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January Club Nintendo US Rewards Announced


Nintendo of America has announced this months rewards which are available via the Club Nintendo USA scheme. You can get Tetris, Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, Mario Kart 64, and Snowpack Park. To claim these rewards all you will need to have is the correct amount of Club Nintendo coins. All four games are available via Club Nintendo until February 10th.

  • Tetris (3DS Virtual Console) – 150 coins
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (3DS Virtual Console) – 200 coins
  • Mario Kart 64 (Wii Virtual Console) – 200 coins
  • Snowpack Park (WiiWare) – 150 coins

38 thoughts on “January Club Nintendo US Rewards Announced”

      1. In your opinion, yes. But not to the many frequent visitors of this website. It is a Nintendo related website after all.

            1. no, just you and your homoerotic fantasies that goes well with the flailing faggot that you are.

              sorry, I don’t swing your bro.

    1. I would love for them to have PS Plus type membership. That would win me back significantly. But that being said, Nintendo will never do it :/

              1. Implying the usual Nintendolt response of you being from the future to know what they have planned or something of the sort.

                Anyone with half a brain knows they won’t, it’s Nintendo.

                1. Ha psplus is the best paid service this is free we cant complain wen you get actual free your turn to say something stupid has usual.

  1. I think is cheaper to actualy pay for those than use the points or im just mas that i got punch out paid yesterday:(.

    1. If you look at it in that aspect, but actually it would be free. You earn the reward points for other purchases, so technically you’d get the game free. It’s up to you to use the reward points, but if you don’t like the junk that’s on there, then there’s nothing wrong with getting a game.

    2. Well you buy your favourite Nintendo franchise or selected 3rd party games. This is the benefit of buying those games.. I don’t wanna spend 4- 9 dollars just for a short game.. Back to your question it’s actually cheaper.

  2. I wish I could go back to the past, where digital gaming wasn’t heard of. Those were the days. The digital era of games is giving me a constant attitude and things to complain about. I hate it SO much! Having digital games saved into a console or account is like not owning any games whatsoever. When I was able to download all of the free games on my 3DS for the Ambassador program, I didn’t even care. I haven’t even played any of them since I downloaded them. I don’t consider myself as “owning” any of those games. In fact, I still wanna buy Zelda: Minish Cap, even though that was one of the free downloads that I have. Because I want the REAL game in my hands. I’m a retro game lover and collector, and I MUST have my physical copies!
    And to Jellybean, I don’t wanna hear your digital loving sarcasm.

    1. i am a collector too but sometimes digital is convinient imaging that i find earthbound factory sealed or final fantasy 7 black boarder factory sealed too opening either would be a crime to humanity.

      1. Now that you mentioned Eathbound. That just happens to be the one and only game that I WILL download if it becomes availble on the eShop etc. I want to show my support for Earthbound and help to open Nintendo’s eyes and make them see just how WANTED Earthbound really is. I really hope to see this series make a huge comeback with a brand new “retail” Wii U title.

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