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Top Wii U Indie Games Discounted


Little Inferno, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, and Chasing Aurora are all discounted on the North American Wii U eShop. Little Inferno, regularly $14.99, will be $9.99 until January 4; Trine 2, regularly $19.99, will be $15.99 until January 7, and Chasing Aurora, regularly $14.99, will be $7.49 until January 4. It’s good to see that third-party developers can now discount their Wii U games on the eShop.

39 thoughts on “Top Wii U Indie Games Discounted”

  1. Chasing Aurora seems interesting, what was holding me back before was that $15 price, now for only about 8 bucks seems enticing.

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        1. It’s kinda hard to tell a joke over the internet :P

          But yes, he is like Santa claus, I think he even has the beard going :P

          1. Well usually when it has the XD smiley after its not to serious! :)
            But the wii u’s looking good for indie games so far :)

            1. Usually, yes :P But last time I thought that … well … let’s just say it was awkward moment between me and my other half :P

  2. Off Topic: Does anyone know if the Wii LAN adapter will work with Wii ?
    On Topic: I’ve never played indie games. I guess it’s the perfect time to get them.

      1. I had never played Trine before until now… And it’s pretty fucking awesome. I paid £10:99 for it and I would of happily paid £39:99 for it… It’s a lengthy story with online , voice chat , Jaw dropping graphics , Wii remote and pro support , etc etc. It feels just like an amazing full game…

        1. Have to admit, Trine is pretty darn sweet. Played Limbo yet? That would have to be up there as one of my favourite indie games.

          1. Man, Limbo is fucking weird xD but yeah, its really good.
            i literally got an Xbox recently just for arcade games (didnt buy it though :p)

      2. Yeah, I keep hearing that Indie games are amazing. So I will give it a shot (as soon as I get my Wii U). These may be the only games worth downloding; in my opinion.

        1. Much appriciated good sir. Thanks; My Wii and 3DS looses internet connection over tiime and it annoyed me, mabye because it’s a wireless connection. I’m hoping that having a wired connection will make the Wii U connect to the internet everytime I turn it on.

  3. I feel like an idiot because, until last night when I searched the meaning of “Indie games”, I thought that it meant “game companies that was located in India”. LOL! I was wondering why Nintendo (and people around the world) kept talking like indie games so so important. Now it all makes sense.

    1. I really hate computer terms and abbreviations. SO many people uses them and expects the whole world to know what they mean.

    1. I haven’t played it but people have been saying that its good. It is short tho most reviews clocked in at a couple hours ( artsy game like journey of Unfinished swan). The story is said to be good. The game is something your either going to love or hate. $10 bucks is cheap enough so if you feel it take the dive.

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  5. I was thinking about picking one of these up, but after much thought, I picked up Nano Assault Neo. I already have Trine 2 through PS Plus for free and Chasing Aurora and Little Inferno just didn’t seem too enticing. I was looking for something more fast-paced. Maybe I’ll pick the others up when I complete some of my other games.

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