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Buy One Wii U Game Get Another 40% Off, Toys R Us Black Friday Deal

On November 23rd Toys R Us will be offering gamers the chance to purchase one Wii U game and get another Wii U game of their choice for 40% off. Though it’s a Black Friday deal, the promotion will actually start at 8pm Thursday, November 22nd and will run until Black Friday.

37 thoughts on “Buy One Wii U Game Get Another 40% Off, Toys R Us Black Friday Deal”

  1. lol I just sent in a tip about this. >.<

    I'm thinking about holding off on picking up my Wii U games at launch since Black Friday is just a few days after and I'm sure to find more deals like this out there.

    1. I prerdered black ops 2 would it be possible if i waited until black friday to pick up the game and get another game for 40% off. Also does anyone know for sure if the wii u version will get nuketown 2025, when i had a live chat with activision they said no. And is it possible to download games onto a SD card because i dont want to have an external hard drive hanging out my wii u

      1. I think I read somewhere that BO 2 wouldn’t have Nuketown 2025 and if Activision told you it wouldn’t, I would prolly tend to believe them. And no, you can’t download games to the SD card. I have an external HD hooked up to the back of my Wii, it’s not as unsightly as you would think. Just get a nice slim laptop HD.

    1. The day after Thanksgiving where people, most of which are just tools, literally stampede into stores to buy things for their family for Christmas.

  2. Toys r us is amazing. I used to seal beyblades from there when I was a kid. And one time I got into one of those electric jeeps and started riding it around the store. Good times.

  3. Only idiots go shopping on Black Friday. I went just one time a couple years ago to see what it was like, and I couldn’t BELIEVE how many people was at the stores at only 4 or 5 a.m. They were even parked along the street and walking to the store as well. There was so many people that I could barely walk. The lines at Target was clear to the back of the store and going around. INSANE! No way in HELL was I gonna wait THAT long just to check out. So I got the heck out of there and swore I’d NEVER go on Black Friday ever again. NO deal is worth going through that rat race. It’s not worth it. I can’t believe there’s so many idiots that thinks it IS worth it.

    1. I’m gonna have to say that you’re the idiot. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to afford the presents they want for their families if it weren’t for black Friday. I got an HD TV last year on black Friday. I had to wait in line for over an hour, but I saved almost $400. I sure as hell don’t make $400 an hour, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. How is that not worth it? Just do the math man.

  4. Cool, but is Toys R Us the only place have deals on Wii U games? Cause I’ve checked the other ads and I don’t see anything on that. But still, good deal for Toys R Us.

  5. The Newegg promo of 12.00 off any preorder was much better than this.

    The dollar off amount worked out to be the same (24 on two games versus 12 off each game), but one could get 1 or 3 games versus being forced to purchase an even # of games. Additionally, one did not pay tax or shipping!

    It is sad that not only Toys R Us seem to be the only US retailer with a Wii U promotion, but that their promotion only matches Newegg’s previous deal (actually it is worse when you account for taxes).

    Hopefully for those of you who missed it, Newegg will bring it back. It even worked on the pro remotes….

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