Used Wii U Consoles Allow You To Download Someone Else’s Nintendo eShop Games For Free?

Nintendo_eShopNeoGAF member DSN2K claims that after purchasing a used Wii U console, he or she is able to download all the games the previous owner had purchased in the Nintendo eShop at no extra charge.

Although multiple players can make separate user accounts on the Wii U, the games downloaded from the Nintendo eShop are linked to the console itself. This means that, for example, if one Wii U user downloads games from the Nintendo eShop via his or her personal account, all user accounts on that specific system have access to the same downloaded content.

If this claim by DSN2K is true, consumers can potentially save a ton of money by purchasing a used Wii U console, as there are numerous retail titles that can be downloaded directly from the Nintendo eShop.


  1. Good for them, but it’s not guaranteed that the previous owner even bought anything on the eShop.

      1. Incase they are as Bipolar as Rich of ReviewTechUSA and just keeps buying the same console over and over again

      2. They should format the console before selling in order to avoid that, but if they don´t plan to use the account, them just leave it to the new owner.

      3. Well, I think you can ensure that those games disappears when the next Zelda game is released.

      4. They have but one concern. If they have a credit card connected to the Nintendo I.D then that person could use their money. This could easily be avoided by terminating their account without having to transfer. All this does bring up an interesting point about what would happen if a user later transfers the account. Would they get their games back and they would disappear from the previous Wii U or would their games now have two copies.

      5. @mikkelvind1I agree. I played this game when it came out. I plniyag 50cc fine and dandy, but try unlocking the Special Cup in the SNES Mario Kart, not an easy task!This game, Mario Kart 64, and MKDS are my favorites of the series in that order. The Wii one is pretty good too, but I still find myself dragging out the 64 when freinds are over.

  2. This isn’t new it’s exactly the same on DSI’s. I formatted a DSI I found (Had been in the lost property for well over a year) and it let me keep the games that had been downloaded off the eshop.

      1. Strange… when you format the console the accounts are deleted ass well. When you connect it again to the internet the network will ask you to create a new account

  3. And this is why Nintendo needs to make our downloadable games linked to our accounts so this doesn’t happen.

  4. I just want to know will nintendo put SNES games on the 3DS? (I know it’s out of this subject but please answer)

    1. Well they have NES, Gamegear, Gameboy etc etc on the 3DS, so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t put SNES games on there.

      1. SNES Games are more fun… I want to play super mario world on my 3DS not my wii :'(

    2. They can… but I think they won’t.
      I don’t think it’s about the hardware capable of running the software, is more about how they see it:
      Portable games to portable consoles, home console games to home consoles, that’s why SNES, Genesis and others are on the Wii virtual console and 3DS only has games made for a portable (excluding NES which seems to be the exception).

      hope I’m wrong but that’s what I think.

    3. Probably. It’ll it just might take a while, the Wii VC ended up being huge after a few years

  5. Well I know someone has my used Wii U that i returned to Best Buy and is loving the $30 i left on it and Sega All Star Racing and Neo Assault and Trine 2 and if it keeps all the Wii Virtual Console stuff i had about $300 in VC games on that end too! Sucks I lost it but i just couldnt stand my Wii U for the cost i paid. oh well i lost alot of stuff but i wont let it hurt my pride!

    1. Seriously, do you just have money growing on trees or what?
      Why would you buy a WiiU if you weren’t even aware of what was available or whatever? Did you buy it and think, “oh bow to but Zelda WiiU tomorrow, oh its not out, returning it then”.
      Unless you have money just flying around, you’re pretty dumb.

      1. What treatment do you recoment for a disise like that doctor? He seems terminal.

    1. People who can’t afford new stuff all the time probably? You know, not everyone in this world can afford new.

      1. Even a used Wii U can’t be very cheap, since it’s still a new console.

      2. The 3DS If I remember rightly here in Australia had $80 off because it was pre owned. I’m thinking a pre owned Wii U would be 50 – 60 Australian dollars less? (Give or take a few when converting to other currency) but even then, there wouldn’t be a great amount of used WIi U’s anyway.

      3. I got a used wii u 2 months ago for 240, it came in the box and everything. Sooo…you guys who buy new are insane. Obviously there are a lot of people who buy new things just cause theyre new and then sell them when theyre bored, or want drugs…

      4. In America it’s not much off the full price. So buying new would be the best option.

        I mean you save 10$ or so for a console (except the vita, they sell them so cheap just to get rid of them.) and 5$ on used games. Only reason I ever buy used is if there is a promotion at GameStop, otherwise it’s not really worth it.

  6. I don’t get why that would happen…

    Also, who the fuck is buying a WiiU in it’s first month then returning it? Are people just stupid? If they weren’t sure if they want it in the first place, why buy it? Unless it was one that “broke”, which it obviously didn’t any people are just dumb

    1. Maybe it was one of these assholes who buy like 3 to sell them overpriced during christmas.

      Or casuals jumping on the WiiU is new console bandwagon.

      1. Why?
        Do i find it hilarious that Sony officially filed an anti-used game patent? No.
        Am i laughing at how the Vita is failing so far? No.
        Am i laughing at this apparent problem? No.

        There’s not liking a console/game/company, then there’s just being a cunt. You sir, are the latter, and the idea that you even see yourself as close to being a video game lover or that you have any credibility what so ever, or anything of the sort, that’s what’s really hilarious.

        No room for pathetic little fanboys on any side, be it Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft or PC, you’re all pathetic.
        Yeah sure, i’m poor Nintendo, but that’s because the first party games are some of the best games i’ve ever played and are my favourite. That doesn’t mean that i’ve never been disappointed with Nintendo before, be it underwhelming console such as the Wii, in terms of power and online service, to just games that have been disappointing and not well designed like Skyward Sword, Metroid Other M, ect.

        But the Wii was my first Nintendo home console, i had their handhelds, but most of my life i’ve been a Playstation user, and proud of it.
        Buying a Wii didn’t change my opinion on it, nor will it change when i buy a WiiU.
        Any negative news about a games company should be negative for everyone, and anyone like yourself that sits back and laughs and can only find trashing a company and it’s apparently “rehashed” titles, is nothing more than a waste of space and the sort of person that bring the gaming community down.

      2. Wow, I was only joking and I get an essay in return? Dude, learn to see when people are joking.

      3. Clearly it wasn’t, or the intention was to cause nothing but grief.
        Is this what you do? You get up, and find nothing better to do than cause grief to people because you find it funny? What a sad little boy you are.

      4. My intention was to never cause grief. Sorry for trying to find humorous and lighter sides to bad situations. I never knew it was such a crime to have fun >_>

      5. Oh, and i guess doing nothing but repeating yourself in every article about how you dont like Nintendo and think every game they make is overrated and shit is just “trying to be light hearted”? Sure thing.

      6. So you’re basing this off past articles? Oh geez, I never said I don’t like Nintendo, I said I don’t like there new approach, and I never said every game they make is overrated, seriously get your facts straight and stop your lying.

      7. Oh and I was only joking. Just because you don’t see it that way, doesn’t make it so. I knew what my intentions were, and that is all that matters to me :)

      8. You also seem to forget that you call anyone who doesn’t agree with your views stupid or a troll or even a cunt. If you represent what the gaming community is I’ll gladly not be apart of it and denounce being a video game lover.

      9. No, i called you stupid and a cunt because you’re “view” was nothing but the intention to be a dick.

        Any of view i have on games is based on how good the game is.
        I understand of some may like one game more or less than another, but ignoring simple facts like cash in titles that innovate in no way what so ever and “improve” by adding nothing more than slightly better visuals, a “new” yet still unimaginative level design and a few extra guns isn’t worth the praise it recieves, nor are games like NSMB2, NSMBWii, and most likely NSMBU.

      10. Ok, I’m not going to argue with you anymore, my intentions were to never cause grief and If I have, I apologize.

      11. Your right but its really a shame that sony fanboys are trying to trash talk nintendo out of the industry. What will happen without a nintendo console in this market. Who will innovate? Who will fill the children market gap?

        Two consoles geared towards the adult market sucks. We need variety. Sony fanboys so jealous of nintendo. I hope nintendo bounces back and stomps sony into the ground saleswise once again. I don’t hate sony but I do hate their fanboys. There the worse group in the history of the industry.

      12. “Your right but its really a shame that sony fanboys are trying to trash talk nintendo out of the industry.”

        You act like Nintendo fanboys don’t do the same thing.

        In fact….

        ” I hope nintendo bounces back and stomps sony into the ground saleswise once again.”

        YOU JUST DID.

        Fluff, the hypocrisy on this site.

      13. I don’t care if people do it. Fanboys will be fanboys. People on this site always say they hope Sony fails, they hope they fall out of the gaming industry, that the company and its games suck.

        But when you say that Sony fanboys do the same thing about Nintendo and it’s wrong to do so THEN turn around and say the exact same thing about them… c’mon.


      14. I actualy come to this site to prayse Nintendo and talk about sony weaknes but i do the same whit sony on other sites,even though i own a xbox i cant see to find things to defend it not even his game.halo4 for me was a letdown compared to reach.

      15. Your Icon looks like a DICK,Jelly.Hopefully that makes Nintendo’s stubborn ass self to make a better service.Even though ignoring the fans made them survive all these years.

  7. Great wish i could get a used system heck can barely find new ones. Very sad that people are taking back there wiiu . It just 2 months why be an early adopter if u cant be a beta tester. But the guys expecting the wiiu to do be magical are delusional give it 1-2 years let it evolve like the ps360 and 3ds did. I cant imagine Spending over $800(my country) on the wiiu then resell it after like 2 weeks or a month was i sleeping when i bought it crap

    1. Microsoft have filed similar patents. I doubt they’ll use them though. I’d be surprised if they did.

      1. I wouldn’t actually… Sony and Microsoft are the third parties bitches.

      2. Chances are more than likely they will not use the tech. Their CEOs and other execs have even said they wouldn’t want to. They have publicly and explicitly expressed their recognition of the importance of used games in the industry at the moment. As Jack Tretton said, it would be a very anti-consumer thing to do – something he’s against.

        Filing patents means next to nothing. It’s like branding a cow. So many patents go unused. I wouldn’t be surprised if these go unused as well.

  8. See Nintendo, this is what happens when you do dumb shit like making user accounts and all their content stuck to one console. Now fix this bullshit. All you gotta do is make eshop licenses for the games just like xbox and ps3 and boom easy problem solved……and also transfer accounts

  9. The only reason they are tied to the system is because Nintendo fears that you will buy the game, log into another system, download it to that system, and that owner has the game for free. Apparently it’s a better deal to get a used system, since you’d get all the games that owner had anyways.

    On a related note, I wonder if it shows the history so you know what games that person bought. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to see that they had downloaded ZombiU, NSMB U and several others. That’d be one heck of a deal.

    1. I see what you mean usualy wen you resell a sistem people want it whit games so is better to give it whit the digitales ones and sell the physical separate.

  10. You guys argue over PLASTIC.With chips,wires,heaters,and other f***.My N64 is better than my PS3 by far.

  11. There is a very high possibility for Nintendo to record your personal records from your Nintendo Network ID and transfer it onto the used (or replaceable) Wii U console… just make sure you also have the external hard drive for your digital downloads.

  12. To me this is just another prove that the Wii U came out with at least a year early to be perfectly finished, software speaking of course.

  13. No biggie, ive never trusted Nintendos Online way of doing things. So all my nintendo games are physical. Plus, if you buy digital games and sell youre System you cant sell youre games, so just let another soul enjoy them.

    Bigg fuss for nothing.

  14. Muahahaha! Now I am definately waiting till after I get the next Xbox to buy a used Wii U! Nintendo should have thought this through a little more clearly, though it islikely they may fix this sometime soon if true.

  15. i thought all nintendo consoles that had an online shop did this. the wii, dsi, 3ds, and wii u. when you go to erase your data, it says that if you don’t disconnect your online account then the next owner can download whatever you had saved and i assume credit card info, if saved to the shop for easy use; would also be available to whoever purchases later. You irst, and theformat the system or the games will still be on it. This is nothing new, i don’t see what the big deal is.

  16. i thought all nintendo consoles that had an online shop did this. the wii, dsi, 3ds, and wii u. when you go to erase your data, it says that if you don’t disconnect your online account then the next owner can download whatever you had saved and i assume credit card info, if saved to the shop for easy use; would also be available to whoever purchases later. You have to erase the online account first, and then format the system or the games will still be on it. This is nothing new, i don’t see what the big deal is.

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