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Developers Don’t Have To Pay To Patch Their Wii U Games

Frozenbyte marketing manager Mikael Haveri says indie developers have the privilege of choosing the price of their Wii U products. Patching games can get quite expensive on other gaming platforms, but developers do not have pay to fix their games on Nintendo’s Wii U, according to Haveri.

“We have the power to price our products as we please, with just some basic guidelines from the big guys. The step to this is purely from Nintendo’s side and they clearly see that [their] previous installments have not been up to par. We can set our own pricing and actually continuing on that by setting our own sales whenever we want. It is very close to what Apple and Steam are doing at the moment, and very indie friendly.”

“Simply put, they’ve told us that there are no basic payments for each patch (which were pretty high on most platforms) and that we can update our game almost as much as we want. For indie developers this is huge.”

89 thoughts on “Developers Don’t Have To Pay To Patch Their Wii U Games”

        1. Mr Tennant is my lover

          Is it? Because you’ve played it and are definitely not basing that opinion on your experiences on the Xbox 360 aren’t you?

    1. Mr Tennant is my lover

      Not really. Microsoft allow you to put a game onto the service for $99. Unless Wii U dev kits cost $98, I’m hardly expecting miracles.

      1. Microsoft charges 40k per patch on 360, Nintendo 0, so even if the price to get the game on the shop its somewhat higher im pretty sure indie and developers should be happy they dont have to pay 40 FUCKING THOUSAND DOLLARS !!! PER PATCH

        so yeah, i expect a lot of indie developers and games on the WiiU, and in a generation thats all about the same game over and over again (CoD, AC, DS, etc….) im really REALLY excited for what could come to the eshop

        this gives delopers freedom, and that its HUGE

        1. this

          Microsoft sucks when it comes to patching games. ask the players who got that buggy Silent Hill Collection. Konami flipped the bird to all of them XD

  1. I feel like this is good and bad, on one hand it makes things easier on developers and attracts them to wii u, but on the other hand it feels like it’ll encourage laziness, they can release a lazy product with bugs and just patch it whenever they want

    1. Releasing a game unfinished often tarnishes the game, thus hurts its overall sales. Sure they can patch a game whenever they want, but do they really want to, other than adding new features.

    2. Patched games = cost $
      So i don’t think an indie developer could afford to release something incomplete; they’ll do the best they can with the time they had; but sometimes.. something goes wrong.

      1. There’s ALWAYS bugs in games, no matter what the programmers do, there’s usually at least one. Programming is incredibly hard to do perfectly. This is why the Wii U will probably now recieve ALOT more interest by developers

  2. Say goodbye to all your indie games Microsoft, they are going back where they belong…Would you mind sending Rare along as well?

    1. As much as alot of people would love Rare back, They arent the same. Microsoft crippled them. Our best best would be for the 3 guys who are former Rare that want to make a spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie and Tooie if they get enough fan support. So If you want the old Rare back support these 3 guys. They could rebuild the team and go back to Nintendo just with a different Dev name.

        1. Yeah, but if it’s a spiritual successor, the Neo-Rare/Nintendo doesn’t need the IPs unless they want to directly reference or include Rare IPs.

    2. What we need is not the team at Rare right now, the good ones are not there anymore; i prefer nintendo grab all their franchises and merge the old rare staff with retro, then have various teams working on the old Ip’s. Or, nintendo buying again Rare, merge with retro, bring the old team back and at last all those beloved games will be back to where it belong. K.I please, DK, BK, etc..etc.

  3. Where’s news of Miiverse admin/mod controls accidentally being accessed by a regular user
    Or the RAM used in the console is slower than the kind found in the PS3/360 and is apparently gDDR3 (no, not goddamn GDDR3)
    Or the GPU memory being DDR3-1600, which is once again…less than what the PS3/360 has and happens to be considerably lower bandwidth.
    Or the GPU apparently resembling a RV740 (HD4770), which is a midrange GPU from 2008…and a neutered one at that when it’s in this console.
    Or the framerate/graphics issues in ME3, BO2, Ninja Gaiden, Epic Mickey 2, Batman, etc

    You know, it’s really disturbing how I was spot on with the outcome of this console, and turns out it happens to be inferior in many spots to devices already available. That’s fucking ASTOUNDING. The damage control isn’t going to work much longer, the teardowns are well underway and news comes in every hour orso.

    ….There won’t be a gap this gen? Funnily enough this is looking to be the EXACT SAME position the original Wii was in once specs started rolling in. The truth will hurt you guys just how underpowered/crippled this console is. What good (relative to the power of the HD twins) GPU it has won’t matter much when it’s literally be strangled by low bandwidth memory.

    1. oh and the (GamePad) battery life is absolute shit

      at this point, you’re buying this console for Nintendo games and third party “exclusives” alone, I don’t see any sane reason to pick up games that run better on existing devices unless you’re purely a Nintendo gamer; which is your own fault if that’s the case

      1. 1.) Gamepad battary is fine.
        2.) Graphics are easily better than any console on the market.
        3.) All your tech-shit is irrelevant when the games I’m playing are fun and engaging. I am blown away at how clean and sharp everything is.
        4.) Specs =/= quality
        5.) You’re opinion on a bunch of internal numbers = anti-Nintendo fanboyism that has no significance when the game’s I’m playing RIGHT NOW kick ass.

        MiiVerse is awesome. It grows more awesome the more you use it.
        Miiverse is a Gaming Social Network that WORKS.

        Also. This is a NEW system. There will be challenges before reaching cruising speed. That’s how all tech is. Apple’s iPhone 5 was far more flawed at launch, but people don’t care. They waited for Apple to fix it.

        The sound and High Resolution Graphics look phenomenal, dispite your chipset complaints.

        You care more about specs and rumors over actual gameplay and experienced visuals? So what? NO ONE IS MAKING YOU BUY IT.
        I love the gamepad, it feels high quality and syncs with the mothership seamlessly. The entire gaming experience feels refreshed and new.

        My only complaint, is that it took me 4 hours to update everything. EVERYTHING needed an update. It was inconvinent, but the end result was a machine that displays HD games, with a new gaming perspective, at a reasonable price.

        Dev’s are really delivering.
        ZombiU is the first “Survival Horror” game I’ve played in a while. IT’S SCARY, unlike the mindless shooter RE has become. Trine 2 looks beautiful, and the quslity games keep coming.
        The indie games I’ve played are threatening to make high-budget companies look like shovelware. Very polished.

        So get your head out of your ass, and stop talking about shit on paper, when reality is much different.

        1. Come on now, however right you are about most of that stuff. The gamepad battery life is just fucking awful.

          I’ve got my console preorderd. I think it’ll be awesome! But everyone needs to admit that battery life is fucking terrible.

        2. Console is shit, mixed reviews all over the place and of ton of issues. Even more than what the previous consoles had at launch.

          This console stands absolutely no fucking chance in the next-gen. Nintendo is going to get assrammed, just you like faggots do to each other in denial. Then when it’s too late, don’t complain. You bought a $300-350 UNDERCLOCKED 360.

          Next-gen…yeah in release date alone.

        1. Something that outperforms existing devices in areas that actually happen to matter. So far this hasn’t done any of that based on the data rolling in from the teardown.

            1. I’ve just stopped giving two shits what he posts. I got a Wii U last night. It’s fun as hell. Therefore everything he says is pointless and stupid. I’m enjoying my gaming experience, that’s all that matters. He can bitch, moan, and talk shit all he wants, it’s not going to make my Wii U playing any less fun.

    2. There’s no doubt that the Wii U will be under powered compared to the next generation consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.

      But the it was the same with the Wii when compared to the Xbox360 and PS3, and can someone remind me which of those three consoles came out on top?

        1. Console success is generally based off the amount of consoles sold. Last time I checked, the Wii beat the other two quite easily.

          You have to understand, your hardcore gamers aren’t the main demographic now. Thanks to the development of smart phone gaming as well as the more casual side showcased by the Wii, we’re slowly becoming a minority.

          1. k.

            “They” can have their sales of dusty consoles with no release forecast anymore and I’ll have my quality games on consoles that still have a thriving userbase.

            1. Nintendo still has a thriving user base. To deny that would be sheer idiocy.
              As would denying that they made the right move with the Wii. The fact that both Microsoft and Sony stumbled to bring out there own movement based controllers soon after the Wii’s release is proof enough.

              1. “Thriving”? How so? How much of Nintendo’s [Wii] userbase hasn’t already moved on or readily owns a primary device alongside it?

                More importantly, how much have motion controls taken off in this industry and sees more use than standard input? It was a fad gobbled up by non-gamers and children due to it being the cheapest option for a long while. Motion controls ultimate have added nothing of significance to the market.

              2. Might I add that Sony and MS’ motion control offerings were more or less an attempt at damage control for the influx of these casual gamers getting into it.

                But at the end of the day, the Wii is almost always regarded as a failure to the gamers who mattered and still make up a sizable chunk of this industry.

            2. Lol okay I play Xbox, PS3, PC and the Wii, a lot, but you cannot say that Xbox has a thriving userbase. Gears of War is dying, if not dead, Cliffy isn’t even around anymore. CoD is multiplatform. Microsoft has one IP and that is Halo, which I play a lot. But in all honesty, they’ll probably die out. Sony and Nintendo have enough IP’s for a lifetime, whereas Microsoft is still around just because Halo exists. I do wish Bioshock and Mass Effect were still exclusives, but since then Microsoft is just a waste of money. The controller sure is awesome, but to pay $60 for a “better” online experience full of faulty matches, delays during games and immature kids, it’s just not worth it. The Wii U is awesome so far in my experience. And I probably will buy the PS4 depending on the price and what they’re offering. It would be nice if the gaming community shared love for all systems since they all have their pros and cons. And fuck graphics, if you want graphics play a PC. I hate hearing people brag about their graphics on a console, it’s the saddest and yet funniest thing to listen to. If kids only knew..

              1. Sounds more like personal bias against the 360 rather than actual analysis of the console’s current situation, which continues to do quite well to this day; unlike the Wii…which appears to be dead.

                Therefore, I have absolutely no reason to respond to the rest of your drivel until you bring facts to the table and not horseshit based on your experience and not the majority of people who are still actively on this console and buying the latest titles.

                1. Lmao I just bought Halo 4 for your info lmao the 360 has been my favorite console, until I seen the FACT that it has little to no current IP’s which is pathetic. Halo is the shit, but Mircrosoft needs more. Don’t start talking about “current” sales, please, just don’t. You’re pretty cute when you’re irate, you make me chuckle :)

                  1. What amount of IPs Microsoft has bears little to no relevance in this discussion whatsoever. Fact remains the 360 is alive and well with the core gaming market still present on it. Same applies to the PS3.

                    Now how is the Wii doing? Oh right, it’s pretty much dead. Nintendo’s futile attempts to make it seem like it’s still relevant with a bunch of meaningless bundles for games their fans likely already own. The casuals probably aren’t even using their devices much anymore either, which only salts the wounds further.

                    Last major Wii release? Xenoblade Chronicles and that was in western territories as the game has been available for a long while overseas. Besides that, there was Skyward Sword…a whole year ago.

                    1. Lol I’m not supporting the Wii or anything, I’m talking about the Xbox. The Wii did its job, which the Xbox is still playing catch up to reach its numbers. If still doing steady to this day is fine by you but still being millions of units behind the Wii? Then okay, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever but it’s your opinion. Everyone knows the Wii is dead, since you’ve been saying it for quite some time now lol I live on the same planet as you, your news isn’t news to me. I just want to know how Microsoft is seen as a contender with little to no IP’s.

                    2. Of course the Wii isn’t having any new releases. It’s been replaced.
                      Why having a brain if you don’t bother using it.

                    3. You can bring up the 360 all you want, the console is still thriving no matter what nonsense based on your experience that you so love to shit out. “Playing catch up”? For what? They don’t even seem to care about the original Wii anymore, they likely aren’t even phased by how the Wii U is turning out to be either.

                      Microsoft has quite a number of IPs by the way, you can easily look them up, but it seems you need your hand held through everything in life. Sorry, I’m not going to hold your hand if you choose to be ignorant. :P

                    4. Lol cool, you noticed I’m using a phone. I’m pretty sure I know what IP’s have been on the Xbox, I’ve been playing it since it was released. But since you asked me to look, let’s take a look. Wow! So many IP’s, from, how many years ago? Sheesh, Saints Row, Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, Mass Effect, what ended up happening to those games? Hmm, I wonder. Let’s take a look at the current IP’s of this year, excluding Halo, since I’ve stated that’s what it’s surviving off of; Kinect Rush (Oooh), Country Dance All Stars (Aah), Dance Central 3 (A must have), NBA Baller Beats (GOTY), Fable? (LOL), a couple more Kinect games, no other IP”s though, how about the big games for next year? Oh LOOK! Gears of War: Judgement Day aka a side story aka the Halo ODST equivalent aka no one gives a shit. I’m ignorant because my one of my favorite consoles is dying off with no IP’s and I’m man enough to admit it? Man oh man, you got me buddy, you got me.

                    5. The Wii is no longer a current-gen console. Please, tell me how well the original Xbox and PlayStation are selling, right now.

                2. Please, in all honesty, tell me what IP’s Microsoft still has that are worth playing. Gears of War is on its decline, everyone knows that. Halo 4 is the franchisesbiggest launch to date, awesome!I’m excited. CoD is on everythingincluding your mother, so exclude that. Please, tell me what IP’s are worth staying around for the Xbox? If you can do so I will happily apologize to you and continue to be a Xbox player.

                    1. And what console is Assassin’s Creed on now? Uh oh! My wittle Xbox better hurry before Halo ends up on something else :)

        2. The PS4 will cost $500-700 and be a GamePad clone. Doesn’t affect you since you will be only buying Wii U. HAHAHA

    3. Assassins creed 3 , Blops 2 , Darksiders 2 , Tekken Tag 2 all look better on wiiu people are reporting. And games like Trine 2 and Nano Assault look breath taking. So shut the fuck , sit the fuck down and stop trying to judge a consoles graphics and performance on day 1 of its existence lol.

      Seriously dude…. some dodgey ports doesn’t matter. people saying AC3 looks much better on wiiu….. nuff said.

  4. That’s awesome, Nintendo is really going all out for 3rd parties, as they should. Really hope Wii U keeps this level of support through the whole generation so I could possibly only own a Wii U this gen but I may be getting my hopes up only to be blasted down lol.

  5. It looks like it’s Aelous’ shift tonight on the troll patrol. The Wii U launched yesterday, so he’s here to stem the tide and prevent Nintendo from gaining momentum. Which one of his classic arguments will he use tonight?
    Will it be:
    1) “The Wii’s audience has already moved on and are not interested in the Wii U”
    2) “Motion controls were a fad”
    3) “The Wii U can barely handle ports of year old games.”
    4) “The Wii U is weaker than the PS360”
    5) “Wii U will be obsolete in a year.”

    If Aeolus uses any of these old, long disproven talking points, he’ll win a copy of “Who gives a shit?” weekly. The magazine for Sony Drones and XBots that troll Nintendo websites.

    1. You, my friend.


      If Aeolus ever uses them again…well, he’s just proving how seriously sad he is.

      In reply to those stupid RAM and other statements. Seriously.

      First of all, I can’t believe he was STUPID enough to say

      ‘Framerate issues on games! OMG’

      Every, and I mean EVERY console has not yet anywhere NEAR optimized architecture for that console at release. They all start off a little rocky, then gain stability.

      Also, to the RAM and other babble? 2 points.

      1. You believe the random crap on the internet? Good for you. Now go get a job and actually READ respected dev comments that say (and yes, Devs know WAY more about WiiU than you) that the WiiU is more powerful, and is a NEXT. GEN. CONSOLE.

      2. You are SERIOUSLY arguing about GRAPHICS? The PC will always, ALWAYS, always, always, always, always always be better than the major consoles at graphics. Always. If you want graphics, stick to a pc. People buy consoles for the experience they give. The 1Ps, the system’s pricing, the actual experience (gamepad) and other things.

      So please, stop visiting a Nintendo News website if all you want to do is criticize.

      1. I appreciate that you guys wanna stick up for Nintendo, I really do. But the only reason Aeolus comes on here is to start fights. He’s trying to make up for his feelings of inadequacy. Maybe he gets beat up a lot? Maybe he has a small dick? Maybe he’s a forty year old fat ass who still has zits and lives in his mom’s basement? Who knows? I kinda feel sorry for him. To go through life feeling the need to be that negative all the time? And knowing that the only way he can feel good about himself is to put other things down? Its depressing. What a sad life. Honestly people like that need to be ignored. If absolutely no one responded to his posts ever again, he’d go away eventually. Might take a week, might take a year, just ignore him. He’s not worth it. His bitching does not make Mario and Pikmin any less fun. Let it go. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

        1. I have an idea. Any time anyone finds themself about to respond to him, stop what you’re doing and play your Nintendo instead. Waaaaaay more fun.

        2. He doesn’t deserve your pity. I’ve been saying don’t respond to his posts for months now, I only hope people will listen, cause this whole back and forth thing got old a long time ago.

  6. Few questions/points. 1st we need an Other community on Miiverse to discuss Wii U features like the internet and such. 2nd I was watching Naruto on the TV thanks to the Wii U internet but I randomly get a video cannot be played error halfway through? Why? 3rd Can’t post screenshots to Miiverse cause it says I’m not connected to the internet??? Uh yah I am or I wouldn’t be on Miiverse. So any help would be appreciated people.

  7. I guess this finally confirms that Nintendo is mostly after new/smaller devs rather than the bigger guys. I’m sure they’ll put a size limit to a patch before they actually start charging, like a patch being free of cost to developers up to 5GB or something per patch. Any higher than that would make it so that Nintendo charges for it (servers aren’t free, you know). Even so, this is good news for all of those indi developers trying to work with a big company.

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