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NPD: Xbox 360 Sold 1.4M Units In December, More Than 2x All Other Consoles


Aaron Greenberg, Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, has announced via Twitter that the Xbox 360 managed to sell over 1.4M units in December in North America, which is more than 2x all other the consoles, including Wii U. Nintendo of America has yet to reveal their sales figures for December, but it looks like Microsoft came away the winner this holiday season.

NPD reports Xbox 360 sold over 1.4M units in December, more than 2x all other consoles. Thanks to all for continued support!

78 thoughts on “NPD: Xbox 360 Sold 1.4M Units In December, More Than 2x All Other Consoles”

  1. Nintendo hasn’t revealed their sales figures because they’re horrendous and will make all the fanboys cry in shame.

    1. Wiiu is at about 3M worldwide as we speak maybe just under or even over. Nintendo is well in track to meet their 5.5M by March. The release of Rayman Legends and Monster Hunter will ensure that.

      Remember xbox 360 is really really cheap , has mega bundles , a huge library of games , Brand new killer games such as Halo 4 , Borderlands , Blops 2 , etc etc…

      It would only be fair to compare the Wiiu system sales in USA after the same amount of time on the market. It’s fair to compare the 360 launch to Wiiu launch and the Wiiu anihilated it.

      1. Rayman Legends will not help the Wii U’s sales. It’s going to be a great game but, Nintendorks will hate it because it is too challenging and will make them cry when they realize it’s soooo much better than Mario.

        1. mmmm How much did Rayman Origins sell again mr Robson ? about 6 million ? yeh..

          Rayman Legends will shift a load of wiiu’s.

          1. Actually, origins didn’t even sell 2 million and that’s counting all the consoles it was released on put together.

            1. Really ? Sorry I must be thinking of something else. I remember Ubisoft stating something about sales , Might be AC3 or something…

              None the less , Rayman Legends will shift some consoles.

          2. sadly it didnt sell ‘as expected’ (for a multiplatform game) that hit ALL 5 consoles. (6 if you count PC)

            even though Rayman Legends is the only game im actually excited for in the Wii U at this moment, i dont see it doing better than Origins, you know, since its coming as an exclusive, BUT Origins was Scored Better on the Wii, so yo never know.

        2. After playing and passing Super Meat Boy i have a new standard for challenging side scrollers. Havent even completed the dark worlds too, screw that.

              1. I actually watched someone finish it the other day. I’m starting to question if he has a South Korean relative at the moment xD

            1. Saw that on Rage Quit. Looks insanely hard. I think its right up there with Super Meat Boy along with Super Hexagon and Impossible game. Great games btw.

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      1. The Wii U sold more than PS360 because they were sold out for long periods of time but I can go into the next store and I can choose which of the 15 Wii U’s I want.

  2. Emiliano Rodolfo Rosales-Birou

    >2x all other the consoles
    >Nintendo of America has yet to reveal their sales figures for December


    1. That’s it. If they still don’t know how many WIi U Nintendo has sold, how can they infer that Xbox 360 has sold twice the other consoles? O.o

      Anyway, congrats to Microsoft. They’re doing very well with a 6-year old console.

      1. How does 1.4 mil equate to 2x as 890,000 in North America? It sold 4.6 in december sold half the amount during November

    1. Why wouldn’t you be ? The Xbox has a much better and biger library of games than the wiiu now , so does the Ps3 and Wii…

      Xbox has been on USA market for 7 years. Wiiu After 7 years should have a pretty immense library of games by then :)

        1. Please for the love of God just STFU!!!! You’re a waste of my time.
          Can’t run current gen games ?
          Trine 2 begs to differ. Blops 2 on wiiu looks the same as 360 version which is miles better than ps3 version. Mass effect 3 is a carbon copy of 360 version. SASRT has the best framerate and visuals out of the consoles with 5 player split screen.
          Fifa has Graphical improvements (even if it does miss a couple of features)
          Ninja gaiden looks better than the other consoles and has dismemberment and a TON of new features.

          NSMBU and Nintendo land are both 720p 60FPS. Rayman legends is 1080p 60FPS . Puddle , Mighty switch force and little inferno are all 1080p , Monster Hunter is 1080p

          Now crawl back into your cave and admit the wiiu is More powerfull than old consoles and has to run 2 screens all the time and different sounds coming out of the gamepad and TV.

          Fucking loser.

            1. You know you’re talking out of your ass and making things up.

              The wiiu is more powerfull than the fucking old ps3 and 360 , 100%. Moving on.

              1. Rushed Ports aren’t a benchmark of the systems graphical capability either , their fucking ports that were coded for old systems with different architecture.

                You will see when the wiiu Starts to Mature a bit the Graphics will destory the ps3 and 360.

                The CPU is a Modified / Custom CPU. Which means it’s not comparable to anything on the market . It’s an energy efficient CPU that packs a punch is all we know with a low clock speed. Clock speed is irrelivant if the Pipelines are more efficient .

                The GPGPU is also Modified Custom .


                Read that . It’s from the same Developer who Praised the Wiiu’s modern GPU and overall architecture , and said The wiiu can have much beter graphics than ANY game on Ps3 or 360.

            2. HD5670 is a DX11 card, and the Wii U is definitely not using a DX11 derivative GPU. I think it only supports Shader Model 4 as well.

              try 46xx/47xx, lol. Both of those are crap.

              1. ”Wiiu is definitely not using a DX11 derivitive GPU” Mr fucking know it all is at it again.

                You dont know what GPU is inside the Wiiu , and it looks like Nintendo invested most of their resources into having a Great GPU. I would say it’s a lot better than you think it is. And when Ubisoft leaked it was a 6XXX and Nintendo signed a deal with Unity engine 4. I may be wrong But Nano assault looks to be tesselated all over , with some really amazing Shading unseen on Ps3 and 360. It runs at 60FPS , and It either runs at 1080p native or 720p with full AA.

                1. teardowns have practically confirmed RV7xx ballpark GPUs, that lineup does not support DX11’s featureset.

                  you’re literally the only loser on the internet at this point who says it has something else, so it doesn’t matter what you say or try to claim it is otherwise because you’d be proven wrong in an instant if you tried contacting any major site like B3D and tell them that’s inside of a Wii U when everything known would prove otherwise

                  have a nice day

                  1. I could say the same for you retard. Nothing has been proven yet , it’s fucking speculation. Come back to me when You have proof.

                    Until then , Have a nice day.

                2. ubisoft leak was a ubisoft rumor*, btw.

                  how rumor = fact when the guts of the console turns out to be entirely different is beyond me

                  but I must say

                  you’re an idiot

                  1. Says the guy going off speculation of blogs…. Come back to me when you know what the fuck you’re talking about.

  3. Why would people buy this for 299 ._.

    Oh well Steambox is effectively going to snub microsoft so badly it isnt even funny, If they try to make a power machine and sell it, they are gonna tank trying to compete.PS3 will have to rely on the japanese market mainly lol. Nintendo will still be innovating. Expecting some great software Nintendo.

    Not really expecting a big leap in graphics and processing power to be honest.

    1. $300 is a great price for a new console I think but the fact that Nintendo only has nsmbu and Nintendoland makes me upset. They should have had a big title for this month to release but they don’t

  4. I got one just for Kinect games. Hands free exercise games or dance games convinced me, otherwise I would not have had an Xbox 360. Although I recently also bought Rocksmith which is not a kinect game, so yeah.

  5. It’s a great product. Simple as that.
    Halo and plus CoD dominates on the Xbox. Oh, and there’s the little kids too…

    1. Agreed , I love my 360 . But don’t ”love” it if you know what I mean. It doesn’t have the exclusives of a Nintendo or Sony machine…

      1. So you love YOUR 360
        There is something I remember
        Nintedward profilr at IGN fanboy level 6:
        “Nintendo is king although the ps3 is quite good. XBOX sucks and 3DS is better than vita”

        1. Wow I haven’t been on IGN for quite some time , Who the fuck are you lol ?

          Well the xbox does suck in some ways , for example the lack of GOOD exclusives is shit. But the multiplats and third party support is second to none.

          I like my Xbox and Hate it at the same time .

          1. It isn’t missing great exclusives, it just need a few more, I have seriously been fine with mine this whole generation, I have a ps3 now, but there are no interesting exclusives, besides little big planet and uncharted… and why do you hate your poor xbox it must feel sad. All it does is give you fun, and you hate it in return! XP

      2. That’s why I never wanted to get it. Although they do have one good francise that I remember and that’s Halo, but doesn’t compete with all SONY’s and Nintendo franchises. And yes, I do know what you mean.

        1. To me personally, Halo beats every exclusive across all consoles, but nintendo just pumps out so many quality first party titles all the time where it basically overruns anything that xbox can put out. Almost true with sony except I don’t like most of their exclusives.

  6. While I’m not entirely a fan of the 360, I must admit it had a pretty darn good Christmas. And those of you who use the term “fanboy”, shut up!

  7. I’ve seen Xbox bundles at Walmart for 150 last month with 4gb and skylanders. like I’ve said before if I didn’t already own a 360 I would have bought it. I know many people that also bought a ps3 and they really want a wii u but some of those December deals and blackfriday ones were too hard to resist

  8. Not surprising. It’s incredibly cheap now. Still, I find it kind of silly that a console that will be obsolete sometime this year or next year is selling so much. It always surprises me how little the mass market consumer knows about this industry.

    1. Some people may have already a large game library and want to make sure they can keep playing those games as you won’t know yet if the next console will be backward compatible. Also for those who are just now getting an XBOX 360 they can pick up a great deal of good games for really cheap in the used game market. There are some beneficial reasons to not buying the newest consoles and games. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge the mass market consumers, even if some of those are not up to date on the game system market. It might work out just fine for them.

  9. Why do people like RobsonJr. keep bit**ing about the Wii U’s graphics? They look GREAT. And for me, as long as they’re more powerful and impressive than the Wii, I’m perfectly happy. Isn’t that the main importance of a console’s graphics, to be better than it’s predecessor? Nintendo doesn’t care much about competing consoles. All they care about is making sure their console is more powerful than their last. And they did a great job at that.

  10. If I happened to buy xbox, there would be no games I would like to play. Just like PS3. Just a box with no good games. Too bad.

    1. Really? I feel sorry for you! There are some great games on both of the consoles that you are missing out on, Halo, Uncharted, Gears of War, and all of those great third party games, like skyrim, assasins creed and. Borderlands! If you ever get the chance and the money, you should seriously look into one of these consoles, they are cheap and they both have hundreds of amazing games!

  11. Wasn’t this to be expected? There’s no way a new console will outsell an established, 6 year old console with a massive library of games. It’s also a lot cheaper than the Wii U. All in all not very surprising news. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. Nice to see these consoles still alive and kicking! I can’t believe this generation has lasted this long and is still going strong!

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