Ubisoft Confirms All Playable Characters In Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth

Ubisoft has revealed all 20 playable characters in the upcoming fighting game for Wii U and Kinect for the Xbox 360. Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth features popular Marvel characters, from Black Widow, to Spider Man, to Wolverine, but some fan-favorites, including Deadpool, are not included.

  1. Black Widow
  2. Captain America
  3. Doctor Doom
  4. Dr. Strange
  5. Hawkeye
  6. Human Torch
  7. Iceman
  8. Iron Man
  9. Loki
  10. Magneto
  11. Phoenix
  12. Queen Veranke
  13. Scarlet Witch
  14. Spider Man
  15. Storm
  16. Super Skrull
  17. The Hulk
  18. Thor
  19. Venom
  20. Wolverine


      1. lol, all I can say about that game is that it was really unbalanced! xD
        Elektra was useless! I loved it nonetheless lol


  1. There’s bunches of in games footage online. I think it looks pretty fun. I’ll wait until reviews to buy it though. And a super skrull as a playable character? That’s just plain cool. Guess it’s time to dig through the long boxes and reread secret invasion. It also seems like they’re taking the rpg element out of it. Thats something the marvel games have needed for some time. UA2 just didn’t quite work right.


    1. Please make a better fighting game like marvel nemesis, 50 character half bad half good co-op story mode flying swinging teleporting just like nemesis but with a better combat system and super combos. And if u make a new spiderman game allow a feature to save ppl from falling, burning buildings, drowning, and car explosions and a boss battle level select that would be awesome. …


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