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Mass Effect 3: Special Edition For Wii U Will Not Use Miiverse

Developer Straight Right’s founder, Tom Crago, has revealed that Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for Wii U will not use Miiverse. Third-party Wii U launch games that implement Miiverse include Scribblenauts Unlimited, ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III, Batman: Arkham City and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

“Miiverse functionality isn’t in Mass Effect 3. In the context of the game we never really talked about it.

“However, it’s something we’re interested in as a studio and with future titles that we might release we would love to look more into it.”

128 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3: Special Edition For Wii U Will Not Use Miiverse”

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            1. Who says the troll is joking? some people are just evil like that. Maybe he’ll get cancer from all the microwave dinners he eats. release those carcinogens, numchuk.

          1. You come up with better jole then. I see once again you are trying to take something minor and turn it into a foreshadowing of Nintendo’s doomsday.

      1. Was that really necessary? Dear god man, show some class. The guy voiced an opinion, why then does your immediate response have to be to insult him with offensive language?

          1. Why does this site even let comments like that get posted? That’s pretty pathetic of this site to let shit like that get posted. Someone care to moderate or what?

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      3. Ok, I do care about the feature, but how come its NIntendo fault? Earlier devs than EA knew about it, so EA clearly is the one who chose not to use.

      4. EA were on stage with Nintendo at E3 2011 for the Wii U’s debut. They’ve been in the loop before then and ever since.

        Wait, what am I doing bringing facts into this… How silly of me.

      5. EA new about MiiVerse, they just did not talk about it/ care about utilizing
        it… -__- Geeze get your facts straight!

        1. They will be butt-hurt for life. EA will go all-in for Microsoft though. maybe Sony as well, Even though neither of them will have Origin as their main network either.

    1. Actually no devs have had access to Miiverse. The service is not even available to use (for consumers, reviewers, OR devs) until launch day.

  1. yeah, dosen’t matter to me, but Aelous will feel like a god with all these meaningless negative things being said about wii u.

      1. Yeah, he’s scared of some bloated asshole on the Internet. Get real, norris you dickhead bastard. The circus tent is to your left, you clown.

  2. Just being honest with you guys :|

    In before all the damage controlling comments such as:
    – I don’t really care
    – It doesn’t bother me
    – Oh, I won’t be using MiiVerse that much
    – Who cares? ME3 will still be the definite version!
    – I could care less, Wii U FTW

    1. How about we are getting the TRILOGY for the same price as ASS effect 3 gimped wiiU edition? Bwhahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahaaa

      No trilogy for nintendo kids

      1. I bought the first on pc, it was cool, I was gifted the second one (on PC again) and it wasnt that cool, saw all the chat about the third, the “ending” drama, dlc drama, saw some videos and decided that I didn’t want it. How come buying trilogy is a good thing? Just because you don’t have the 3rd one yet? I mean, I play it on 1080p in my PC better than any PS360 version. What’s so special about this pack? Just because it’s a pack? Because it’s same price the WiiU version of the third? You know, it’s not a GotY or a masterpiece, it seems to me you’re just buying because it’s the same price of the WiiU version and and you wanna “bash” the WiiU one

      2. It is no surprise that mass effect fans, the kind of people who raged, and foamed, and shit themselves in anger over a shitty ending like a bunch of immature petulant children would also troll a nintendo site in between tantrums and their mums wiping their little asses.

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  3. ‘ ve Been looking past this game from the time it was announced. Could we have more monster hunter 3 Ultimate please. This game is getting unnecessary attention, when Monster hunter 3 Ultimate has over 80 monster bosses, and tones of spots to mine, items to buys, annoying online long sword users to frown at, please Capcom give us your other masterpieces too.

  4. I have a conspiracy theory for you guys. EA don’t want to fully support the wiiu , they just want to focus on Xbox , PC , PS3. So they release ME3 on wiiu and trilogy elsewhere so nobody buys it on wiiu and they also release gimped versions of Madden and fifa(not so much fifa) And Need for speed most wanted Is months late…..

    Then they turn around and say ” the reason we’re not putting ME4 and NFSblah and BattlefieldBlah on wiiu , is becuase we just don’t feel the install base is right ….etc etc etc *sigh* facepalm.

    Ubisoft will have to Show EA that with the Right love and attention , you can sell Millions of games on what ever platform :)!!!!!!!!

    I’m virtualy through with EA they’re dead to me. I will be buying PES2013 for 3DS and canceling my pre order of Fifa13 wiiu.

    1. Like they giv a shit. They make millions without nintendo and ther whiney fanboys who still wank over SD gaming and hate 3rd party support

      1. sounds like this numchuck bitch wants a wii u real bad but his mommy said sorry kiddo we cant buy you shit so he came online to rant bout it its ok numchuck i can gift you a Wii U under 1 condition…

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        Fulfil the above mentioned and you will have a Wii U all paid by me. Consider it a xmas gift.

      1. And when I say only releasing AC III, I mean like EA with Mass Effect 3, they have no plans currently to port the previous installments of the series to the system.

        1. Yeh. but there isn’t an assassins creed trilogy coming for $60. AC3 is practically Brand new and is very generous of WiiUbisoft to put in on the console as quick as they could.
          EA Just seem like they are insulting the wiiu. NFSMW months late ??? that’s just embarassing. Why couldn’t they have it read for…. you know….now ?.

          They are taking the piss. The full Fifa Engine Runs perfectly on wiiu with graphic improvements. But some features are just miraculously missing ???? why is that ? is it becuase wiiu discs are 3X a 360 disc so they could not fit those 360 features on ?

          They are a bunch of fucking tramps with their dick shoved directly in the Anus of Bill gates. They can go fuck themselves and leave the wiiu to Developers who have character and style like Platinum,Ubisoft,Capcom,etc etc etc.

          1. Totally agree. Assassins Creed 3 only just came out. Mass Effect 3 came out months ago so it’s a pathetic comparison. Even PS3 owners are getting screwed my this saga. It’s pretty obvious PS3 owners would’ve waited on the trilogy instead of getting Mass Effect 3 for the same price.

            1. ” It’s pretty obvious PS3 owners would’ve waited on the trilogy instead of getting Mass Effect 3 for the same price.”

              I don’t know about all that. :/

  5. Well they cant prevent anyone from uploading screenshots and comments, maybe they just didn’t include any extra features… we’ll have to wait and see (till the 30th in europe, I already preordered ME3)

      1. It might be a system function limited by the publisher. For example, the PlayStation Vita has the ability to take in-game screens as well. However, some publishers are able to disable this feature with their games. So not every game will allow you to take screenshots.

        While the system is capable, it’s largely left up to the dev/publisher to make use of or restrict the function.

  6. The Only Pokemon Champ

    Correct me if Im wrong
    But didnt Iwata specifically mention that Miiverse will work will all the games on WiiU will use Miiverse, even if its not Online?

    1. It just means that there won’t be any miiverse stuff in the game, like seeing miiverse messages in game, like NSMBU. You can still take screenshots and post on the boards.

      1. Here’s the sad part.. I loved the series.
        ME 1 was beautiful, ME 2 was a huge improvement and epic, ME 3.. Killed it. They messed up the story and identity of Mass Effect. I will never see the Mass Effect series the same ever again. I see what EA was trying to do to it and it turned out horrible.

        Thank you EA, thank you for screwing over my favorite Sci-Fi series and what could have been much more. The same goes for Bioware, I am extremely disappointed.

        I was going to give it a second chance with the Wii U since i love Nintendo, but EA and Straight Forward were just trying to rush it out to make money without the other innovated features.. no way i am supporting that.

  7. I thought all games were supported by Miiverse without having developers needing to bother with the network. I’m going to assume that this game does have Miiverse functionality so you can comment with the game and whatnot, but the game’s features aren’t actually implemented together with Miiverse.

    Not only that, but it’s confirmed that Miiverse supports a universal screenshot tool, so technically ME3 still has Miiverse functionality.
    “All games are capable of making use of Miiverse, without additional work from developers.”

    1. Yeah, maybe this is how it’ll be. Miiverse is not a game function, more like a forum. So, people will still be able to post about it.

  8. I dont really get how Miiverse would enhamce this game. Its so easy, and basic, i did the hardest barely using my gun :|

  9. ports ports ports.

    It’s a shame, but what can you do. When people rush to get a game out for launch they leave things out. We can’t ever count on ports to be everything we want them to be.

      1. Another pathetic Nintendo fanboy who takes the troll bait. Every time.

        You twits on this site are absolutely predictable. Fall for it every time.

        Ruckin Fetards.

        1. First of all bro, get the Wii U. I’m pissed too but I’m still going to get it. Secondly, if you truly decide not to get a Wii U, go for the 360. I love mine, and I think that it is actually better than the ps3 in some ways. But they are both good consoles so yeah. Whatever you want bro.

          1. I’m getting a Wii U. I just like to torment the fanboys in hopes they see how utterly ridiculous their reactions are to people they don’t agree with.

          1. What’s you’re name potty mouth?

            You talk big while hiding behind your key board. You some kinda tough guy or just another anonymous pansy ass who likes to talk shit on the Internet because you know no one can make you swallow your teeth?

    1. Everyone Who Plays Games

      Yeah PS3! I love having my credit cards stolen! Even better when Sony accuses me of being an idiot and throwing my ps3 into traffic instead of taking responsibility for their own shoddy workmanship! I love signing away my basic legal rights when I log onto the PSN as well! Sony’s the best at video games!

      1. *sigh* While his comment was an obvious attempt to get a rise out of people here; These are tired arguments against Sony and I get exhausted just reading them.

        1) Nobody’s credit cards were stolen
        2) 99.9% of companies that offer services, especially online have user agreements similar to those of Sony’s (seriously, take some time to read them).
        3) Those factors you listed have no baring on the quality of the games themselves found on the PS3.

  10. Alright…don’t hate me because of this because now I am very confused. Is Miiverse Nintendo’s online feature such as Xbox Live? This is what I originally thought but seeing as some games do not have it… Also, if it is, why isn’t it implemented in every game?

    1. Think of it as a mix of a computer desktop, XBL’s Avatars, the Mii Plaza, and PlayStation Home with a bit of Nintendo exclusive features.

      Yeah… I know. =/

  11. What?….What!? Now we don’t just have Spanish taking up half of the box art on the back, now we have it in the title, and in the ESRB rating!? WHAT?!

        1. French writing can be found on a lot of game cases in North America these days (including the United States), largely because a lot of them are developed in Quebec. The picture used in the article above has French writing on it.

          *Also: They’re provinces, not states* >.<

  12. Another reason I’m not impressed with Mass Effect. I don’t like choose your own adventure books. I played the first one on Xbox and list interest, I think it is over-rated.

  13. Has anyone sent any messages to EA yet regarding the whole Origin crap?.

    Because if they’re really gonna be anal about it and are gonna purposely do horrible ports and non ports then well….they need to move on already, lol. Seriously.

  14. As open as Ninten is with devs and their system they don’t even utilize Miiverse? … yeah any reason for me to get this game in the future just flew out of the door.

  15. Everyone Who Plays Games

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Nintendo haters are considered the stupidest humans on Earth. Thanks for beta-testing Mass Effect 3 for us, but hurry up and win your Darwin Award already, and stay off of the Wii U for the real gamers who play on it, thanks.

  16. While I don’t like EA (mainly because I Want Dead Space 3 on Wii U and they haven’t been too supportive for Wii U) Yall do know that they only had 6 months to develop Madden for Wii U and did the best they could? It almost didn’t make it at all (check IGN). Cut them some slack on that one. And yeah we all want Mass Effect Trilogy but really ME3 with the comics is just fine because it’d be a while for us them to redo every game and interface the GAMEPAD… Lets be logical lol

  17. People are misunderstanding something here. Miiverse is a system level feature that will work no matter what game you’re playing. You simply hit the Home button and you can go onto Miiverse.

    What these guys are saying is that they don’t have Miiverse within the game. NSMU has game-level Miverse integration on the world map as well as within gameplay which lets you read other people’s comments about the game without leaving the game. That is what’s not supported in these games. Otherwise, every game will have access to Miiverse just like how the browser is accessible regardless of what game you’re playing (as long as it’s programmed for Wii U).

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