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LEGO The Legend of Zelda Has Lost Out To Back To The Future


You may remember that LEGO asked fans to submit their ideal LEGO sets with the prospect of one of them getting made. The Legend of Zelda fan Michael Inglis submitted his concepts which gained more than 10,000 supporter votes. Sadly, The Legend of Zelda failed to topple the Back to the Future LEGO concept which the LEGO CUUSOO team have revealed is going to be created.

60 thoughts on “LEGO The Legend of Zelda Has Lost Out To Back To The Future”

    1. Then you’re an idiot and you don’t deserve anything Nintendo creates.
      Lego Legend Of Zelda would have been (and will be) amazing.
      We could play as almost any character in the games. Even the bad guys.
      It would be a dream come true. And you don’t like it? Go fuck yourself.

    2. A Zelda Lego GAME may be a bit pushing it, sure, but here they are talking about actual Legos, who wouldn’t want actual Zelda Legos?????? It lost simply because Back to the Future, a movie, probably has more people interested.
      Then again 10000 votes only, tell me that this wasn’t properly advertised if any given zelda game sells millions

    3. That makes… no sense. They lent our their Mario Kart franchise to that other Lego-like company? Didn’t a part of you die inside on that day?

      Companies sell out. They like money. A lot. I still enjoy STAR WARS despite the fact that it’s easier for one to find Angry Birds Star Wars merchandise on a store shelf than it is to find Zelda merch. I’ll keep importing all of my Zelda items from Japan. They make the best stuff, anyway. The Link Figma. Need I say more?

    4. How in the hell would nintendo died for you if they did!!! Your a nerd get a life!! Zelda best game ever

      1. So well spoken. Both franchises are awesome. Truth be told, Back to the Future is more of a cultural icon here in the States and a better investment for the folks at Lego. A Zelda Lego set would have been amazing but the bean counters at Lego have spoken. BTTF probably will cost less to put out, anyway. It’s a couple minifigs and a car.

    1. I was looking for sh of the dead lego sets for my 14 yr old at his reqsuet -weird ..found all this insted. Dang! good stuff. I was wondering how to get the instructions from you a bit on the hyper side , the directions were confusing. If you have a moment Thanks

      1. You do realize that you are just taking the easy way out right? What they actually predicted was the alignment that happens to fall on December 21st 2012, not that date. They used completely different calender for gods sake! Its ignorant people like you that *might* die.

        1. I never believed this was the case, and not sure where you got that out of my comment. It was more disproving the belief of it.

  1. I don’t know where’s the limit. If there’s a limit. How stupid people can get?
    How can you prefer “Back To The Future” to Zelda??????????????????????
    Fucking rotten bitches.
    Give me my Lego The Legend of Zelda and then kill yourselves!

    1. Because not everyone is the same. People don’t have to conform to your views, obviously BTTF had a bigger appeal, so they went with that. I think Lego might know what they’re doing.

    2. Holy crap… I’m on a board full of teenagers, aren’t I?
      I’ve grown up with both franchises and enjoy them both in different ways. The BTTF films are pretty darn awesome but I can see how they might fall flat on a generation born into digital effects. At the time BTTF was pretty incredible. A lot of the effects they did in Part II were groundbreaking at the time and the way the series presented the concept of time travel has very influential on subsequent film and TV series that rely on it as a plot element.
      I agree that Zelda would have made a better LEGO series and would have had a heck of a lot more playset options for sure, but to call BTTF ‘shit’ and suggest fans to go off themselves is kind of rude and petty. It sure is easy to cuss people out online when you can hide behind the internet. Isn’t it enough to say, “Crap, Zelda isn’t getting picked”?

  2. Not to be a troll, but what kids today would buy a Lego set of Back to the Future? Unless Universal is making a fourth movie, I don’t see how it’s exactly relevant right now.

      1. This is true. Mattel just put out a Hoverboard toy. It’s about 200 bucks and it’s selling out online like crazy. The fans are dedicated and the sets will sell, regardless of whether or not today’s kids have any idea what BTTF is.

  3. Good… want to know why, zelda is already a video game. Lego games have been about movie series. You don’t see them making a lego call of duty or a lego assassins creed game. And as for the play sets, I could really care less. Oh and Back To The Future… really?

    1. LEGO does seem more about movies. And then Megablocks just had to come out with Halo sets…. Who the hell likes Megablocks? They don’t even stick together 80% of the time.

  4. Meh, I would have preferred Zelda, But Back to the Future would be awesome – Build the car, the drive it over the table after catching it on fire during a “Clock Tower” demonstration.

  5. You all seem to be under the impression that the proposed project was a game. It was not. It was to be a Lego SET. Possibly a series. There was no mention in the description of the project of making a game.

  6. This is good and bad news. First it is good because WHO KNOWS how a Lego Zelda game would have been on the Zelda series… could have made it seem cheap and “gimmeckey”. Its bad news as well because Lego is well known for making great lego games and I am sure the game had a great chance at success It is both good and bad because now we don’t have to speculate and worry on which it would be :P … Oh well, Back to the Future is a great series…

    1. well… my comment is stupid now knowing that Lego was only making a Lego SET and not a video game………. That changes everything actually. Zelda BELONGS on videogames so Back to the Future is a MUCH better choice…

  7. Guys. They were talking about making LoZ LEGO play sets, not video games. You guys… Are aware they were building block play sets long before video games yes? Am I feeling my age here.

    This is of course in response to everyone thinking this was to be a game. I see some of you aren’t that ignorant.

  8. Back to the Future is a trilogy. Lego LOVES trilogies. If they were to license it and make sets/video game then they’d be in a good position. They couldn’t do that with Zelda.

  9. Back To The Future? Is this a joke? BACK TO THE FUTURE? That piece of CRAP got more votes than ZELDA! What the hell is wrong with people? I HATE the Back To The Future movies, and I get SO sick of hearing them get praised. Well, they might be interesting (I honestly can’t remember if I even watched them), but sure aren’t the kind of films I care to watch more than once every 10 years or so.

    1. Well said.
      We’re all bummed Zelda didn’t get picked but do folks have to keep bashing BTTF and its fans? My generation prefers the original STAR WARS trilogy, people who grew up with the prequels find the originals dull. It’s okay to like something with a passion but you don’t have to rip on folks who like what you don’t.

  10. I think people are getting confused with LEGO making a LEGO video game or just a toy set. I think that vote was for a LEGO toy set, not the video game. Nintendo would hand out the rights for them to make the LEGO toys, but not the LEGO video game based on Zelda, unless they over see or are involved with the game production…etc.

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