call yourself a “fan”.

            1. I live in Australia, so there’s a lot I hate about Nintendo, particularly price-wise. Yet, all that I’m saying is that if you want to stay safe, don’t go around saying that a “majority” of the people on this site are single-minded fanboys!

  2. “Pachter thinks that Bayonetta 2 alone could account for 1 million extra Wii U consoles sold.”

    What…? How can he be considered an industry analyst if he thinks this? No one is going to buy a Wii U for Bayonetta 2 ALONE. That’s spending $350 on ONE video game. And as we’ve seen by the super angry reactions by Bayonetta fans, they don’t want to buy a Wii U if only Bayonetta 2 is going to be on it. I think it can be the start of something greater – like a relationship between Platinum + Nintendo, or the ushering of more 3rd party exclusives on Nintendo, but it’s not going to move 1 million Wii Us alone when that’s the same amount the first title sold.

    =_____= LOGIC BRO LOGIC

    1. Nintendo wii had an attach rate close to 1. So most people that paid 250$ for a wii only ever got 1 game >.>

      So it happens.

    2. He means pushing people over the edge to buy a Wii U, Bayonetta 2, as well as other games. He’s not saying that it’ll be the only reason for them to buy one. For example, a person might’ve been on the fence about Wii U before the preview event, but then after the Bayonetta 2 reveal, decides to get one.

    3. Only the retarded true gamer i have on my xbox account are ready to join on nintendo first for bayonneta but they know they will buy zelda and metroid wen they come

      1. I’m with you on that one. Any system launching with a survival horror title that isn’t just a glorified shooting gallery *Cough* RE6 *Cough gets my vote and whatever money I can realistically afford to spend. Now we just need a Fatal Frame and Condemned title on WiiU (both of those franchises are pretty much perfect for the gamepad) and I’ll be one very happy (and scared) gamer.

        Plus, of course, I can probably pick up some old Wii titles such as Ju-On, Resi 0, and Project Zero 2, as by not owning a Wii (although I borrowed one to play REmake) I missed out on a handful of horror gems. Okay, Ju-On isn’t really a ‘gem’ per se, but it certainly does what it’s supposed to do (ie scare the crap out of the player).

    4. Nintendo is trying quite hard to get as many 3rd partys to make their games exclusivly for Wii U. Perhaps if Dragons Dogma 2 is made it can be a Wii U exclusive. Nintendo should make all sequals exclusives lol.

    1. Sorry for the English, it's not my native language

      Fi: “master, i am 98% sure that patcher always wore a ‘I love the Wii’ shirt.”

  3. I’m still blown away by that Bayo 2 announcement. I can’t think of many third party games that would have sparked as much of an interest.

        1. Well, no matter how awkward and offensive his comments were, he is an industry analyst, and the industry is always constantly changing with new announcements and innovation and stuff.

          1. Thank you.
            He is making conjectures months before things happen, so of course he can be wrong sometimes. He is not in the possession of an ability that enables him to foresee the future. That’s why they’re called analysts. They analyze moves of a company and make assumptions of how things MIGHT turn out later.

    1. What do you have agaisnt mr patcher he can express his opinions however he likes. Yeah nintendos doing great but hes not bias he reports any consoles fault. Mr patcher well be addressing xbox next console with praise and a upcoming nintendo event just watch. Mr patcher will also remark on smash brothers. Unlike you patcher hating brats who block him mr patcher has a right to his views and he doesnt mind opposing views. Hes quite a charming,handsome sexy and well spoken succesful journalist. Sometimes i wonder whats the point and prasing nintendos good points when these morons will just attack you becuase uour not a blind fanatic

      1. Ok,but I just want you to know that I don’t bash without a reason.And you were starting to sound like a fan of him with that “Hes quite a charming,handsome sexy and well spoken succesful journalist.” And we wouldn’t be like this if aeolus and ness didn’t come.Von schroeder I don’t mind because he is embarrassing himself and he doesn’t come often.Whenever I see a sony site, I am jealous because I only see one troll.

  4. I think he has a point. While most people don’t have the money to purchase a console for one game, if you appreciate Nintendo content, as well as the offerings from 3rd parties so far (more to come), then the Bayonetta exclusivity may be enough to bring some of those on the sidelines aboard.

  5. I really don’t see pachter playing any video games, it would just be creepy almost as bad as Reggie in the latest “pic” of him gaming, lol btw he’s still a Dick…

  6. Man, we’re just never on the same page of anything, are we?

    He may want to play Bayonetta 2 over the first party content, but I would want first party content over Bayonetta 2.

    1. ^THIS^
      watch as he will say something like “they were good when the wii was out” hey wait of minute you [patcher] are the same person that said Wii was a fail.

  7. And the world lets out a sigh of relief knowing someone important supports Wii U. Seriously does Pachter live in a bubble? Does he not understand everybody hates him and that any kid born between the eras of Nes or 64 could do his job better than him? Don’t get me wrong Bayonetta wad pretty badass (who can resist a naughty librarian in leather,) but pachter liking it makes me question things…

  8. “I’m gonna buy a Wii U just to play Bayonetta 2. I like Nintendo first party content, but I love Bayonetta”

    -Michael Pachter

    It’s official folks, Pachter have turned evil and hell is now a frozen tundra.

  9. See… even Pachter said it. He’ll buy the WiiU just to play that game.
    I believed that I’ve said that in another post that I would do the same, for I am a Bayo fan :3

  10. Pachter is right, this is the greatest decision ever made by Nintendo! A game with such a large cult status will sell at least a million Wii U consoles, giving Nintendo some serious $$$ and a hardcore fan base. Essentially, they make back the game’s budget solely on the amount of consoles this game sells!

      1. DMC wishes it was as perfectly balanced as Bayonetta (but then, one decent sequel and 2 abominations later, DMC just wishes it wasn’t a bit naff). Of course it shares the same core gameplay, but that doesn’t make it a DMC clone any more than every FPS is a Doom clone.

        Plus, Bayonetta had sold 1.1 million copies by February 2010 – not bad considering it was released in October 2009 in Japan and January 2010 everywhere else. The most recent figure I can find is sales of 1.35 million units worldwide, which (although nowhere near the sales of regular record breakers like CoD etc) is certainly nothing to be scoffed at.

        Come on dude, you can be level headed and objective, I’ve seen you do it in a few posts, so posts like this really ought to be below you. I know that any criticism of Nintendo on here gets you branded a troll (I dared to point out that Ocarina of Time was limited in scope and lacking in content and immediately got labelled a Sony Drone or something along those lines), but by resorting to cheap trolling tactics you just let the fanboys (no, not all of y’all, but definitely a higher percentage than many sites get) win. If you’re a true gamer, you love great games, regardless of platform, so chill out, be objective, and just try to ignore the fanboys. You’ll find that a little dignity will yield a lot more respect than ill thought out trolling.

      2. The comments on this site are hilarious, Aeolus the mega troll. It’s great reading as there are “trolls” who disagree with everyone, and then an equal amount of “fanboys” who are all for Nintendo. Luckily, there are some people who meet half-way between those, like PuAI, who actually make a decent point.

        The truth is that, although Bayonetta hasn’t sold as much as it could, the people who did play it are obsessed with it’s awesomeness, giving it a “cult” status. This was a strategic move by Nintendo, and has given many people a reason to buy a Wii U, as much as you hate them!

  11. One should never buy a console for one game alone. That’s just throwing money away. It needs a library of good stuff to make for a worthy purchase, and that’s based only on taste.

    1. I think he means that Bayonetta 2 is the turning point, he’s probably already going to buy it for the likes of Zombie U and Pikmin 3.

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