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Nintendo Unleashes The Brand-New Wii U In Exactly One Month

In exactly one month from today, Nintendo will release its forthcoming console. The Wii U launches November 18th in North America. On this day, consumers who haven’t pre-ordered the new console can purchase Wii U Basic and/or Deluxe Sets from retailers across the continent.

The Wii U then releases in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on November 30th, and in Japan on December 8th.

84 thoughts on “Nintendo Unleashes The Brand-New Wii U In Exactly One Month”

    1. Contact Nintendo if it’s warranty related. if you soaked it in water or buried it in the sand, that’s your fault. You can look into getting it repaired either through Nintendo or from a local electronics store

        1. Not really. I dont know what retards get that “scratch” on the 3DS screen. I’ve had mine for about 5 months. Its in PERFECT condition. No dents, no scratches, no screen issues, NOTHING. It’s just stupid people, being stupid, and excepting a free replacement because i duno, they have shite motor skills.

          Take care of your shit.

              1. The bottom screen touches the top screen and makes marks on them. People who don’t slam shut their system or “mash” it won’t have the problem. But like you say, careless people get the marks. (Just keep in mind that “traveling” with the system almost requires that you mash it a little in order to store it, so carelessness isn’t the only reason)

              2. With all due respect sir, Mine has been replaced 3 times, my 3DS XL zero. The original design, if you close it and apply any pressure at all while traveling, causes the lower screen to scratch the top.

                I take my 3DS EVERYWHERE! :) So it get’s used to it’s fullest. I have started keeping a micro-fiber cloth in between the screens, and that appears to be working. :D

    2. Nintendo of America is so good they will repair it for free. My Wii ‘accidentally’ got dropped while laying flat on a table and they even paid for shipping to and from seattle redmond, Nintendo of America head quarters. Even spoke to an awesome rep, named Suzi.

        1. i send my Zelda 3ds this week to them, i hope they can fix the problem, i wonder how are the Nintendo consumer service like?Are they nice? because i hate M$ consumer service.

  1. Is it just me or has the quality of posts gone down a lot recently on this site? Some posts are full press events, only copy-and-pasted, and then we get pointless stories like this…

    1. there isnt any news bro. Id rather get this kinda stuff and laugh at comments such as yours that either troll or just plain complain for no reason.

    2. I love how everyone is a critic these days. You are acting like there’s some huge story he’s not covering. He can only post what becomes available. Also, it’s a nice reminder for others that it’s coming so close. It’s to generate discussion about the Wii U. News like this is better than nothing at all.

    3. Who want’s to but an Xbox360 so I cab but my Wii Ultra. Looking at you japan and getting the lovely Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate bundle Wii U in December Wow!

    4. It’s admittedly been pretty quiet on the exciting news front. I was just saying to Alba the other day that we need another Wii U focussed Nintendo Direct soon.

      1. We NEED MORE ADVERTISING! But Nintendo might be hoping on building momentum exactly at launch or soon after. It’s a strategy, and it may or may not work.

      2. Just start making up stories sickr. Watch the world burn. =P

        Seriously, I dont see how you’re to blame for Nintendo’s silence. At all.

        Hopefully we get the ND soon..

  2. Here is my opinion about the wiiU,first of all i think Nintendo should had waited to reveal their console so that they could improve wiiU’s power with a next generation GPU like amd radeon 7000 and not with a 5000,second they should had showed us except from pikmin 3 an another nintendo platform instead showing us justgaydance4 or wiisingU.Anyway if the other console won’t have next generation GPU then i think wii’ll have Nintendomination again…if not…i don’t know

      1. The Wii’s been dead since Skyward Sword, they needed this system to come out.

        Next if you bothered to read the Iwata asks, they had all sorts of difficulty with more power and having no lapse in frame rate and connection with the Gamepad. The power is fine, it’s still marginally better than the 360 and PS3, just not ultra more powerful.

        1. For hardcore gamers *dead since pandoras tower , Xenoblade and the last story* . But it’s still going strong for casual gamers :) .

          And for now all the wiiu is demonstrating is ”on par” with the 360 and ps3 maybe a tiny bit better . 2 years down the line , who knows ???

          1. We don’t have Last Story (or is it Pandora’s Tower?) here in NA. I may be getting Xenoblade for Christmas, just been prioritizing saving for Wii U and Wii U games. Xenoblade came out too late for me to already have it.

            1. You have xenoblade and the last story came out recently for you guys if I remember , but no pandoras tower which is flawed anyway…..

              But your original point remains the wii has dwindled amongst hardcore gamers. I wouldn’t say it was dead though it still sells huge to casual gamers and shifts a lot of pre owned games and all that shit…….

    1. I already had a 1080p in my living room and a 720p in my bedroom. But I just gave my lil bro my 720p and upgraded to a 1080p for my room :). just for wiiu!!! but 360 and ps3 games look nice upscaled on it for now .

  3. Looking forward to it greatly.
    I just hope that my next paycheck will be good enough to justify it. First couple of weeks on the job so the check might not be very big….

      1. The awkward moment when you know that the “Wiiiiiiiiii U” intro is done by Tobuscus and the video is a clip from Gangnam Style.

        Gorgeous, but it’s missing one important thing: Reggie “My Body is Ready” Fils-Aime

  4. Not trying to be mean, but I wouldn’t want to be someone trying to pick one up on launch day without pre-ordering. Good luck I guess, but some would say leave that to heaven. If you believe in that sort of thing…

  5. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Got the delux edition, a black pro controller, the turtle beach headset, zombie U, BO2 and Arkham City pre-ordered (Rayman Legends as well, but that pushed back til next year so). Rearranged my game room’s entetainment center and shelves last weekend in preperation.

        1. I’m guessing he’s jealous :P . Thats an awesome bunch of stuff you pre ordered there!

          I have ordered zombiu bundle with pro controller – and I am going to get on day 1 , NSMBU , COD BLOPS 2 , AC3 , Fifa 13 and maybe others :)

  7. In other news, November 17th is the 10th anniversary of Metroid Prime. I’ll be playing through the whole game in one day to celebrate :)

  8. Man if I only had the money to get this system. I should have it atleast in the summer.Still dont understand why Nintendo is still hiding how the internet capabilities function but I guess any of that information regarding the internet function is gonna be kept on hush mouth until closer to release day.

  9. Pre-ordered mine- got a reasonably good deal from Zavvi. It’s just annoying that we Europeans have to wait 12 days longer to get it :(

    1. You guys got the XL sooner, along with Xenoblade, and the like. Also that NSMB 2 DLC I think you guys got a week sooner too. Last thing we got first was Mario Tennis Open, then the Wii.

  10. Are they seriously going to be that sold out? I have my pre order in. I would be willing to put it up for a charity before being an e bay scumbag for profit

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