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Famitsu Says 48% Of Its Readers Will Buy 3DS And 33.8% Will Buy Wii U This Year


Japanese gaming publication Famitsu recently surveyed its readers to find out which console or handheld gaming devices they plan to purchase this year. 64% of Japanese gamers surveyed by Famitsu plan to buy a PlayStation Vita this year, followed by 48% for the Nintendo 3DS, and 33.8% for the Wii U. 10% of people also picked a smart phone (other than the iPhone). The publication says that 75.6% of participants were male, and 24.4% were female. You can see the results below:

  1. PS Vita – 64.0%
  2. 3DS – 48.2%
  3. Wii U – 33.8%
  4. PS3 – 25.2%
  5. PC – 14.4%
  6. Xbox 360 – 10.6%
  7. Smartphone – 10.0%
  8. PSP – 9.6%
  9. Wii – 9.0%
  10. iPad – 7.0%
  11. DSi/DSiLL – 5.2%
  12. iPhone – 5.0%
  13. iPod Touch – 4.0%
  14. Other – 2.4%

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119 thoughts on “Famitsu Says 48% Of Its Readers Will Buy 3DS And 33.8% Will Buy Wii U This Year”

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          2. The moment you said “shite”, I read your comment in ZombiU’s Prepper’s voice, :P

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      1. I was surprised too. Maybe the Japanese were just waiting for the line up to be better and console to be cheaper?

        1. Well, I don’t think the price is going down, but the better [Japanese] games are going to flow this year. I think Japan also has a nice bundle with a 32 GB memory card.

      1. You seen the line up for games it has coming out? It looks amazing! But they may want to hurry and get them out before Pokemon X&Y come out xD

        1. It too late
          Dragon Quest VII is coming in Japan soon
          Monster Hunter 4 is coming soon
          Pokemon X and Y coming Oct
          Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

          it too late for Vita.

          Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star Online won’t cut it.

          1. MH4 and Pokemon X&Y are really only it’s “Massive threats”, the other 2 games (if Sony do it right) could actually hold out against. I reckon the Vita might have a chance! :D

            1. You know that the Dragon Quest franchise has A LOT of fans in Japan, don´t you ? Add it to the nostalgic appeal of Luigi´s Mansion and you have four sure winners. It seems that many japaneses that already have a 3DS are interested in buying a Vita for its exclusives coming this year

      2. First of all, its not crap, its a super capable system, it jsut hasn’t had a chance to show off its potential yet. I’m sure this year we will see some great games for it as more developers start making games for it. I for one will surely be buying it when that day comes.

      3. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

        It’s not crap. The only reason it’s not doing amazing everywhere is because no games are coming out for it. I’m a Nintendo fanboy, I’ll admit. But if Sony put more effort on games for it it could EASILY overthrow the 3DS.

    1. I have the money to buy one but I’m not sure what it has!! I just finished code of princess and I loved it! Man I miss those action packed games. If vita has anything like that, instant buy. Something like in the hunt! Games like that are what I’m looking for

      1. Of course I like all of the marvel 1 on 1’s, but the multiple fight games are the best, im thinking of buying a 360 just to play guardian heros

  1. I already own all of those gaming systems, but I might upgrade my phone this year.

    Also, might get a different 3DS depending on the bundles. We shall see!

        1. sega should re release some if not all his sega saturn games on handhelds i would love to get me some shinning force 3 on my 3ds,burning rangers and panzer dragon on the go

    1. Too be fair, this is just representing the readers of Famitsu – the ones who filled out the survey at least.

      We’ll see how the Vita fares this year, but I’m sure it will do better since it is getting more support from third party devs with some bigger franchises now.

    1. Agreed. The Vita is a powerful and viable system, but it lacks the right games to sell it. It has a different market than the 3DS and is capable of some fun games, they just haven’t been made yet. I think the problem is they try to make console equivalents and it fails on a handheld.

      1. The Vita has good games, it’s just Sony need a marketing team that at least know what the word marketing means.

          1. There are a few, just Sony needs to learn how to market better. They should market games like AC3: Liberations or Gravity Rush, and not market CoD or Resistance -_-

            1. I played uncharted on my brother in laws vita, not impressed. I can see it is powerful, but I need games!!! Weak CPU sticker star was a great game

    2. i guess in japan it has many good games, which is why so many are planing to buy one. sadly, very few of those games ever make it to EU/US, which is why the vite-lineup here sucks badly.. i hope that’ll change, i really like my vita and don’t want to regret my purchase.. =/

    3. What it needs is a God of War game
      Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta on PSP were awesome
      And how about a game based on Bentley from Sly Cooper
      Daxter and Clank go their own games, why not Bentley
      Speaking of that, how about a new Jak and Daxter
      Jak 3 is probably my favorite ps2 game

  2. It may be the audience. Maybe it’s the fact that lots of people in Japan already have a 3DS. I mean, Xbox 360 beat out Smartphones, but it doesn’t mean they are gonna sell more Xbox’s than smart phones.

    1. By that logic, everyone in japan is going to run out and get a 360, seeing as its been doing so poorly over there.

      Its most likely Phantasy Star Online 2, Soul Sacrafise, God Eater 2, Tearaway, Project Vs J, Guilty Gear, FFX HD, Dragons Crown, Tales Of Hearts R, Valhalla Knights 3, Atelier Totori +, Legend Of Heros, and MANY MANY more :)

          1. No, absolutely no clue what any one of those games are. FFX you say?? Is it some sort of X-treme sports game or somthing like SSX or SSX Tricky???

      1. They need to throw something better on their demo’s. I tinkered with on in the store and was just not impressed.
        I think if Sony had added a few more components to make it a phone, it could have redefined the smartphone market.

          1. i guess i’m part of the minority that wants that then. i hate carrying around a phone, it’s so useless to me most of the time. some tacked-on crappy app would be enough for me to replace my phone and buy a vita at this point. D:

            1. They tried a gaming phone with the Xperia Play, barely anyone got it.

              That’s not to say the Vita doesn’t have phone capabilities. You can make voice and video calls via the free Skype app. If you have the 3G version with service, you get a phone number. Plus you can send & receive messages, IMs, emails, texts, etc.

        1. You kinda can use it as a phone…You just gotta buy the 3G one and use the skype app, you can call phones from it, but only if you have enough skype credits of course.

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        That’s the biggest game I’m waiting on :D I mean, there’s already some pretty good games out, but Smash Bros is the one that will really push me to buy a WiiU. Well, my video game fund isn’t getting much attention lately because of college, but once theres an aproximate release date for Smash Bros, that will change lol

  3. Famitsu has a circulation of a few hundred thousand, I think. Not bad, but the 3DS sold many times the circ of this publication when Animal Crossing launched.
    Still, no need to turn away additional sales!

  4. See how intellectually sound nintendo gamers and Sony gamers are when we think before commenting. We get a good article on the Vita and nintendo gamers are praising it. Let nintendo get a great article and Sony drones attack.

  5. In a completely non hate bias way, i am surprised the Vita is at the top.
    I guess Japan was just waiting for PSO, and other RPG’s.

  6. No surprices on this list. Most people have already bought a 3ds. The only thing that gets to me in a bad way is that so few want to get a Wii U. But that might change once Nintendo gives some more first party support to it.

  7. While the list is pretty good, this isn’t how it will go, especially with Pokemon on the 3DS and not to mention major first-party Nintendo titles which may be revealed this year such as Smash Bros, 3D Mario, Zelda etc that may give the Wii U a boost.

    Good luck to Sony with the Vita though, a lot of the upcoming games in Japan look pretty good, and I hope they come to the rest of the world. That way, I might even reconsider buying one.

  8. I’m surprised that trolls are gone today. It’s good that people are able to discuss their ideas in this website without their being hate and arguments.

  9. Huge Nintendo fan but so damn happy for the Vita. The thing needs to grow since it has great hardware, but no devs. Hope this boost sales so Nintendo can actually compete with a company regarding handhelds (no offense). Some may question as to why Nintendo should get competition, the answer being more stuff for us! More localizations to reel more players in who have been holding off on a 3DS due to region lock. Anyway, I’m happy the Wii U is so high on the list as well due to the negative sales it’s been going through. GL Nintendo and Sony!

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