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Nintendo Wants Its Next “Next-Gen System To Turn Heads”


Satoru Iwata says that he wants the next next generation console from Nintendo to really turn heads once it’s released. Iwata acknowledged that more and more people are using their tablets and smartphones for entertainment via the Internet. To counter this Nintendo really wants to make a next generation system that will turn heads and take everyone by surprise.

“With more people using their smartphones and tablets for entertainment via the Internet, including games and videos, Nintendo aims to come up with next-generation game systems that will turn heads.”

143 thoughts on “Nintendo Wants Its Next “Next-Gen System To Turn Heads””

      1. exactly, and sickr is an idiot for getting it wrong.

        he obviously doesn’t talk about releasing a “next next-gen console”, as that would be business suicide so shortly after releasing the WiiU – he’s talking about improving their already existing “next-gen” devices and systems, probably with connectivity between 3DS and WiiU, new ways to use the wiiu gamepad/screen, NFC and whatnot: Game Systems. As in Mechanics, not as in Consoles.

        1. Link, Wandering Hero

          I hope so. Seriously, if the can do a software update that allows VC games to be played from the pad, I’d consider buying…

        1. Link, Wandering Hero

          I’m all for copying. Seriously, why not take the best that is already working in a market, and infuse it w/ your own innovation?

        2. The only thing I wish Nintendo would copy from Sony and Microsoft is a CD Ripper. I’d love to rip my own music to the Wii U and hear it playing back in Nintendo games. That’s the only feature that the competing consoles had/have that ever interested me.

        1. A time old fact* that’s only laid to rest by delusional Nintendimwits who don’t know why real gamers use the term “next gen” to describe a new console.

          Guess what? According to the logic of you guys, Ouya is “next-gen” too, because it released after PS3 and 360, after all.

          Leappaf 2 is “next gen” as well, apparently.

          I can go on and on. Sorry, they’re not talking about release dates, they’re talking about power and meaningful advancements to the way games actually LOOK and perform.

          For that, the Wii U is not next-gen, since it can’t do anything significantly better than the PS3 or 360.

          1. example: My dad his brother and sister is from one generation. My brother, sister, and I, came afterwards. with me so far? My father and his siblings are from one generation, myself and my siblings are the next generation after that. Now, if my father is 6’4 190 pounds and can bench 300 pounds and is from the previous generation and i as part of the next generation am the same hight, weight, and can bench the same amount does that mean i am from the same generation as my father? no, it fucking doesnt. generation always meant the systems that came out after the system before it. NES is one generation of hardware from nintendo, snes is the next generation from nintendo, nintendo 64 is the next generation after that, game cube is the next after that and the fucking wii is the next after that, making the wiiU the latest and next generation after the fucking Wii. The generation shit being used as a term to describe the newest iterations of a companies console started with nintendos line. it is why they say we are in the fucking 6th generation of consoles. The xbox only has 2 generations: xbox 360 and original xbox, play station has 3 generations, PS1, PS2, PS3. so why do we say were into the 6th generation? only recently have half assed numb fucks like yourself decided that the next generation for a console has to be fucking determined by power. and lets analyse that side of it too. each nintendo console generation has been more powerful than the last one. so within the nintendo family of consoles the WiiU is absolutely fucking next generation, noth by power standards, time standards, and every other fucking standard used to determine the criteria according the general definition of the fucking word, you broken record cock sucker. You dont define a systems generation by comparing to a completely different family of consoles, (or companies if you want to be technical) if your fucking father is larger and stronger than my fucking father and they were born around the same year it doesnt your father is from a generation ahead like hes from the fucking future. conversely if your grandfather and my father were of similiar abilities it doesnt mean my father was born in the same generation right asshole? or even if my father is of lesser abilities or greater abilities it doesnt nessecarily mean he was born before your grandfather or after.

            you and morons like you are trying to redefine what the emaning of the word generation is. Generation is the current iteration of a companies fucking console the next gen console is always whatever comes after thier last one. go piss up
            a rope aoelus.

        2. no console is going to be next-gen. If you want next-gen, go on PC. The way I see it is that having a PC and a Nintendo platform is the best way to go, Nintendo has the best exclusives out of any console, and it compliments PC nicely.

            1. I feel immensely sorry for somebody so sad and lonely they not only spend time arguing on the internet, but spend time arguing on wesbites supporting a company they don’t even like. Everyone do this poor guy a favor and don’t berate him. Life’s already berated him.

                1. holy shit i would love to hit you with my car. you and assholes like you are merely trying to redefine the word generation. sorry, but no one thinks merely coming after the ps3 and xbox 360 means next gen. theres nintendo, there has been 5 nintendo consoles the wii u being the 6th. each console is a generation. are you with me? 6 generations. the current xbox and play station have only 2 and three generation as ther foray into console territory is much younger than nintendo. however theyre consoles were dubbed with whatever generation number they were at at the time, i think xbox would have been 4th generation, and ps1 would have been 3rd, because it woulda been a fucking pain in the ass and retarded to be talking about three different consoles with three different iteration numbers based off of thier actual generations within the fucking family tree of thier console companies. nintendos 4th generation machine nintendo game cube squares off this years with sony’s 2nd generation machine ps2, with microsofts first generation machine Xbox making a splash on the scene would be a confusing pain in the ass. since nintendo was already at gen 4 they called them all 4th generation machines to make it easier. Only numb fucks like you attribute it to power because you get off on the numbskull graphiocs arms race. sit the fuck down and shut up

          1. Nintendo Drones Need Their Oxygen Supply Cut-off

            “Nintendo has the best exclusives out of any console, and it compliments PC nicely.”

            Spoken like a true fucking clown. You belong in a circus.

  1. They do , they’re called the 3DS and Wiiu :) .

    They can’t be already talking about their 9th generation ?

    What I am predicting is this-

    The Next handheld and home console will have similar names and Aesthetics , dropping the DS and Wii branding. They will also aesthetically look very similar aswell. The handheld will have android and phone/skype functions , etc. The handheld willl be able to act as a controller etc. And they will both have amazing graphics. Both systems will be announced at pretty much the same time and be released withing a year of each other , which will extend the lifespan of 3DS to bring it in line with Wiiu successor.

    People are misinterpreting this as bad news :S . It’s good news , Basically all it means is Nintendo is stepping up their game EVEN MORE. The 3DS and Wiiu wil last 5-6 years until the successors are released .

    1. There’s a good chance the DS branding will remain because the DS and 3DS are just so massive nowadays. The Wii branding may remain, probably depending on how successful the Wii U is, because if it’s not too successful, they may write of the Wii brand.

        1. That’s what I said pretty much. The DS brand is not going to fail this generation at least. Even if it sold no more that it currently has, it would still be considered a success.

    2. People always forget that the console life of Nintendo hasnt been targeted for 10 years, or anything, the next home console will proabably be revealed by around 2016-7, but Sony and Microsoft wont still 2020 (thats scary to think that far ahead xD), the generation timeline isnt straigjht forward anymore.

      1. Scrap that, probably 2018, but still, alot sooner than the other 2, i cant imagine the PS4 and Xbox coming this year

          1. Well Valve actually needs to give us info on it first.
            They seem like they’re being a bit big headed and expecting to do well because of the popularity of Steam.

            They havent shown the price, UI, controller, is software download only, can you modify the specs of the system, are they wanting it to replace PC’s or consoles, how much will it be, what exactly is it, they havent revealed anything, so i cant get all hype about it, it’s worse than when Nintendo was being flimsy with WiiU info.

            1. All they’ve said is that it runs LINUX because Gabe is having a fit over Windows 8. Let’s see how that goes.

              1. Honestly, it just seems like Gabe got pissed off with W8 and was like, “I’ll make my own console , with Linux, and hookers. In fact, forget the hookers!”

                But yeah, Valve needs to show me they care make good hardware, people forget theyre only a game developer and distribution company

              2. not so much as runs on linux but an operating system built off of linux. linux itself isn’t an operating system, but a tool, if that makes sense. and it would make sense to make a console operating system off of linuix,

          1. It’s possible, but im not counting on it. They won’t want to rush out the console, and they need to get feed back on UI and controllers (which Sony probabaly wont need if they just do what they always do).

        1. Indeed. I’m actually excited that Nintendo is breaking away and doing their own thing. It would be so shit if all 3 consoles were the same like PS2 , XB , GCN . That needs to die , I would rather have 3 radically different consoles.

          Nintendo may overlap Sony and Microsofts console generation releases . But I think MS and PS are gunna make their next gen consoles a lot weaker than people are expecting so they can be development havens rather than company busters.

          1. Yeah, i mean thats why i never bothered with a 360 or PC, my PS3 was just the same, just a few differences, but not many.
            It’s having a selection of 3 apples, red, green, and golden. They’ll all good, but in the end, they’re all apples.

      2. Where the fuck do you make this shit up from?

        Nobody knows how long Nintendo plans to have Wii U be active for, nor does anyone know how long Sony or MS plan their next consoles to last for. You’re just making shit up.

        1. So when Sony said they were supportin the ps3 for 10 years, they were lying, hmm?

          The 360 is nearly 8 years old…8 for fuck sake.
          Nintendo have always had smaller lifetime cycles of their home consoles.

          And even if im wrong, what the fuck does it change?
          Was i slagging anyone off? No.
          Was i making some insane claim about a consoles power? No.
          Stop being a volatile moron.

          1. The PS2 was supported for more than 10 years and the PS3 was on the market.

            Your argument is invalid. Supporting it for x number of years =! not releasing a new system in the timeframe, dumbass.

            You will be seeing the next consoles this year, and they will crush Nintendo into the dust.

            1. “They crush nintendo into the dust” at this point you can’t honestly have a brain and ever think a nintendo platform is going to fail. Like it or not they are the king of gaming.. Without them theres a good chance that sony wouldn’t have ever entered the gaming industry. They’ve saved gaming. & they are easily the most popular video game brand simply because thats what there all about. Microsoft needs sony, sony needs Microsoft, Microsoft needs nintendo, nintendo needs sony and Microsoft in the market. Competition is a good thing kid.

              1. It will fail, nobody gives a shit about the Wii U like the casuals did with the Wii, the fad is gone and now all that’s left is their “core” userbase. *cough fanboys cough*.

                Wii U will be lucky to see even 50, no 40 million sales at the end of its life. Watch.

            2. *sigh* Can’t stand dumb comments like these. Wii U is a next gen console. Period. You really think the jump between this gen and the next is gonna be that big? Sony is especially not in the position to bring a big graphical leap to the next gen console having wasted all their money on the Vita. I’m curious to see what announcement Sony has for in May (hopefully) but dont fool yourself thinking it will demolish Wii U. It will be more powerful, but not by much. Nintendo got it right with the system. They just need to know how to cater to both hardcore and casual gamers. If they get that down, it will be the PS2 all over again.

              1. You really think the jump between this gen and the next is gonna be that big?

                Yes, and every sign is pointing towards that. Only Nintendolts are in denial at this point and you will see this E3 what exactly a next-gen console will be.

                It’s going to demolish them and I will be quoting these posts I made in my inevitably “Told you so post” when it happens. I was nearly spot on with the outcome of the Wii U launch/specs and I am confident that it will happen again. Wii U is exactly what it is, just a repeat of the Wii, with nothing going for it for the casual market to care about.

                1. Its not going to play out the way you think. If you think the next gen consoles are going to completely destroy the Wii U YOUR denial. Every sign is pointing the opposite direction. Its not going to be like the jump from PS2 to PS3. If they are going to beef up the next gen console, it will cost a fortune and consumers will lose. Do you know how much it is to make a game now? Do you realize with more beefed up hardware and software how much it would cost in the future.?Theyre gonna focus more on gameplay (which I’m fine with) and try to spend as little as they can…smh…

                  1. I’m in denial? Lol, you’ll see buddy. You will see.

                    If you think Wii U stands a chance, then I feel sorry for you, kiddo. You don’t even know why the original Wii was successful to begin with, and not in any way that mattered when it came to software. It relied on a FAD to lure in a casual audience, the Wii U has no such thing to rely on with the ever rising force of tablets and mobile. So what the hell is Nintendo going to do against them? Shit out ports of PS3/360 titles forever and hoping third parties do ANYTHING with the Wii U? They won’t and you fucking know it, they’ll focus on the two upcoming NEXT GEN CONSOLES, just like how Wii NEVER had stellar third party support and they opted for the PS3 and 360.

                    I will guarantee you Nintendo will have no such success in this upcoming hardware generation. I’ll fucking guarantee you that.

                    1. Hmm…I Don’t know why it was successful? funny. Now I will agree it was a fad that brought some of the casual gamers in, but more hardcore gamers are now interested in Nintendo. Thats a fact. Nintendos not gonna rely on ports for the next 5+ year, guy. Developers are interested in their hardware and we will see original content from 3rd parties next year and the year after. Stop with the fan girl routine and be honest with yourself. The rules have changed this upcoming Gen. Theres more competition and all the companies have switched tactics. If Nintendo markets the right way, gets the right developers, and dishes out more great 1st party content they will be better than before.

                    2. Stopped reading when you said more hardcore gamers were interested in Wii U.

                      Now I’ve confirmed you’re an idiot, therefore you’re not worth beating sense into, as all sense is gone.

          2. Please stfu. Nintendo’s consoles last on averae 5-6 years. I don’t see that changing anytime soon , it’s like a un written rule of their company. Microsoft and Sony are the ones changing that by making consoles last 8 years. And I’m just guessing no need to be a dick , I wasn’t stating facts just educated guesses

      1. Uh, Sony is doing fine. They’re making profit off the PS3 for the last few years, and PS4 isn’t even out yet so how do you know what it’ll be or how well it will/won’t do?

        Stop being such a blind fanboy.

        1. lol, people can say what they want on here, that’s what opinions are called.
          Doesn’t make them blind or a “Fanboy”

          1. “lol, people can say what they want on here, that’s what opinions are called.
            Doesn’t make them blind or a “Fanboy””


          1. They’d be the stupidest people on earth and deserve to fail. not because I personally would care, i rarely buy games used anyway, but loads of their other customers would care and they’d see a massive loss from people not buying their console, bigger then the profit they might gain from banning the used games in the first place. and they do know that. that patentthing we saw from them was probably just a way to see how we’d react, and oh boy, they have seen. so they won’t do it for the same reasons they imagined such a system in the first place: Business Logic.

          2. Chances are more than likely that they will not. Sony execs have even expressed their disdain for such an idea. Laying claim to technology doesn’t always mean they’re going to use it.

            A rumor like this was spread before the PS3 came out because they patented something similar back then as well. The PS3 is able to play used games. Microsoft patented their own anti-used games tech a while back too and never used it. Thousands of patents are filed every year and never used.

            What Sony is doing is holding the cards in their hands. If another company wants to use that technology, they have to go through Sony first, find their own way around it, or not use it at all. Game industry professionals aren’t as ignorant to the need for used games in the consumer market as the media would like you to believe.

                1. But cloud gaming has more negatives than positives.
                  1 it needs an always on internet
                  2 shure has Hell it cant do multyplayer while streaming at the same time
                  3 the only positive thing i can see is cloud streaming ps3 games on vita.

                  1. That’s only one aspect of cloud gaming. There’s no guarantee that’s how it will be implemented. That’s why we have to wait and see.

                    The network can be used in a host of ways, not just for streaming.

            1. Of course, why would anyone want to buy the exact same game for cheaper price, or a game over 2 years old for £40, instead of £10

      2. Sony is fine. Even if certain subsidiaries of Sony Corp. were to go under (which will not happen any time soon), the entertainment divisions (games, TV shows, movies, music) would surely remain.

    3. Why is he talking about the next next gen? xD
      Concentrate on the ones you just brought out Iwata.

      As for next next gen, for home consoles, i dont know what they’re going to do, but for handhelds, plain and simple, i think they’ll make a “phone”, or more like a 3DS, that has big network capabilities, chat messaging ect.
      I imagine the screen sort of being able to turn flip round so you can close it with the screen being up, like a smart phone.
      Obviously that prediction is easy dur to how the market has changed, but they shouldnt be focusing on them xD

      1. I say the same thing above. It’s definitely gunna combine Android , phone , skype/communication / MP3/4 , with Nintendo’s beast portable HD games. Not half assed androind games , True 20-40 hour games as per usual.

        1. I know people don’t want it, but i hope games go digital. It doesn’t mean that people cant buy physical, they could basically have someone down at a local gamespot download the game onto a SD, or something, and you buy it from them, seeing as bandwidth is an issue for some.
          I just want games to be cheaper and better, which is something we need due to game production costs going up :/

            1. Cloud gaming is just dumb. Streaming video/movies, its fine, you only watch it for a short amount of time, and they’re not very large in memory, or expensive, but id never stream a £40-50 game.

    4. It’s turning heads alright… turning them away to see what the other companies will do. They had a head start and ruined it with a terrible line-up. So sad. I was pumped for Wii U but it’s just turned out terrible.

        1. Do people just talk out of there asses? Every new console brings the imdustry to a virtual reset, wen will people learn?

          1. No they didnt?
            And even if they did, the WiiU has sold about 2 times as many systems in its first 2 months than the ps3 and 360 did in their first 2 months, so clearly you’re just a dumbass

    5. Advertise more in Europe!
      It’s so bloody silent im most countries here!
      In Sweden all they advertise is a 10 sec long commercial, that’s it!

        1. Half of? Nintendo have never provided console features that match up to the competition, not counting the Wii they have always got the other half (games) spot on, the problem has always been a offering people a console you want to use beyond gaming, such as music and DVD playback back in the day, or decent storage, achievement systems. The WiiU and 3DS are good steps forward, but it’s not enough, and this is the big reason Nintendo consoles aren’t most gamers main console. One classic example is how everyone was on their PS2s because it was their DVD player as well. And as a fanboy myself, there is no about of fluff that can disregard the fact the broad opinion of the WiiU as a console can be summed up as ‘close, but no cigar.’

    6. Iwata has to be talking about making the Wii U and 3ds turn heads it would seem very bad to start talking about the next “next-gen” console within 2 months of releasing your current next gen console. Seems like he may be referring to the capabilities of the Wii U and 3DS and how they will be interacting with each other via the new portable and home console divisions merger. I think we are gonna see pokemon x and y and the new smash bros ring in the fruits of this “merger” and we will most likely see something akin to what monster hunter 3 ultimate is trying to do on the Wii U and 3ds with its “play on the Wii U and then take it with you on the 3ds, or maybe even dual games like these where the servers for both consoles allow you to play online with people playing on their Wii U while you play on your 3DS. Anyway you cut it this “announcement” is a good hint at some of the upcoming announcements.

    7. So their next console will be better than the wii U!? Guess I’m REALLY not buying the Wii U now. This next generation from nintendo better be short!

    8. the wii stomped ps360 and the u is stomping ps4box3 tell them to bring that overated overpriced shit out so kingtendo can really fuck them up

    9. anyone that can’t tell kingtendo is superior to sonyshitsoft is fucking retarded all they have is third party support and that’s not enough and never will be i guarantee that

      1. Nintendo Drones Need Their Oxygen Supply Cut-off

        @ Anonymous coward

        You’re a worthless cunt who talks a lot of shit. Seek an education kid and stop skipping school.

        1. stationbox fags will learn the hard way kingtendo runs this shit even if the u sells the least it will be way more advanced than the overclocked gamecubes coming from softsony without a doubt kid

    10. I don’t understand if he’s talking about Wiiu or the next gen console, but for those of you who are saying Nintendo can’t be thinking about their next gen console yet, I feel that’s ridiculous. Of course Nintendo is thinking about 9th generation, not in depth yet, but now that Wiiu is released I’m sure they’re looking ahead to both: the future of Wiiu, and their NEXT console already.

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