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Hundreds Queue Up For Wii U In Japan


Japanese press are reporting that hundreds of eager gamers have lined up in Japan to get themselves a shiny new Wii U console. Reports coming in suggest that around one hundred people were waiting outside Bic Camera’s flagship store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro commercial district. The number soon swelled to several hundred. Here’s what one excited gamer had to say.

“I have already ordered one. But I lined up to catch this carnival atmosphere. I want to go home quickly to play the game.”

115 thoughts on “Hundreds Queue Up For Wii U In Japan”

        1. Miiverse communities are divided up into regions, so you would have to signify that you live in Japan to see Japanese posts. I’m guessing this is due to the fact that online multiplayer games employ a similar tactic in order to avoid American players being teamed up with Japanese juggernauts. lol

          ^ A perfect example is playing Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst and getting a Japanese player in your party. He/She will ANNIHILATE everything in the game.

      1. Have you not been on Miiverse yet ? Talking to the japanese people is amazing. I left a Load of welcome messages on the japanese miiverse and got like TONS of responses. Some of the pictures people draw on miiverse are perfect.

        1. I did the same in the New Super Mario Bros. U Japan community. ^_^

          I drew Yoshi saying “Welcome to Miiverse!” in Japanese characters and got 50+ Yeahs! so far. :3

  1. Yet wiiU is failing hard elsewhere and losing against 7 year old current gen consoles that already surpass the specs of the piiU

    Nintendo hasno chance next year against true next gen monsters. And don’t tell me there is no leap. Check out luminous engine u fucking nintendo gaylords

    1. Lol. If you’re gonna troll at least know what ur talking about. It doesnt even make sense that 2 yr old hardware isnt better than 7 year old hardware, and if you think clock-speeds are everything you’re an idiot. A current 2.5ghz dual-core cpu, is faster than an AMD 6400+ 3.2ghz. Clock speeds mean nothing in the face of fast architecture. The Wii U is already easily running games from maxed-out current gen hardware, and it’ll only get better as developers start to draw more power out of it. Lets see what the devs have to say:

      THQ: “WiiU is just alot more powerful than current HD consoles it does 1080p very easy.”

      Crytek: “WiiU devkits are very powerful,the specs are very good”

      Vigil Games: “We had the game at the same level as high end pc version in a matter of days and a few lines of code got the game up and running on tablet in 5 mins.”

      Epic: “It will do things current HD consoles simply cant do its going to be a powerful box.”

      EA: “Wii U is not a transitional platform, it is a true next generation system.”

      1. PR talk does nothing for the bitter truth that has been found through teardowns. The console is sporting a 1997 CPU along with a dated, mid-range, RV7xx derivative GPU. It’s trash even by 2010 standards. But that’s alright, since less CPU intense games like 2.5D sidescrollers will look amazing with its better GPU. Good luck with anything else, though.

        Of course when the next-gen comes even that advantage becomes irrelevant, lol…

        People–actually no, not even–Nintendroids thinking the next consoles will be sporting barely over Wii U visuals will be in for a very rude awakening come E3 2013. The destruction of their souls might be painful for me to watch. Here’s the thing: it isn’t going to take much of anything for Sony/MS to eclipse that hardware and present actual next-gen visuals. Neither company is stupid enough to release a console that can’t significantly look better than the previous and the Wii U has done nothing to suggest that it can do that and will undoubtedly continue not to.

            1. Some people don’t waste their time writing pages worth of words on sites on video games(a hobby).They have actual lives.

              1. That isn’t a page worth of words, most likely he can’t argue against it, and I’m fairly sure my own life is more fulfilling and rewarding than your pitiful, Nintendo controlled lifestyle. :)

                1. “I’m fairly sure my own life is more fulfilling and rewarding than your pitiful, Nintendo controlled lifestyle. :)”

                  Hahahahaha nice! If its so fulfilling why do you feel the need to come every time to a site that’s about something you don’t and will not ever like.

                  Anyways, when will you contribute with more news about Yoshi’s Land ?

        1. Yet a 1997 cpu can run games like a pushed to the limit 7 year old cpu …. Doesn’t that sound weird ???? Or u r too dumb to believe that the wii u cpu is a preety new one ???

            1. Actually , you don’t. You’re a missleading ,lying dick head who thinks he knows everything.
              The wiiu is all Custom built. Which means you know absoloutly fucking nothing about how powerfull it is.

              And means you will eat your words when Zelda , Metroid and many others look twice as good as any PS3 or 360 game.

              If the ps3 or 360 tried to run Nano assault , they would implode and then blow up. Not happening.

              1. I don’t believe those “leaked” specs from that one hacker, whatever the hell his name was.

                The Wii U is certainly not anywhere near on par with the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It is far more superior than either of those consoles, and it would even be more powerful (just like the Nintendo 3DS) if certain functions were disabled altogether.

                The Nintendo 3DS’ raw power can be utilized when certain functions like the HOME Menu, Touch Screen, and 3D functionality is disabled when playing a game. The Wii U is in a similar position. Without streaming content to the Wii U GamePad screen or utilizing functionality like the HOME Menu, the Wii U would be running a ton of next gen games like a beast compared to the Wii.

                1. Then prove that is with your own evidence and not a bunch of “words” from developers, show us that this console is what you claim it is and everybody with half a brain who tore it down are all wrong.

                  Otherwise, you’ll be labelled as little more than a mindless sheep who doesn’t want his precious Nintendo exposed for what they did with the Wii U.

                  1. …what?

                    All I’m saying is the Wii U IS more superior because it obviously uses more modern technology powering the console itself.

                    If you actually played a game on the Wii U, you would see that for yourself. Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, and Rayman Legends are all fantastic showcases of the Wii U’s technical capabilities with native 1080p resoultion—something no console had before it.

                  2. “Modern technology” = better than older technology now? Are you STUPID?

                    Serious question, are you? Because modern doesn’t always mean better.

                    1. Then why are you even bringing up a 1997 CPU aren’t you talking with denial so if modern doesn’t always mean better. Then it means that the Wii u runs better than the morden technology that the Xbox 360 and ps3 has right? Or are you saying that the ps3 and xbox360 have a 1943 CPU??

                      Well be happy with your ps3 since the Xbox fanboys usually say that the ps3 is shit because they know that Microsoft has respect for Nintendo. And let’s see in to the future, “IF the ps4 is sold after the nextbox then it will be bye bye Sony”. “BUT Nintendo is playing a ugly card which will be shown on next e3, exclusive games that runs better much better than the PS and Xbox so it will stop the Xbox productions giving Sony a final chance to show glory, economy good and happy ending”. One of these will hopefully be wrong and i assure you that it will not be the second one.

                    2. Because that 1997 CPU happens to be less than impressive and dated architecture compared to the two consoles available now. Both Xenon and Cell are pretty much all around better CPUs where it matters.

                      Also, no. It clearly doesn’t when the multiplatform titles seem to have issues one way or another.

              2. The Wii U has it’s components exposed and available all over tech sites. You’re the one who is freaking clueless and holding on to hope that this system is worth anything over what is available right now. IT’S NOT.

                I was spot on with everything, the specs, the outcome of its launch and the software forecast from third parties. At the end of the day, Nintendo will be irrelevant as they’ve been since the N64 in the upcoming hardware generation, I’ll bet my goddamn bank account on that too. Bunch of titles shown at VGAs, surprise: NONE OF THEM were mentioned for that console.

                Also, nice hyperbole, but there’s no realistic way that the PS3/360 can’t run that game

                You really need to stop being a sheep and suck up to Nintendo dude. It’s pathetic, start being a goddamn gamer, they don’t care about you and never will.

                1. Nope , nobody still 100% knows the wiiu full spec sheet. Some hackers word on 2 clock speeds isn’t enough.
                  A comprehensive full spec sheet will show us that the wiiu is far more powerfull than last gen consoles.

                  And please feel free to explain how I am the sheep when I have a Playstation 3 an Xbox 360 and a wiiu ? exactly….

                  The wiiu is fucking awesome. Lets you play games in bed on the controller , lets 2 player have a screen each , etc etc . This console is amazing.

                  And it does indeed have better graphics than last gen consoles. It’s actually really impressive that games like Assassins creed 3 and Blops 2 and TTT2 run so well on this completely new architecture .

                  You just stick to your xbox 360 anyway kid , that’s best for you.

                  1. Yeah, keep telling yourself that. The denial is strong in here.

                    Also, no, it won’t because it’s already been proven on paper to be inferior in key areas, especially the CPU.

                    By the way, you’re impressed by that? You have some very low standards, it should be making those games look better, but it seems all of the third parties for these major releases for some reason don’t seem to care about that…or perhaps it’s too much effort for some reason. ;)

                    I don’t own a 360, and I’m also not a kid. You’re probably about 15 (and I recall that being mentioned somewhere).

                    1. The one thing I find amusing about your drivel Aeolus, is that you never mention a source for your comments. You don’t back it up with links, or quotes, or any other reliable information.

                      You sprout garbage at people, then insult them, then claim they’re not backing up their “facts” with third party information.

                      Why people reply to you is a mystery. Your claim of a 1997 CPU is based on ? I searched, nothing suggested the Wii U CPU was that old. Unless you’re thinking the CPU is based on 1997 technology. If that’s the case, then think back hard (you’re not likely old enough to remember this) to the 8086 CPU, the very early Intel stuff, which all modern x86 CPU’s are based on. The technology is derivative and expansive, a natural progression, but based on your flawed thinking, the Core i3 & i5 are old because they share history with the early Intel CPU’s.

                      Next article, instead arguing like my 5yr old, try backing your own claims up with facts, links to other reputable sites and information.

                      Oh, and I have to wonder, do you go to other forums for other products and piss, moan and insult those users as well ? I can imagine you insulting Toyota drivers, because they’re cars are “shit” compared to Ferrari’s.

                    2. After the first line I stopped reading the rest. I’ve clearly cited a source in a few comments on here and other articles, I know the rest of what you’re going to say is little more than Nintendroid whining, so I’m not going to waste my time and idiocy.

                    3. I’m 21. And your comments make you look very young and stupid.

                      You do know the wiiu is designed with super low power consumption in mind and is very quiet ?. Yes , it’s impressive that Assassins creed 3 , Blops 2 , Tekken 2 etc run on a ”1.2GHZ” CPU so well.
                      There must be something that makes the CPU at least on Par with last Gen , or even better in certain aspects. Then you have the GPGPU which provides Effects , Colors , Vibrancy that the previous generation , simply could not do. And that is evident in many launch games.

                      The wiiu is way more than it’s graphics anyway. It’s the controller , The mii verse , The exclusives , etc. It just feels awesome.

                      And to Have Nintendo Games in HD is a God Send.
                      Just using the Wiiu it feel modern and awesome. The weakest 8th Gen console with the best first party exclusives is here.

                      With games like NSMBU , ZombiU , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 , Trine 2 , Nano Assault , Lego City undercover , Nintendo Land , Scribblenauts, mighty switch force HD , Aliens Colonial , Rayman Legends , And some unique ports to suit.

                      Why wouldn’t anyone want this console ? The only reason I can muster is that they’re damage controlling the fact they can’t afford it…

        2. Sony playbook fail… Vita fail… Playstation move fail… Ps3..
          8 years later… Success … Nintendo succeeds no matter the superior hardware. xbox took years to peak too.. Garentee your going to depise these next gen systems by them

        3. Yeah , you obviously HAVE NO clue what you’re talking about.

          The wiiu is all custom parts. Nothing comparable to what’s in the shops. Custom CPU , Custom GPGPU etc etc.

          This system is powerfull (enough) Because I’m playing Assassins creed 3 now and it definitely looks better than the other console versions. Straight away you notice things that you haven’t seen on an xbox or ps3. In paticular the higher resoloution textures on the clothes and everywhere else.

          The wiiu when maxed out will look twice as good as AC3 and use up the full disc instead of 16GB.

          I am actually really optimistic about the future of the wiiu graphically. Cross platform games may not look as good as the PS4 and Xbox 720 , but they should look good. And First and thrid party exclusives will look AMAZING.

              1. I don’t care about features I won’t take advantage of or won’t benefit me in any way that matters. That game belongs on a HDTV, not a low res piece of crap controller.

                Since I definitely can’t take it with me everywhere, then it loses points just for that.

                1. You wouldn’t be saying that if you were playing it now. It looks awesome on the wiiu gamepad.

                  Listen , you carry on hating the wiiu if that makes you happy :) . I fucking love mine , and yes , I have a redundant 360 and a redundant ps3 that I dont’ want to play at all anymore.
                  Apart from GTAV and Ground Zeroes.

                  You have to sit down with the wiiu for a few days to realise what it’s all about. I’m not being a biassed fanboy here , but it makes the ps3 and 360 seem like ancient shit.

            1. Emiliano Rodolfo Rosales-Birou

              How something looks is subjective, therefore opinionated, therefore not “factually” anything.

              Also, you’ve written more on this pages than practically everyone else combined. get a lyfe dood.

        4. Can your PS3 support the Unity Engine 4 with Direct X11 equivalence, numb nuts? We don’t care what PS4 and Xbox720 shall sport, what we care about is that our Wii U is next generation and shall play multiplats the other two next gen consoles shall have. Cry yourself a river hahahahahahaha.

          1. “Can your PS3 support the Unity Engine 4 with Direct X11 equivalence, numb nuts?”

            you’re really an idiot

            Neither the PS3 nor the Wii U are using DX11 equivalent GPUs. PS3 is more akin to DX9 or whatever and Wii U is pretty much DX10.1/Shader Model 4.0.

            The Wii U is a joke, the specs are barely better than the current generation, just like what the Wii was to the preceding generation. This console is current generation and next generation only in release date. Enjoy your overpriced box that plays Mario.

            1. Ditto to much denial? direct X or not Nintendo will own they did it whit the wii they will do it whit the wiiu even a calculator have potetial in the hand of Nintendo.

              1. Nintendo did not own with the N64.
                They did not own with the Gamecube.
                They definitely did not own with the Wii.
                And will also not own with the Wii U.

                1. Has long that they made money they owned and has long they support there console they own can you say the same about Microsoft who just suported the original Xbox 4 years?

                  1. I’m going to assume you meant “as long as they made money”. So, I’ll have to ask you, how the FUCK does that matter to you as a gamer? In what way does that matter?

                    They definitely didn’t support their shit for long btw, the Wii is absolutely dead and both the PS3 and 360 have a forecast of strong titles coming to those platforms. The Wii had nothing in 2012 and continues to not have anything.

    2. What makes next-gen “true” anyways?What because they have better graphics????Is that it?????So screw the gameplay and storytelling????????What because they only important thing about video games is shooting stuff?????Kid,cut the crap.It litterly been a month,I don’t see how next gen console will make 1 million in a month.

    3. Firstly to remind you, the Chosen is and will always be Israel. Secondly, the Wii supports Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine 4, your precious xbox360 cannot with its RROD disk scratching ways lol.

      1. “Wii U supports Unreal Engine 4”

        Yet Epic recommends the use of Unreal Engine 3 over that. Supporting it means nothing if it looks and runs terrible on it.

        Why do you fanboys toss around these buzzwords for engines that none of you even know about besides when the company announces that the Wii U can run it? Talk about try-hards, a lot like those “GPGPU!!11” retards who don’t even know what that actually is either.

        1. You guys need to stop jumping down Aeolus’ throat each time he posts something. He has a point. Epic DID make the recommendation that developers use Unreal Engine 3 over a toned down version of Unreal Engine 4.

          I don’t see why that’s bad in any way. Metroid Prime still looks fantastic up to today’s standards, and it was using a customized version of Unreal Engine 2.

          Nintendo KNOWS how to make the best of their hardware, and there are plenty of third-party developers who want to take advantage of the Wii U, but everyone needs to settle with the fact that the Wii U is not going to have the best graphics out of the three major consoles next generation.

          Seriously, this is the same community of fanboys who always claimed not to care about graphics in their games over gameplay, right? The minute the Wii U got announced, everything has quickly changed to a graphics debate. To me, as long as a developer is taking advantage of the console itself and you know that the games they are putting out are pushing the system to its limits, then there’s no reason to complain.

          If you want better graphics, buy a gaming PC (they’re cheap, anyways), and stop playing console/handheld gaming systems because they’re clearly not your forte.

        2. Wiiu + PC is all you need. Fuck the next playstation and xbox.

          Wiiu = First party exclusives and third party exclusives etc. PC = by far the best graphics.

          Rendering the Xbox and PS3 (in paticular the next xbox) completely irrelivant.

            1. That’s why i said in particular the xbox is irrelivant. Sony do have good first party content. But to be honest , i’m going off it. Boring.

          1. Totally agree, Nintedward.

            Nintendo rocks the console and handheld gaming spectrum.

            Can’t wait to get Phantasy Star Online 2 on PC next year. I’m getting a gaming PC next summer, so it’s gonna rock (not to forget to mention that PSO2 is free-to-download and all we need to pay for is our Hunter’s License)! XD

            1. Isn’t PSO2 gunna be Free to play on PC ? I can’t hand that business model :(. Will keep my eye on the Vita Version.

              1. I think the only thing we have to pay for is the normal monthly fee like Blue Burst was. If not, and if the game supports microtransactions, then I’m definitely not considering putting down money towards that unless it came to the Wii U. :l

                The Vita version looks pretty washed out in comparison based on the screenshots I’ve seen.

                I’m REALLY keeping my fingers crossed for a Wii U version of the game. :3

                  1. Yup! :D

                    Can’t wait to see a bunch of RPG devs moving their games to the Wii U. It’s the perfect console for all types of games that used to only work on a PC. :3

        3. Epic themselves said it runs unreal Engine 4 games, why does that leave you needing preparation H. Butt hurted-ness can be avoided you know hahahahahahahaha.

            1. Epic themselves Said, and you know this that if a developer wants to use unreal engine 4 fot the Wii U they can make games using it. Hello! I love how you are constantly in denial.

              1. That has absolutely nothing to do with what I just asked you to present

                you must have terrible comprehension skills, but that’s no surprise from a nintendo fanboy

  2. isn’t going to be a problem to have multiple languages on the same miiverse? Or are they all separated by regions since we don’t get the same games in every regions…

    1. If they lock regions, then that would be retarded. I wanna not only talk to Brazilians, but to pretty much the whole world. I can speak 4 languages as well, that is why I hate anything related to region locking. :(

  3. The Wii U is going to be awesome!!! I’m getting New. Super Mario Bros U, Batman: Arkham City (never played original), and Pikmin 3. For the 3DS I’m getting Fire Emblem: Awakening, Caslevania, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

      1. Yeah it’s good I’ve played the first one on the DS. I’m not a big fan of getting multiple games at the same time, so I’ll probably buy it when there is a drought in games or I’m bored.

      2. If you haven’t gotten it yet, Nintendo!, I would recommend Nintendo Land as well. Not sure if you are a Sonic fan, but Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is AMAZING! It should definitely hold you off until Mario Kart. :3

        It’s been a long time (ever since the GameCube era), but now there’s a second racing game I can play alongside Mario Kart and have fun with on my home console (the Nintendo DS at least had Diddy Kong Racing DS with Mario Kart DS). :D

        1. Mario Kart is a good game but I prefer Retro tracks, despite of what anyone says, I like old tracks. That’s why I hacked my wii to play CTGP Revolution.

  4. All I have to say is WILL gaystation 4 or nextbox have Nintendo games? THOUGHT SO PLAYSTATION FANBOYS!
    GREAT JOB NINTENDO! *Leave Luck to Heaven :)

    1. Will Wii U have Playstation games? NO! Who would of thought that a competitors console wouldn’t have a competitors exclusive >_>

    1. Yeh. Isn’t the Ps3 weaker than the 360 because CoD looks worse on the ps3 than it does on 360 ? Or is that just something to do with Ports and Architecture ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  5. It’s hard to believe that even the japanese will have their hands on a Wii U long before I ever do. I’m waiting until Spring to get one. Because that’s when Pikmin 3 comes out.

  6. Ok i am not going to diss the Wii U as i don’t have one and never had any hands on demo with one, Plus just for the record I also own a 360, ps3 and Wii so i have no loyalty to any of the 3 console manufactures. However what i give my thoughts from news going about and being reported on gaming websites and twitter etc from people who have played one and developers. Firstly The Wii sold out at launch if i recall correctly, the Wii U hasn’t and in fact being sold on ebay under the normal store prices check Zavvioutlet and see how already it is £20 cheaper. Now the first reason for this is prob due to the worlds economy at the moment (i always said that Nintendo were wrong to release the Wii U at this time DUE to price).Secondly with the support of Wii accessories and only supporting 1 gamepad that could have put off people as well considering the Wii was seen so under powered to the 360 and PS3. I know the Wii U can support at least 2 gamepads but not at launch and nintendo confirmed that themselves. Then there is the cost of getting a second Gamepad, Again Nintendo more or less said they would be expensive and prob more than what they feel people would want to pay.

    I will say that the Wii U will for the first year at least will be a leading “next Gen” (and i use that word loosely) console and for the first year multiplatform titles will run better and uniquely but this can and prob will stop after the release of the next xbox and playstation consoles. Plus it will have its own games that can and only will be best played on the Wii U just like the original Wii. It’s more or less guaranteed though that developers will then chose the new conoles over the Wii U for Multiplatform titles it happened with the Wii. Ubisoft have already claimed that the Wii U is way overpriced and they would like to see a decent price cut in the very near future. To me thats the actions of a major developer still unsure of fully committing to the long term of a console. So the question for gamers will be do you want to pay £300+ for a console that will be supported great till christmas next year, when its rumoured sony and Microsoft will release there consoles, then have third party support dwindle. Nintendo won’t be able to support their consoles with first party titles alone and make it commercially viable, If they try that they will go the same way as SEGA and become a publisher instead.

    Also in regards to the Wii U itself Nintendo have in fact shown again that they don’t seem to be able to relate to the majority of hardcore gamers yet again. They messed up with storage issues on the Wii and have done the exact same thing on the Wii U. Why release a version of the console (basic pack) that can’t download Nintendo Land (first party title) out of the box. For a generation that will be moving heavily to digital downloads in the future why only launch 8GB and 32GB storage options. Ok it can support external HDD etc but even then they say it should be an external HDD with its own external power supply rather than draw power from the USB connection. And also why release a USB 2.0 port when we already have 3.0 surely the cost of that wouldn’t have made an impact to price of the console. And yes i also disagree with Sony releasing “slim” PS3 although at least its easier and more affordable to upgrade a PS3 HDD.

    SO personally my thoughts are has Nintendo made a success of the Wii U my answer to that needs to be no. Have they made a fad that people will want within the first 6 months at least I would say yes. Will this still be as popular as it is just now within 1-3 years time I would have to say no. Don’t get me wrong some of the technology that is included in the Wii U does look great but then there is so much other features that are pointless and won’t stand the test of time. Apart from the screen on the gamepad in terms of amount of buttons etc its just a 360 or PS3 pad with a screen. If microsoft and Sony hit us with a pad thats has more buttons than we have now regardless if they have a screen or not multiplatform games WILL favour these platforms.

    Console manufactures rely on gamers wanting the next best thing NOW but more and more gamers are thinking of a product long term and i really do not see a long term future for the Wii U at least not long enough to warrant a launch day / first 6 month purchase. And certainly not long term in competing with the next xbox or playstation. Do i think the Wii U will have some great and unique games the answer is obvioulsy yes but again will it have enough of these game to warrant a purchase from someone who will be a purchaser of more than one platform?

    At the end of the day its down to your own preferences of what you look for in a console so i will never slag someone for purchasing any of the consoles, but if people want to talk next gen reputability of a console then those are my thoughts. Also in Nintendo’s defence they have since the Wii claimed they will not directly compete with microsoft or sony in terma of like for like console specs. The Wii was a great product because it did make revolutionary changes in how gamers play games and alowed microsoft and sony to release kinect and PS Move. But I really don’t think the Wii U is different enough to replicate the success of the Wii and have the same amount of marketability and the same appeal. The only real changes to the Wii is the Gamepad with the second screen but already pointed out the major flaws and a better internet service than the Wii. Nintendo really had to do better to convince mass market of all types of gamers but didn’t.

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